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Sims 4 Save Files & Custom Saves | Ts4 – Updated (2024)

Sims 4 Save Files & Custom Saves
Sims 4 Save Files

Many simmers created a marvelous universe of their own, with different character backgrounds, exciting elements, and discarded unnecessary ones. Below we have listed the best Sims 4 save files that are sure to add a different angle in your game and spruce things up for you.

Sims 4 custom saves

There is a lot of stuff in TS4 that EA hasn’t delivered with utmost intricacy. There can be staircases that lead to nowhere, unaligned or misplaced doors, dodgy builds, and whatnot.

But for a more detail-oriented and fun version with unique character backgrounds and places that your sims have never seen before, we have the sims 4 save files, created by simmers who wish to enhance the gameplay.

If you were unable to save your game and end up losing it due to some technical reasons, these save file ccs could help you out in this crisis as well! So, easily save game in TS4 now.

Where are Sims 4 save files?

They can be found at Documents > Electronic Arts > Sims4 > Saves. You will see a long list of save files named as- or ver1.

If you’re looking for Mods or CC, they can be found in the Sims 4/Mods directory, whereas the rooms, sims, and lots you’ve created are in the Tray folder. Recorded videos and screenshots of S4 custom save files are available in the same folder. All these files contain the things you may wish to back up.

Sims 4 Save Files & Custom Saves | Ts4
sims 4 save files

Furthermore, to make a copy of the files;

  • Open Windows Explorer or Finder (Mac). 
  • Go to Documents then, Electronic Arts/The Sims 4, and click on save to emphasize it.
  • Then, by highlighting it and clicking on Ctrl+C (for Windows Explorer) and Command+C (for Mac users), a copy would get generated. You can paste it anywhere else. 

An alternate way is to right-click a folder that will open a menu and select the text. Then, by holding control and left-clicking, you would select multiple folders at once. 

To paste this copy, move to a new place by clicking on a drive on the left. For example, if it is a C drive then, right-click on the space and click on the new folder and name it accordingly. Once you’re inside the folder, press CTRL + V (for Windows)/Command + V (for Mac) to paste the file. 

The same procedure can be used for backing up other things such as houses/sims, modules, etc., save file or save game.

Sims 4 save Files Download

To avoid the hassle of downloading the save file from the origin, they can be backed up. So, back up the saved game data and worry no more. It will include everything from the base game save file to expansions and stuff packs.

Can you transfer Sims 4 Saves to Another Computer?

Now, instead of securing your game data or own save file on one hard drive, keep a backup on a USB thumb drive or another hard drive on your computer. So, if even one of them faces any issues, you won’t have to worry. If you know tech stuff, then you can also burn a copy to DVD.

Where are my game save files?

If due to any reason, you’ve lost your save file details or installed a new TS4, you can copy the retained folder or save file from the backup folder. Paste it in The Sims 4 folder and overwrite all the data in that document. But if other games of yours aren’t backed up, then you may want to consider overwriting them.

If you don’t do so, then go to the save backup folder and select the files you want to restore by drawing a box around it. Click CTRL + C to copy it. Move on to the Sims 4/Saves Folder and paste it.

How do save files work in Sims 4?

Depending on the save file, the save file would either fix some issues or add new builds and players. They could be created by a single person or could be a collaborative effort, but they would be amazing nevertheless.

Sims 4 remade world save

Playing in the same monotonous world can be annoying, so to revamp your virtual world, we have a list of fantastic new save file that you can incorporate into your game or saves folder:

The original fishy save

From the giant family portraits on the walls to the carefully crafted companionships– The Original Fishy Save File is a masterpiece. And the best part is, these saved files are base game friendly! So, with 350 new sims in the neighbourhoods, 57 new lots, traits, skills, and stories for all of Maxi’s Families, a botanical garden wedding venue, and lots inspired by Riverview, Strange town, Old Town, The Velvet Room from the Persona series, Sunset valley and more!

