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Sims 4 Mod Conflict Detector | Ts4 package (2024) Download

Sims 4 Mod Conflict Detector
Mod Conflict Detector

The article below gives you full-fledged information about The Sims 4 mod conflict detector. It is an essential tool if you want your game to function smoothly and without any glitches.

Furthermore, this mod is perfectly base-game compatible, so you don’t have to worry about any other issues. Also, read about the new updates and features that are added later in the report.

So, read this article to know all about this TS4 mod conflicts detector including its features, process of installation, usage and information on finding trouble making ccs. Get the link to download the latest patch of 2022 as well.

Sims 4 mod checker

Now, everybody is well aware of how the Sims 4 has developed over the years with its mods and custom contents such as Sims 4 more columns. No doubt, it’s still growing with new mod updates. Some of them might work wonderfully, but a few may not work as expected and are failing miserably.

Have you ever imagined, another Sims 4 mod, which removes the troublesome mod conflicts and that means, one mod removing the other. Well if you do not believe so, here is the Sims 4 mod conflict detector, which eradicates the broken or failing mods. 

The Sims 4 mod scanner is a reliable and useful tool, which gets based on GUI (Graphical User Interface). This interface gets used to identify some of the failing empty mods. The following pointers would tell you what the ts4 package conflict detector mod does or its main features:

  • All it does is finds two or more mods that have similar meanings and functions.
  • Secondly, it makes a list of all the overwritten important name definitions.
  • Then starts searching for the present DLL in the mods it found. 
  • Then it identifies the mod conflict, corrupted, empty mods, and failing mods if any. 
  • Finally, it displays a list in front of you that shows the data of all the empty and disabled modification.
Sims 4 mod Conflict Detector | ts4 package Download

How to install the Sims 4 Mod Conflict Detector 2022?

The following would be the steps for the Sims 4 mod conflict detector download and installation: 

  • Download the mod conflict detector, мод конфликт детектор 2022.
  • Then extract all the files or import them using the tray importer into the previously download zip folder.
  • Then select your mods folder, which you need to extract.
  • Then, install and launch the mod conflicts detector.

How to use the ts4 Mod Conflict Detector?

Now, we’ll learn how to use the Sims 4 mod conflict detector, but for that, you must have downloaded and installed the mod. Instructions for how to download and install the modification is discussed right above in the article. 

Let’s first begin with the use of the Sims 4 mod scanner. The following would be the steps for doing so:

  • After the launching of the modification happens, then you must hit the tab named scan on the tool, where you would see an option called “directory”. 
  • Click on the directory option, which would show you all your mod folders. Then select the mod you want to scan and hit the “scan” option in the bad mod detector.
  • It will identify all the inconsistent files or mod conflicts from it, which you must remove by yourself.

How to find the outdated mods in Sims 4?

As we all know that ts4 gets filled with mods and every year comes with a new update. This outdated mod detector sims 4, helps you to find the ancient and outmoded modifications. These old modifications might cause you bugs while playing, which could further destroy your whole gameplays. This out of date mod checker identifies all the glitches, which could avoid crashing during the game time.

Also, you may read about 

Download Files
Mod ConflictDetector9063.zipClick Here
Languages 22.zipClick Here
MCD_2.2.300.0.zipClick Here

How to Detect the conflict?

Till now, we understood the basics of the tool so far; let’s move ahead to the core of it. Next up, it’s time to focus on the complexities of Sims 4 mod conflict detector. The following would help you understand some very complicated concepts, and they are:

Identify the real conflict: 

To do so, you must focus on the pointers below, which might help you solving mod conflicts:

Script mods: You might face severe difficulties in finding problems in script mods as these mods have nearly zero chances of conflicts. You must know everything before you download any modification. You must know these very well and for that follow the steps below:

  • Pure Script mods: The free script mods have natural variations that have the least chances of errors and conflicts. 
  • Object Script mods: These are related to the objects and things in the game. They have nearly zero per cent chances of having glitches. 

Tuning mods

It could be easier to find conflicting mods with the Tuning modifications. You need +2 mods to identify it. The variant, which possibly alters one game resource at a minimum by imposing Total Game Improvement, might cause crashes. As the option becomes an override, so it would collide with the significant other.

  • Custom Content (cc) :- It is the non-scripted object, which includes CAS parts and other game objects. CCs, either created by EA or other creators, come in a package with resources filled in it. These resources would be pre-existing in your systems because of the other CCs. Or you could copy the support, and the game is loaded.

Understanding the conflict: 

Firstly, as per the above pointers; Tuning Mods might cause crashes. The underlying points are the simplified decoded information about The Sims 3 mod conflict detector. So, here’s what you need to understand, and that is:

  • Tuning the mods conflicts according to you might cause clashes and undesirable results. If you download a mod for faster skill learning and then after some time, you want a mod for slower skill learning, and you might clash the two mods. 
  • The tuning can’t happen like this. Either you must request the creators or stick to one. These might cause the game loading sessions to extend for long as different files compile together on it and can, of course, cause conflicts.
  • If you want to find the broken cc or outdated mods, which might cause harm to the game, then choose the Sims 4 bad cc finder to do the same. The corrupt cc finder may help you clean the broken custom content that you might try to resolve by quitting or switching off the game, and this may cause damage to it. So, you must find a Sims 4 broken cc finder or Sims 4 cc cleaner.


The loading priority is an important part of resolving clashing issues. You could use the ts4 mod conflict detector for fast results. Priority should get arranged in descending order, which goes like 

Mods Folder- > Documents/EA/The Sims 4/Mods

  • Then next up follows the, Overrides folder, packages folder, DCC cache folder, and then the remaining files in the directory of the game.  

