MC Command Center Last Exception: what is it and how can it be read?

What is MC Command Center & Sims 4 Last Exception?

Last Exception Reader

The Last Exception Reader tool helps in locating any file in your system that has been giving of signs of being the last exception and barring you from playing the game properly.

Note that exception files can be found in the document folder for Sims game. You can locate the same by following this pathway in your system:

\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims

Error Notifications: MCCC Command Center

With the help of last exception error, Sims players that use MC Command Center cater some sense of extra insurance opposing the use of broken cc or mods in a way of catching errors.

Depending on the place where this error for game code happens, it can either be spawned as the log error for MCCC or in the form of the last exception.

Sims 4 how to read last exception

When you enter the MC Command Center setting, you can locate the broken mods and pieces that have been affecting the game. When using the game, you can see 3 variants of these error files. All their names start with the term “last” and all of them are text files.

  1. Last Exception:
    This includes any mod EA or CC error that hasn’t been caught by other types of file.
  2. Last Crash:
    This error usually arises from broken or old custom content.
  3. Last UI Exception:
    These are usually the user-interface modules in need of updates.

MCCC Troubleshooting

MCCC Troubleshooting reports for Last Exception state that the Les is at times caused due to core errors. The optimal way to fix these issues is by avoid them. Another thing that can help is changing the location of the item or using any different item depending on what the error is.

Another thing that can help is deleting the file named localthumbcache.package.

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