Rosebud – Strange town

This world makeover cc replaces Stranger Ville with a Strange town-inspired universe and Willow Creek with Pleasantville.

Every place is a recreation of the original Sims 2 builds. There are even townie overhauls to reflect those worlds’ stories. A few details have also been modernized to fit TS4 style, but the inspiration and attention to point remain evident.

Peach – little boxes project

This is created by peach, aiming to slowly recreate all the pre-made lots in the game and give some townies a makeover. The 1st version of this save includes Willow Creek, Newcrest, Magnolia Promenade, Oasis Springs, and Granite Falls. Each world still retains the original lot names and contains at least one green park and three starter homes.

 Fresh Start Save File – RandomChick32

This is a file by Tumblr user, Randomchick32. This includes updated community lots that use items from other packs and characters getting makeovers when required.

It resembles the original one, but it’s better as it eradicates some annoyances, like the randomized and weird-looking seasonal outfits. Additional changes include new community lots and more pets in households.


Tumblr user Simlicy has created a world makeover that involves pretty much every place in the game. It has both eccentric creations and renovations that add new touches to your gameplay and fills all the empty lots.

All the things aren’t reworked though, some builds still are original, but this file is a work in progress, and updated versions are constantly being posted to Simlicy’s socials.

World of WIPS

If you’re looking to play the game from the start, then this one by Teknikah is your best bet. There are no new builds or characters in this safe file. The whole task of carrying everything is tiring, but this isn’t the case here. This is regularly updated and can be downloaded anytime.

Not so strangerville

“Suppjason” is here to save you from all the mysterious things that happen in strangerville because this save file is identical to the original EA one. Still, the only good thing is that the strangerville mystery is unraveled!

All those crazy-looking neighbors, weird plants, and conspiracy theories will no longer linger. As long as you don’t move to the secret lab and start the chaos again, everything will stay completely normal.

Seasons save

In the original Seasons module, the characters were assigned random hot and cold weather clothes which didn’t suit them. But in this modification, every sim will have a well-tailored, decent outfit for all seasons. Therefore, this world by creator Illogical Sims should be on your list! 

Almost save 

The popular simmer and YouTuber Aveline has worked hard for 18 months to bring you this world with large houses and new sims. Though it is still isn’t complete, there are still many things to look forward to in this version. There are many single sims households, and you can even get an overall tour on Aveline’s YouTube channel.

Base game friendly

This one is specifically for users who play in Willow Creek, Newcrest, and Oasis Springs, and it is a base game save file, as the name suggests. Plumbella has made this complete child and toddler-friendly. No custom items would be needed as base game items are provided.

Super save

The three worlds, Sulani, Del Sol Valley, and Brindleton Bay, have been cleared out, and Hey harrie with its collaborators have built new ones. All the files are impressive and distinct since they are collaboration secured files. 

Newlyn hills by Jenba sims

The worlds covered in this are Willow Creek, Newcrest, and Magnolia Promenade. Jenba’s style would be reflected in all the renovations and changes. She has given them a vibrant touch with new families and venues. The cc such as Get to Work, City Living, and Get Together is required for this.

Isleroux’s world

This cc by sims forum user Isleroux is the most creative version on this list. She has added new lots and traits, 179 clubs, nine starter homes spread across all the places, and five worlds! Furthermore, the townies have also received a makeover in new characteristics, relationships, and backstories. You may, however, require all the packs to use it.

Populated and non-populated saves

Sweetie Wright_84 has created this fantastic version filled with original creations. It is both populated and non-populated. Now, the populated version contains nuanced storylines and relationships between simmers. It includes all the worlds, including Discover University’s Britechester.

Sims save

Lilsimsie has created a riveting and in-depth file that you might have never seen before. This is an excellent option if you want to play with stories that you haven’t created because all of the stories in this file are open-ended and interesting. She has also renovated each lot and added 65 new townie families. The one thing that stands out most is that each family has a special relationship, skills, careers, and a hooking narrative.

Ratsave 1.1

This save file by cc creator RatBoySims is super amazing!

