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Sims 4 Last Exception: MCCC Reader | Solved (2024)

Sims 4 Last Exception
Sims 4 Last Exception

What is MC Command Center & Sims 4 Last Exception?

What is a last exception file Sims 4?

The Sims 4 Last Exception Reader tool helps in locate any file in your system that has been giving signs of being the last exception and barring you from playing the game properly.

Note that exception files can be found in the document folder for Sims game. You can locate the same by following this pathway in your system:

\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims

Error Notifications: MCCC Command Center

With the help of last exception error, Sims players that use MC Command Center cater some sense of extra insurance opposing the use of broken cc or mods to catch errors.

Depending on where this gaming code error happens, it can be spawned as the log error for MCCC or in the form of the last exception file.

Sims 4 how to read last exception

When you enter the MC Command Center setting, you can locate the broken mods and pieces affecting the game. When using the game, you can see 3 variants of these error files. All their names start with the term “last,” and all of them are text files.

  1. Last Exception:
    This includes any mod EA or CC error that other types of files haven’t caught.
  2. Last Crash:
    This error usually arises from broken or old custom content.
  3. Last UI Exception:
    These are usually the user-interface modules in need of updates.

MCCC Troubleshooting

MCCC Troubleshooting reports for Last Exception state that the Les is at times caused due to core errors. The optimal way to fix these issues is by avoiding them. Another thing that can help is changing the item’s location or using any different item depending on what the error is.

Another thing that can help is deleting the file named localthumbcache.package.

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Sims 4 Last Exception Reader

 In the TS4 game, if you use the MCCC mod, you might come across an orange-colored notification for LastException. If you do not use the MCCC & there is something odd that happens within the game, look through the folder marked Sims 4. Now, check whether there is a file named LastException. Some of the LEs might be a result of some core errors. An optimum way to fix these is by avoiding them. You can either change the item’s location or opt for an entirely different item to handle the error by using mc_settings.cfg. At times, deleting your localthumbcache.package file from the /Sims 4 folder can help settle these error variants. Also, you can refer to our articles for Sims 4 master controller.

Most of the LastException errors are caused due to broken or old mods/cc. Depending on the changes brought by EA with its patch, this can essentially break the package mods, script mods, or even both. The UI-based Sims 4 mods are highly likely to require updates after the EA patches.

When trying to open the MCCC last exception files, you need not be afraid of simple text files. Sometimes, these lastexception files will let you know of the exact cc file or mod that just caused the error. Although, they can be hard to decode when present in the raw format.

Some Tips to Avoid Last Exceptions Issues

  • If you happen to play with the WW or MCCC or maybe both, you need to save the copy of the files in the Sims 4 game.
  • The only exception in this case should be the MCCC file and your file named Resource.cfg.
  • Delete all your localthumbcache from the /Sims 4 & test out the game.

Last Exception Caught by MCCC

Before you understand how the last exception caught by MCCC works, you need to know how the MCCC last exception works. The sims 4 game players that use the MCCC possess some of the best insurance regarding broken cc or mods. This is synonymous with a form of error-catching methodology. Depending on exactly where the game code error occurs, it could be generated in the form of an MCCC logging error, also known as the sims 4 lastException error.

So, how can you read the last exceptions?

When opting for Sims 4 how to read last exception errors, you need to look for a square/rectangle-shaped notification. This is a lastexception.txt file. So, you can always open it up to check the type of error bothering your gameplay. You can find this rectangular message box on your computer depending on the OS settings you opt for.

You should look for the .log or the LOG suffix. If you do not find the same, the lastException error should be available to you as a classic text document. The mistake in most cases occurs due to the presence of outdated or bad cc or mods. However, at times, the error could also be a result of EA script issues. This will continue happening until your Sims 4 cc or mods are updated or removed.

Extra Information for Last Exception Errors

Within the Sims 4 folder inside your drive, you might see 3 variants of the error files. All their names start with the word “last,” & almost each of these files is text type.

last exception sims 4

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Wicked whims last exception

Wicked whims mods or the Sims 4 Nisa mods are generally created & tested without any other mod with assumptions that they won’t cause any substantial issue with its base game. However, mods might get old very fast. In wicked whims last exception, the mods might be outdated or old or maybe broken. Look through the mods installed by you & remove anything old which is highly likely to break the game.

Also, to avoid the Sims 4 Nisa error, you should keep updating the existing game database in terms of mod files. Try to keep looking through the latest updates provided over the official Patreon page for the TS4 game.


How do you read the last exception Sims 4?

To read the last exception Sims 4, navigate to your recent last exception file and use the “Upload lastException file” option to upload it or paste its content into the text area provided. You can find these files in \Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4.

Can I delete last exception Sims 4?

Yes, it’s possible to delete last exceptions Sims 4. They’re basically reports of game errors, so they work for troubleshooting purposes.

How do I fix script errors on Sims 4?

You can fix the script errors on Sims 4 as follows –
• Go to the Origin client.
• Select the “My game library” option.
• Click on Sims 4’s icon and choose “Repair” from the pop-up menu.
• Start the game again.

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