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Sims 4 More Columns | More Cas Columns | (Updated) 2024

Sims 4 More Columns
Sims 4 More Columns

Sims 4 more CAS columns – This mod increases the number of CAS columns in your game. It’s an essential modification as it helps you organize all your ccs related to your sim’s appearance. Thus, getting it is a no-brainer if you want things well organized.

The content below tells you about the CAS columns and how you add more of them to the game. It also tells you about the things you must remember while downloading and installing the mod. Also tells you some of the glitches the mod faces. Read the article further to know more.

More CAS columns in Sims 4

The Sims 4 has a new cas columns mod, which provides you with more Create a sim columns. Ts4 (CAS), which is Create-a-sim, will have increased number of columns as this mod increases them..

You could find it under the catalog panel. It categorizes itself under three varieties, three columns, four columns, and five columns.

You could change these columns CAS according to you with the help of UI game cheats. This mod blends perfectly with your game and is considered as one of the best mods.

sims 4 more columns
sims 4 more columns

Things you need to remember about 3 columns, 4 columns, and 5 columns.

• You must be careful with your game’s resolution because it shouldn’t be weak or low as it could create a problem in producing multiple columns in Sims 4.

• The 3 column category would not respond the right way if the game’s resolution is lower than 1280×720.
• Likewise, the 4 column lassification might not operate correctly if the resolution is much lesser than 1600×900.
• Similarly, the 5 column section cannot get implemented if the resolution of the game is lower than 1920×1080.
• To have pets in the game like cats and dogs, you must have slighter higher resolution accuracies than the above categories of more columns sims 4 cc.

Compatibility in CAS columns v1.8 

Here is some information about compatibility of different patches:

• The 1.52.100 game version has combined the 5 column category, which gets upgraded.
• Many of the UI or user interface categories have got updated like the catalog panel title being in the limelight.
• The feature, which arbitrarily distributes the Sims equally and has got deviated to the rightmost edge.
• The filter bar has expanded its width to fit the extra columns on the screen. Also, many changes are correlated with pet development.


  • This is an update for game version 1.58.63 game version that may fix Sims 4 CAS column bugs like UI scaling. Meanwhile, the game is updating, and you must fine-tune the UI scale that gets provided to you on the options menu. This fine tuning of UI scale makes the added columns presentable in the given exact resolution with a much smaller UI size.
  • Download zip file of the 1.58.63 game version as the older versions cannot add extra columns.


  • The issue of being unable to click on items due to numerous rows of swatches is fixed in this version.
  • Multiple tabs of pet eye swatches that caused misalignment in the Match Eye Colour checkbox is resolved.
  • The swatch scroll list goes to the chosen swatch now, by default instead of the beginning as it did earlier.


  • Updated for game version 1.73.48
  • When you’re dealing with more than 10 rows of swatches at once, a scrollbar is added for your convenience.
  • The randomization button is included for more categories in this game version.

The bugs in Sims 4 more CAS columns mod

• Sims 4, 3 column mod gives you the chance to add three more columns in your existing game version that create sufficient area, but you need resolution larger than 1280×720.
• Sims 4, 4 columns mod provides the opportunity to increase four columns in the game that happens to make enough space, but you must have larger resolution than 1600×900.
• There must be no graphic bugs whenever you face difficulties.
• The background in Create a sim makes your columns look attractive.

Sims 4 CAS mods: Cautionary

• As mentioned above, you must remember certain things like the resolutions should not be weak. It should not be lesser than 1280×720 for 3 columns in Sims 4. For 4 columns in Sims 4, the resolution must not be lower than 1600×900. Also for five columns, it shouldn’t be less than 1920×1080
• If you want to use the Create-a-pet mod, you must have the higher resolutions than the above columns.
Please note: Use the latest game version, or new patch, which is v1.10 as the previous ones won’t add more columns anymore.

The above mentioned points should be kept in mind while using CAS mods.

Sims 4 Columns Mod: Conflicts

If you have installed The Sims 4 columns mod, then it would override some of the files and also the mods, which modifies these files that have got listed below but you can use the sims 4 mod conflict detector.



These are some of the files that show glitches on the Sims 4 CAS mod.

You can also learn more about last exception tool, which is also an essential part of MCCC.  


How to delete columns Sims 4?

You must empty the column entirely to delete it. Either move or delete the columns whether they are complete or incomplete and then delete it.

How to get 4 columns in Sims 4?

To get 4 columns in Sims 4, you must use the 4 columns mod that you can get from the download page of this module.

How do I get more columns in Sims 4?

You can get more columns in Create a sim by downloading the Sims 4 CAS column.

Can you add more worlds in Sims 4?

Yes, you can add more worlds by creating them on our own using cheats and without any mods.

How do you break CC in Sims 4?

To break CC in the game, navigate to the CC tab on the application and you’d see a list of all the CCs. The ones that are broken or missing are highlighted in red.

How do you make your sims stand still in CAS?

When you’re randomizing your character’s walk, traits, aspirations, etc. it’d still remain animated.

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