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Sims 4 Mod

Sims 4 life Tragedies Mod | Deadly illness Mod – (Download) 2024

Sims 4 life Tragedies Mod
Sims 4 life Tragedies Mod

The introduction of Sims 4 Life Tragedies mod was for the sole reason of intrigue and entertainment. You can be a mere spectator in this game while murders happen all around you, or you can even be a murderer yourself and take things into your own hands. It has an uncanny resemblance to the Sims 4 kill mod

There’d be five killers in your vicinity who’d be killing people around you, and you’d also be acquainted with their backstories and their motive for revenge. You can ignore them without any harm; however, if you talk to them rudely, you’d be their next target. Also, to be a murderer yourself, you have to pick one of the six killers.

About Sims 4 life tragedies mod

If you’re somebody who doesn’t enjoy living a dull life and want some thrill and adventure filled into it, then we might not have the solution for you. But if you want your sims to not go through the same monotonous lives then this TS4 life tragedies module is what you need!

With this mod, your sim will feel as if he’s in an action or a thriller movie. Life won’t be the same for him, certainty with be replaced by uncertainty, a simple walk to the park might turn into the most erroneous crime, and a visit to the grocery store might be followed by a giant blast at the store. Your life, as it will pass, will be filled with the life’s tragedies. Now, there is a lot to know before embarking on one of life’s tragedies, so here are all the crucial points to remember –

  • The element of surprise is central to this modification. Therefore, as soon as you download it, the killers can pop up at any time. You can disable this option as well.
  • Under the ‘Life Tragedies’ list, there’s a new pie menu, “Serial Killers,” was introduced.
  • You can call upon any of the five serial killers, including ‘Blaze the area with flame’ and ‘Smoke a cigarette.’
  • Once you’ve chosen a murderer, they’d visit the town first and then get to know the people.
  • You can reply positively or negatively when the criminal is conversing with another sim.
  • A positive response means that the relations between you and the murderer will be cordial, whereas a negative reply would lead to your murder.
  • Ignoring the murderer is similar to being neutral since it’d not effect you.
  • Moreover, the chance of murder of a character in your proximity is 1%, so very bleak.
  • The police would catch the culprit, notwithstanding if the murder was actually committed.
Sims 4 life Tragedies Mod | Deadly illness Mod
Sims 4 Life Tragedies

Some new options are also available for you, such as

  • Sapphire Hudson, “The Seductive Lover”
  • Zanny Antowan, “The Killer Nanny”
  • Willard Kline, “The Son of Flames”
  • Mathew Brigs, “The University Professor”
  • Patrick Rogers, “The Disliked Bookworm”

Prerequisites of the life tragedies module:

To know how to ensure smooth functioning of the modification, read further.

  • You’d require a base game for traveling except in “get to work” EP for this modific to function.
  • Since it’s a cc, it doesn’t overlap any other data.
  • It includes features such as kidnapping, car accidents, bullies, armed robberies, and terminal illness. 
  • It works well with other modules as well.
  • Also, the modific gets disabled by default, so you’d need to turn it on every time. 
  • Interestingly, you can also control the speed of the tragedies around you.
  • If you wish, you can manually make the misfortune happen instead of waiting for it. 
  • This module can affect any age group.

Updates or corrections:

These are the updates in this life tragedies cc:

  • Corrected the give poisoned apple murder/death.
  • Updated the NPC sims not staying in jail after arrest.
  • Upgrade of the module’s icon.

No mercy mod:

Drama is essential in our lives; therefore’ navigate to the Serial Killers pie menu and click on the ‘No mercy’ option. This modific gives you the power to invite the serial killer to murder every character that’s in your vicinity for 240 sim minutes. It’d be a massacre.

Install its zip file ito enjoy this serial killer cc.

Ways to kill sims:

For instance, you’re interested in being a slayer yourself and indulge in player operated murders, so here are six ways to do so –

  • Gun down of bike.
  • Stab with pen
  • Suffocate with diapers
  • Stab throat
  • Burn-in flames
  • Give poisoned apples to toddlers and elders. 

There should be a considerable distance between you and the victim you’d shoot, for the first option. However, if the character informs you that the distance isn’t appropriate, you must let go of the plan. 

Also, try to steer clear of police officers because if they catch you murdering someone, they will arrest you. In case you’ve blood splattered on you, you can wash it off in the shower. 

