Sims 4 MC Command Center | MCC Sims 4 Guide – 2024

Sims 4 MC Command Center

From causal players to the diehard fans, Sims 4 has managed to create a massive fan base with players globally. Moreover, among these fans are the epic modders that analyze the coding depths to ramp up the gameplay with amazing customizations.

One among these popular mods for Sims 4 is the Master Controller Command Center or MC Command Center created by a user named Deaderpool. However, the question in people’s minds is “What does MC Command Center do?” It comes with multiple modules which tackle various functionalities inside the game. This includes pregnancies, household bills, as well as the creation of story progression mechanics.

With MCCC, you can download several mod specifications for the game. Our download page contains crucial information with regards to various utilities that aren’t generally available over other websites. We cover almost every latest update available for download for the Sims 4 Mc Command Center or the MCCC. You can either download the modules separately or in a zip file with all the latest modinclusions.

Latest MC Command Center List

The creator for Sims 4 Mc Command Center brings all new and latest versions for the game mod. When utilizing the MCCC, it’s necessary to update the module with the latest version to enjoy the features it adds to the existing module. You can refer to our mc command center guide for more clarity.


What is the MCCC?

In simple terms, it can be termed as the mod that adds the element of story progression while disabling culling. Basically, MCCC Sims 4 allows you a chance to tweak different settings inside the game.

How can I download MCCC for Sims 4?

  1. Firstly, you need to do is to download the iZip Archiver. This application is free & it is used for unzipping the .rar and .zip folders.
  2. Now, download the MCCC mod
  3. Open the Sims 4 Mods section by following the pathway—Electronic Arts-> The Sims 4-> Mods in Separate Window/Finder Tab.
  4. Next, you either double click over the MCCC file or open the iZip & click open to select the said file.
  5. Once you have opened the file, you need to copy-paste the content of the files directly to the Mods folder. Remember not to delete your Resource.cfg file. This allows your cc/mods to work.
  6. Now close all this and open the Sims game. But first, make sure the “Enable Script Mods” feature is on.
  7. Next, load up your household & it needs to have the notification that says “Welcome to MC Command Center Version X”.

How do I Install MCCC Sims 4?

To know, “how do you get the command center in Sims 4?” read the instructions carefully. So the developer, Deaderpool comes up with new and feature-packed releases to the original version for download.

With this in-depth Sims 4 MCCC guide, the first thing you need to do is –

  1. Download this mod while keeping in mind that a mc_cmd_center.ts4script is mandatory. Any additional module is optional depending upon the game’s functionality.
  2. Now, make sure that the packages and modules are inside the same folder. Also, this particular folder shouldn’t go deeper than one level in Sims 4 folder. For example, a folder “The Sims 4\Mods\MCCC” is perfectly fine. However, a folder “The Sims 4\Mods\Script Mods\MCCC”’ isn’t right. The game Sims 4 shall only penetrate one-level deep while it’s searching for the scripts in the mods.
  3. If you are upgrading the existing mod in the MC Command center settings, it is better that you delete the existing MCCC TS4script as well as Package files before downloading the latest version and extracting the same into the mod folder.
  4. When upgrading the Sims 4 MC Command Center Guide, don’t change the mc_dresser.cfg and mc_settings.cfg. This is because of their automatic upgrade to the latest versions without the user having to redo the settings manually.
  5. When downloading these mods, make sure you unzip the zip files. Place all these files extracted from the archives up into the mod folder of your game.
  6. Make sure the “enable script mods” is on. Now load up the household after which you will receive a notification stating “Welcome to MC Command center version x”.

Here are some of the latest MCCC versions, check them out.

