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The article below gives you full-fledged information about The Sims 4 conflict detector. Read the article below to know more and download the latest patch of 2020.

Sims 4 mod checker

Now, everybody is well aware of how the Sims 4 has developed over the years with its mods and custom contents such as Sims 4 more columns. No doubt, it’s still growing with new mod updates. Some of them might work wonderfully, but a few may not work as expected and are failing miserably. Have you ever imagined, another Sims 4 mod, which removes the troublesome ones and that means, one mod removing the other. Well if you do not believe so, here is the Sims 4 mod conflict detector, which eradicates the broken or failing mods. 

The Sims 4 conflict detector is a reliable and useful tool, which gets based on GUI (Graphical User Interface). This interface gets used to identify some of the failing empty mods. The following listed pointers would try telling you what the mod does in brief:

  • All it does is finds two or more mods that have similar meanings and functions.
  • Secondly, it makes a list of all the overwritten important name definitions.
  • Then starts searching for the present DLL in the mods it found. 
  • Then it identifies the corrupted and failing mods if any. 
  • Finally, it displays a list in front of you that shows the data of all the empty and disabled modification. 
Sims 4 mod Conflict Detector | ts4 package Download

How to install the Conflict Detector, Sims 4?

The following would be the steps for installing the conflict detector: 

  • Download the detector.
  • Then extract all the files into the previously download zip folder.
  • Then select your mods folder, which you need to extract.
  • Then, install and launch the tool.

How to use the ts4 Mod Conflict Detector?

Now, we’ll learn how to use the Sims 4 mod conflict detector, but for that, you must have downloaded and installed the mod. Instructions for how to download and install the modification is discussed right above in the article. 

Let’s first begin with the use of the mod. The following would be the steps for doing so:

  • After the launching of the modification happens, then you must hit the tab named scan on the tool, where you would see an option called “directory”. 
  • Click on the directory option, which would show you all your mod folders. Then select the mod you want to scan and hit the “scan” option. 
  • It will identify all the inconsistent files from it, which you must remove by yourself.  

How to find the outdated mods in Sims 4?

As we all know that ts4 gets filled with mods and every year comes with a new update. This mod conflict detector sims 4, helps you to find the outdated and outmoded modifications. These old modifications might cause you bugs while playing, which could further destroy your whole gameplays. This mod identifies all the glitches, which could avoid crashing during the game time. 

Download Files 
Mod ConflictDetector9063.zipClick Here
Languages 22.zipClick Here
MCD_2.2.300.0.zipClick Here

How to Detect the conflict?

Till now, we understood the basics of the tool so far; let’s move ahead to the core of it. Next up, it’s time to focus on how to detect a conflict? The following would help you understand some very complicated concepts, and they are:

Identify the real conflict: 

To do so, you must focus on the pointers below, which might tell you where the problem may lie. 

Script mods: You might face severe difficulties in finding problems in script mods as these mods have nearly zero chances of conflicts. You must know everything before you download any modification. You must know script mods very well and for that follow the steps below:

  • Pure Script mods: The free script mods have natural variations that have the least chances of errors and conflicts. 
  • Object Script mods: The object script mods are related to the objects and things in the game. They have nearly zero per cent chances of having glitches. 

Tuning mods

It could be easier to find clashes with the Tuning mods. You need +2 mods to identify it. The variant, which possibly alters one game resource at a minimum by imposing Total Game Improvement, might cause crashes. As the option becomes an override, so it would collide with the significant other. 

  • Custom Content (cc) :- It is the non-scripted object, which includes CAS parts and other game objects. CCs, either created by EA or other creators, come in a package with resources filled in it. These resources would be pre-existing in your systems because of the other CCs. Or you could copy the support, and the game is loaded.

Understanding the conflict: 

Firstly, as per the above pointers; Tuning Mods might cause crashes. The underlying points are the simplified decoded information about The Sims 3 mod conflict detector. So, here’s what you need to understand, and that is:

  • Tuning the mods conflicts according to you might cause clashes and undesirable results. If you download a mod for faster skill learning and then after some time, you want a mod for slower skill learning, and you might clash the two mods. 
  • The tuning can’t happen like this. Either you must request the creators or stick to one. These might cause the game loading sessions to extend for long as different files compile together on it and can, of course, cause conflicts.
  •  If you want to find the broken cc or outdated mods, which might cause harm to the game, then choose the Sims 4 bad cc finder to do the same. The cc finder may help you clean the broken custom content that you might try to resolve by quitting or switching off the game, and this may cause damage to it. So, you must find a Sims 4 broken cc finder or Sims 4 cc cleaner.
  • Also, to check the compatibility of the mods then download the Sims 4 mod compatibility checker. 


The loading priority is an important part of resolving clashing issues. You could use the ts4 mod conflict detector for fast results. Priority should get arranged in descending order, which goes like 

Mods Folder- > Documents/EA/The Sims 4/Mods

  • Then next up follows the, Overrides folder, packages folder, DCC cache folder, and then the remaining files in the directory of the game.  

How to find the broken cc, Sims 4?

It could happen that your game stopped in between and it happened because of the corrupt or broken custom content. You could find the defected cc by Sims 4 cc checker. Also, the following would tell the categories that prove broken custom contents: 

  • Available for all age groups and the two genders, i.e., male and female.
  • For naked sims and wrong ages too
  • For the cc that got crashed in the game
  • That caused several problems, which are in significance to the blue lot
  • Clothes that might start to change colours at the different parts of the body
  • That hides out other custom contents
  • When the arms are tight.
  • CC hair that looks awful on sims
  • Custom content doors or windows, which starts to destroy the game.
  • Custom content that was not entirely made.
  • CC that has no update.
Download Files 
Mod ConflictDetector9063.zipClick Here
Languages 22.zipClick Here
MCD_2.2.300.0.zipClick Here

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