If you’ve been bored by seeing the same old faces of your townies, and want more diversity, more people to talk to, unique personalities, and a way to spruce up your game, then this save file is meant for you.

You get various new faces (200+ to give you a quantitative idea). All of these are from different cultures and ethnicities. You can chat with a Mexican woman or fall in love with a French guy; the possibilities with this save file are endless. In addition to this, this saves file contains a bunch of build mode things that will make you go gaga!

Do check it out on the link below, and don’t lose the opportunity to get one of the best sims 4 save.

Ratsave 1.1

Plumbsz save file

Initially known as the lavender dreams sims save file, this save file is incredible, to say the least!

This sims 4 save file adds a lot of new lots that are so fun and endearing that you’ll thoroughly enjoy them. For instance, in Newcrest, you can stumble across a gorgeous café with an attached basketball court, you’ll get to go to a splash park, the planet sixam’s arcade, and what not! The options are endless.

However, the only downfall with this save file is its low number of new sims. So, you shouldn’t expect a lot of new characters with brilliant backstories in this. But if you enjoy fun lots, then this should be your pick.

Plumbsz save file

Rustic Brindleton save file

This warmth-filled save file by custom content creator Nusantara simmer is a delight for anyone who enjoys the breezy beachside and wants to be in vacay mode all year long!

While Brindleton bay has more of a beachy summer vibe, this mod tends to teleport its sims to the wonderful fall season! You can enjoy the breathtaking views and elements that will give you a strong fall vibe. In addition to this, the whole neighbourhood effortlessly seizes to this fall weather and blends well.

You’ll find a new resort and soothing spa, too, with this save file.

Rustic Brindleton save file

All packs save file

This ts4 save file, made by Simlush, is upgraded through snowy escape, so you can expect a plethora of things to find!

The save file creator has offered us no less than 163 new builds, 69 refurbished ones, and 65 new sim families! In addition to this, all of the in-built characters are given a bit of makeover to shake things up.

You should definitely check out the builds of magnolia Promenade, which are so beautifully done. Also, take a stroll at the renovated Myshuno meadows park, an exquisite wedding venue.

All packs save file

Fleuralia save file – Version 2.0

You can call this save file one of the best save files! This SF is so cool that you’ll love it in an instance.

First off, you really need to check out the Cathedral in Willow creek! It’s so adorable that you are bound to love it. Secondly, this saved game file remodelled sims 3 festivals in the newly made parks. These are:

  • the spring festival in Newcrest
  • the winter festival in Mt. Komorebi
  • the spooky fall festival in Brindleton Bay
  • the summer festival in Sulani

All of this was a fabulous idea and turned out to be amazing! This save file, too, is updated via snowy escape.

Fleuralia save file – Version 2.0

Dizzy isy save file version 2 and 3

These save files are by a fantastic cc creator, IslerouxSims. This creator has done an amazing job by building such brilliant builds which have their own themes!

For example, you’ll see that all the houses and lots in Willowcreek are pastel pink, and in Newcrest, they are mellow-yellow. This really adds a beautiful touch to the game and appear equally aesthetic. In addition to this, a bunch of new families with interesting storylines are added too to make the game more intricate.

Now, in version 3 of this save file, you’ll find that Henford on Bagley (Sims 4 cottage living EP) is altered with new families and their narratives.

Dizzy isy save file version 2 and 3


This entire save file is inspired by the richness of Asia, its culture and architecture. The creator of this save file, msfrankenstein910, has done a fine job by renovating all the builds like Willow Creek, Brindleton bay, etc., to look Asian.

The entire architectural work is so unique and intricate that you’ll be glad to have decided downloading this mod and making it a part of your saved game with its narrative and compelling videos.



Sims 4 save files are a splendid way to add a unique touch to your game without putting in a lot of effort. Incorporating these in your game will surely enhance your gaming experience and save you some time. The dp stbl editor is also quite handy for your program, so do learn about it.

Have fun simming!

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