Posters and Papers:

Before inviting a criminal to your town, you must know their background. As a result, you’d find an interaction ‘Purchase serial killers posters and papers,’ which would include all about their past. You also have the alternative of calling the police, buying a cigarette, or throwing around flames. 

If you’re not excited about any particular way of death, you can remove it. For instance, if you don’t want sims to get terminally ill, then disable it from the menu. 

New criminal plots

We have mentioned a description of the latest crime scenes added to the game, and they are –

Sims 4 Kidnapping mod

  • Some kidnappers would abduct your persona and ask for revenue and money as ransom. to the kidnapped sim’s family. It’s better to co-operate than to act smart because it’ll lead to you getting shot. 
  • Once the kidnapping of your character takes place, you’d receive messages from the culprits
  •  You can choose to inform the police or share about it on social media platforms.
  • As soon as you fulfill their demands, you’d receive a location from where you can pick up your sim and bring them safely home. 

Below is the download link for this incredible cc.

Here are the steps to do it

  • Click on Life tragedies>Kidnap sim to Cave
  • A screen will pop up to display to you the prospective sim you can abduct and click on their picture. 
  • The target would automatically reach the Grotto cave and be a part of your household if it doesn’t already have 8 members. 
  • By clicking on the abducted sim, you can perform various tasks with them.

The tasks you can have with them are –

  • Torment –You’ll physically abuse the victim by cutting their arms, beating them, burning them with cigarettes, etc. Don’t worry; the animations aren’t that graphic. 
  • Drug sim – The kidnapper would drug the abducted character by injecting them, and they’ll soon pass out.
  • Ask for ransom – The abductor would ask for §5000 from the victim’s family members, and they’ll come to the cave and pay the full ransom. They’d also plead you and ensure their child’s well being, but eventually, give §25000. The scenario might also change, and the family members might shoot you and injure the victim in the process who’d be fine after the surgery. So, beware of the family members!
  • Brainwash – The target would have interaction restriction for 16 sim hours along with a kidnapped trait+moodlet. However, brainwashing them would allow you to get rid of that restriction and the trait after 2 sim hours.

You’d place a brainwashing device by Jim Pickens on their head, which would give them electric shocks until they lose consciousness. The device would have a picture of Jim Pickens as well.

Sims 4 deadly illness mod

  • A deadly illness would consume your character, due to which they’d have to undergo numerous surgeries. Although these operations only have a 20% chance of survival, you don’t have any other option as doing nothing would also lead to your persona’s demise from the Sims 4 disease mod. 
  • The UI would contain your player’s remaining life, which you can see in this sickness mod. 
  • Moreover, they’d have to visit hospitals for the surgeries and need ‘get to work’ EP to afford it.

Sims 4 burglar mod

  • These robbers would trespass into your house and steal all your money and furniture.
  • If need be, they might even shoot the toddlers and elders in the house. 
  • You can either fight them yourself or call the cops. 
  • Also, the option of being a thief yourself is available to you. You can be the one robbing people of their wealth.


  • Your character might be the victim of bullying wherein they’d be called names and demotivate you. 
  • In addition, your house isn’t off-limits to them. However, you can fight against them if your fitness skill is high.
  • You can be a bully as well instead of being its target and intimidate or beat others. How the turntables!

Car accidents

In this, dying from a car crash is in your character’s cards.

Jason Voorhees

It’s a happy day for the fans of the “Friday the 13th” series because he’s now a part of the serial killers’ category. They might surprise your sim and slash them with a machete.

New ways to murder

  • Lift and stab guts with a machete
  • Push to the ground and stab back
  • Stab guts with a knife from behind
  • Smash head to the ground
  • Stab guts with a machete
  • Strangle from behind
  • Execute with a gun from behind

How to install Life Tragedies mod:

This cc will work on all computers and requires base game. So, if you have the base game and a computer you don’t need any thing else. But, if you want to access the hospital visit add-on then you might want the get to work EP to access it.

Follow the steps below to know the downloading process.

  • Subsequently, download the modific and open it in the downloads folder. 
  • Retrieve the .zip file and move it to the default mods folder. Since there are two folders in it, choose any one of them –
  1. If you only have a Base game.
  2. If you have access to ‘Get to Work.’
  • Lastly, restart the program. Ensure that you turn on your mods and script mods beforehand.

If the official website doesn’t respond, then download it from the Sacrificial’s Patreon


The release of the Sims 4 Life Tragedies mod has already created a roar in the gaming community. So, go with the trend and enjoy this latest addition to the Sims family. Its features are all that anyone can talk about.

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