  1. MC Command Center 2022.1.0 – It works with GTW, OR, Get Together, Dine Out, City Life, Vampires, Parenthood, Cats & Dogs, the patch that released on May 27, 2022 – PC: / Mac:, etc., but they aren’t a prerequisite.
  2. MC Woohoo 2022.1.0 – The requirements of this are similar to the aforementioned MCCC version and depends on its proper functioning.
  3. MC Command Center 8.1.0 – Its compatible with GTW, OR, Get Together, Jungle Adventures, Seasons, Get Famous, Strangeville, Island Living, Snowy Escape, the patch launched on March 23, 2022 – PC: / Mac:, etc. However, they aren’t a requirement.
  4. MC Woohoo 8.1.0 – The requisites aren’t different from the above MCCC version.
  5. MC Command Center 8.0.0 – This version works well with GTW, OR, Get Together, Dine Out, City Life, Vampires, Parenthood, Island Living, Realm of Magic, Discover University, Eco Living, the patch released on March 23, 2022 – PC: / Mac:, etc., but they are not mandatory.
  6. MC Woohoo 8.0.0 – The conditions would remain the same as per the above MCCC guidelines.

What is the MC Woohoo?

The Mc Woohoo is a useful mod for the players who need a dramatic gameplay. In simple terms, Deaderpool created it as an extension for the Sims 4 MC Command Center.  Apart from that, you can also turn on the “Risky Woohoo” option. This option allows you a chance to Woohoo normally while increasing your chance to get pregnant.

MC Woohoo Tutorial

If you have no idea how to use the MC Woohoo mod, here is a MC Woohoo tutorial to help you out. The MC Woohoo is actually a rather useful mod that serves you well if you plan on making the game play rather dramatic. The MC Woohoo also functions as an extension for the MCCC mod by Deaderpool.

So, if you are wondering about MC Woohoo how to use, you can easily turn the Risky Woohoo on which would allow you a chance to Woohoo in a normal way. There is also a chance that you might get pregnant. You can do so by setting up the right kind of odds for your Sims character to get pregnant. Plus, when using the MC Woohoo features, you can make use of the mod to allow the couples of same sex to adopt the kids. They can also attain pregnancy by getting intimate with each other.

The MCCC Woohoo is a feature that allows you to turn on or off the blur effect for nude Sims characters. Depending on the action, you can either blur out or keep it naked as per your liking. Also, you can set the Deaderpool MC Woohoo mod to get the teenagers pregnant.

What is MC Woohoo Skill in MC Command Center Guide?

MC Woohoo skill is the process of levelling up in a relationship. Sims characters with higher Sims 4 Woohoo skill can easily build romantic and friendly relationships in a speed that is way faster than the Sims that are celibate. As the Sims characters progress higher in the scale for Woohoo skills, they can acquire a higher boost to their relationship. They might not bag penalties for the bad woohoo involvements also.

What counts as bad woohoo or good woohoo?

If you are wondering what does MC Woohoo do, you need to first understand what counts as a bad or good woohoo. If your Sims characters are involved in a series of foreplay that is progressive or start making out or flirt, while going really hot or heavy, it counts as good woohoo.

However, if they get indirectly to the lovemaking process and start woohooing, they might remain dissatisfied as it leads to bad woohoo.

How to install MC Woohoo?

Now that you know what does the MC Woohoo mod do, let us learn more about the installation process for MC Woohoo.

  • First of all, download the mod from the official Deaderpool website. You need to remember that your default mc_cmd_center.ts4script should always be present.
  • The packages and modules should be placed within the same folder. Plus, the folder should not go deeper than a single level.
  • After downloading the default MC Woohoo module, make sure you unzip it all into a single folder.

So, if you plan on knowing how to use MC Woohoo, make sure you have the mod files installed properly by following the procedure above.

Now, let us come to the part where we help you decide the difference between MC Woohoo or MCCC. In simple terms, MC Woohoo can be described as a module that is different than MCCC. You need to download it separately. Also, keep in mind that the MC Woohoo isn’t same as the Wicked Whims. MC Woohoo adds a sense of autonomy while allowing a scope for customization of things such as pregnancy risk, fertility rate, as well as sexual orientations.