How to find the Sims 4 broken cc finder?

It could happen that your game stopped in between and it happened because of the corrupt or trouble making mods, the broken cc detector will come to rescue. You could find the defected cc by Sims 4 cc checker. Also, the following pointers would tell the categories that prove that custom content is broken:

  • Available for all age groups and the two genders, i.e., male and female.
  • For naked sims and wrong ages too
  • For the cc that got crashed in the game
  • That caused several problems, which are in significance to the blue lot
  • Clothes that might start to change colours at the different parts of the body
  • That hides out other custom contents
  • When the arms are tight.
  • CC hair that looks awful on sims
  • Custom content doors or windows, which starts to destroy the game.
  • Custom content that was not entirely made.
  • CC that has no update.

The TS 4 mod conflict detector will help you get through all these situations above and ensure improved performance.

Updates on Mod Conflict Detector

The modconflictdetector has improvised its functionalities and got you some fantastic new features and further improved performance, and they are: 

  1. They improved their performing skills. 
  2. They added two new forms, and they are as follows:
  • “Files” analysis mode 
  • “Files” mode
  • Two new localizations are added, and they are: 
  • (zh-CN, zh-TW) for Spanish 
  • (es-ES) for French
  • They added.CFG file detector.
  • They included two new features called “Send Error Report” and “Check for Updates” for keeping you up to date with the latest versions. 
  • Now, you can customize your file’s colours with this brand new update. Follow the pathway: Options > Settings > Colors. 
  • Also, you can now disable any file, which once allowed access.
  • Moreover, new filters are added for “Mod types” and “Conflicts”.
  • You got exceptional Chinese translations for all your texts now and with much more convenient access to the panels. 

Mod Conflict Detector 2.0

In the above section, you witnessed some of the major updates of the ts4 mod, which improvised its stability and performance to a large extent, making detector de mods conflictivos sims 4 2022 popular worldwide with 2 million downloads. 

But the creator didn’t stop and made some new changes and improved performance in the mod conflict detecto, which are mentioned below:

  • You can now activate and deactivate the mod, whenever you want.
  • The notification centre has been updated for better understanding.
  • File analysis has got faster than before. 
  • The user-mode got advanced and better for the players.
  • Now, the mods cleaner can automatically detect the game dir.
  • Along with detecting game dir. the duplicate searching is also enhanced.
  • Moreover, they made some considerable changes in the pop-up menu, making it more revised.
  • They have fixed some noticeable errors and improved the functionalities of the Sims 4 cc cleaner.
Download Files
Mod ConflictDetector9063.zipClick Here
Languages 22.zipClick Here
MCD_2.2.300.0.zipClick Here

Some alternatives to the mod conflict detector

While none of the options below will fully replicate the mod conflict detector’s operations, these are still some great alternatives to help you out:

1. Sims 4 Tray Importer:

This mod by Luniversims is primarily made to deal with your game library but can be used to seek out all information about your mods or content already present in the game. So, if you want to access all mods or custom content you have in your game for sharing or informative purposes, you can easily do so with the help of this mod. On top of it, you can also edit the descriptions or add new thumbnails. 

Furthermore, the interface is particularly easy with tabs like: General (random info regarding the content like packs, lot size, funds, etc.), Files (look at all the tray files), and CC tab (all the ccs used in the item or might be overriding it.)

Download Link:

2. Mod Manager:

This useful cc by GameTimeDev is designed to help organise all your installed mods. It shows your mods in the same way they are put in the mods folder. Hence, you can easily move them through this program as well. 

Furthermore, there’s an amazing option of categorising all your mods into different folders to access them in an easy manner. For instance, a holiday folder could have all your holiday related custom content. Lastly, this is also a fantastic mod if you want to deactivate or disable certain mods to test which one is causing problems in your system. 

Download link:

3. Sims Mod assistant:

This mod by EgorBaglov is the most similar to the mod conflict detector in terms of its functionality. However, it has a bit of a tricky interface that you would need some time to master (You can access this youtube tutorial for the same.)

Now, this tool comes in handy if you want to find which mod files or ccs are clashing with each other, something that was specifically missing in the above two mods. So, download this mod for a detailed view of file conflicts. 

Download link:

4. Better Exceptions:

A great cc by TwistedMexi that will be a blessing for you if you need an easier way to locate and remove conflict mods with some rational explanations to avoid any further catastrophes too. 

So, while this will still require you to manually select and remove conflicting files, you get real-time and in-game reports of what might be causing glitches or conflicts in the game. This can range from animations (can be ignored) to broken cc files. 

Download link:


How do I know if I have bad cc mods?

You can check if you have bad cc mods by using the broken cc detector.

What does mod conflict mean?

mod conflict refers to the issue which arises when two or more modules override the same resource.

Where is mods conflict Sims 4?

You can find the mods conflict Sims 4 in Documents/EA/The Sims 4/Mods.

How do you check mod conflicts in Sims 4?

To find broken mods and conflicts in the game, go for the broken mod detector to help you out.

What mods does MCCC conflict with?

The only mod that conflicts with MCCC is Pregnancy Mega Mod.

How to use mod conflict detector on MAC?
Unfortunately, you cannot use mod conflict detector on MAC since there isn’t one available for it.

These were some of the features and updates that were enhanced and revised for better performance of the Sims 4 mod conflict detector. Do get these cc to enhance your overall gaming experience.

Happy Simming! 

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