MC Woohoo Not Working: Issue

If you are wondering why is the MC Woohoo not showing up, it doesn’t actually appear over your Sims MC Menu. The mod only appears within the computer-based MC Menu. So you should check through the mod folder and make sure all the files are present inside.

Why is MC Command Center important?

MC Command Center Mod is a perfect mishmash of choices that cater the users with several reasons to get the game and experience customized creativity. The creator of this mod introduced this tool for expansion of the functionality like Sims 4 story progression mod. The mod houses a plethora of functions which include:

  • Cleaner: The cleaner module helps with the basic cleaning. This enables the users to remove any homeless ghosts while allowing the setup of default options for make-up when the Sims characters age up with time. This feature can also disguise the aliens if you despise watching them all over the game interface.
  • Career: This particular modific allows you to fix the percentage of total workers for each life stage. This will help the game to automatically fill required career options. You can easily set this option to run for inactive households. Additionally, users can also pick customized careers for individual characters in the game.
  • Dresser: With the dresser option, users can change the dressing style of any character in the Sims world. You can easily blacklist any clothing item or add the ones you like. This will allow the users better access to clean up in the game. You can change the clothing items from the characters that are wearing things you don’t really align with.
  • Pregnancy: Having the mod for pregnancy introduction in the story allows proper story progression. The Mc Command Center Pregnancy mod allows you change of percentile for autonomous marriage as well as pregnancies that occur within the game. You can easily ascertain whether the Sims character you have marry with the opposite gender or same gender character in the game to have children in future. If you are one to switch between the active households, you can easily pause this game to watch the Sims character go into labor. You can even terminate this pregnancy phase if your character doesn’t have the need for children.
  • WooHoo: The MC Command Center WooHoo mod handles the romantic interactions that take place between the Sims. It can also enable options such as teen woohoo, risky woohoo, and nudity. Given the nature of Woohoo module, it can only be operated by the users that are 18+. The link to add this option to your game can be located over the MC Command Centre Page.

There are more features as well, apart from these such as population and dressing.

Reasons why you must get MC Command Center

  • Wacky Woohoos
  • Transform Interactions
  • Bring Back Story Progression
  • Solve People Problems
  • Command Alien Abductions
  • Control Everyone In The World
  • Cheaters Sometimes Prosper
  • Keeping Up Appearances
  • Automated Housekeeping
  • Time Flies…If You Want It To
  • Eliminate Weird Clothing
  • Control Age Groups
  • Stop Annoying Habits
  • Fix Employment By Age

MC Command Center Settings

MC Command Center is a module that is necessary in order to link all other modules in the same platform. This particular module is necessary regardless of the combination the users require. So, described below are the important console commands for “mc_cheats”.

P.S: “*” means Short lifespan is equal to the total number by 2 while long lifespan is total age span multiplied by 4 to a maximum of 1000.


All these releases are test-proof for GTW, Get Together, OR, City Life, Dine Out,Parenthood, Vampires, Cats & Dogs, Jungle Adventures, etc.

Known Issues

If you haven’t been using the MC Woohoo, you might get the warning message as the game starts stating that the“MC Woohoo” is out of fashion. You can ignore this message.


All the Mcccc information published on our website is for general information only. This is to confirm that we are not the officially authorized site for the game module information. The website does not pitch any warranties with regards to the reliability, completeness, and accuracy for the information provided in the website. Gameizmo


Do you unzip MC Command Center?

Yes, you must unzip all ZIP files when you download the modules.

What does MC Command Center do?

There are various features like removing homeless ghosts, aging up of sims, providing default makeup options for your growing sims, etc. You can also get rid of aliens running around by disguising them.

Is MC Command Center safe?

Yes, MC command Center is safe. It’s quite easy to manage and you can leave things up to it and interfere as little as possible, if you want. It also adds a certain depth to your game. For any queries, you can join Deaderpool’s discord server.