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Sims 4 Mod

90+ Best Custom Content Traits CC Mods | Sims 4 Traits Mod – Download (2021)

Sims 4 Traits Mod

Sims 4 Custom Traits

Sims 4 Traits Mod – Sims 4 is a fun and exciting game, but it can get quite repetitive after some time. Players tend to lose interest in doing daily day to day activities, which is the reason why modders introduced traits and custom contents to keep the excitement and mystery of the game.

We have divided all the available sims 4 adult traits into easy to crack categories, which will help you sift through them smoothly. You are bound to find the perfect mod for your sim in the sims 4 traits cc.

Behavioral traits

Drama queen trait

This mod will have your sim throwing tantrums all around. Just like a snotty girlfriend, even trivial things will start annoying them. Many people behave this in real life also, just creating drama to gain attention. It’s time we brought a little reality into the game.

Best Custom Content Traits CC Mods | Sims 4 Traits Mod  - Download

Insecure trait

This trait will make your character feel embarrassed about the most trivial things. Their confidence level will go way low when present in a social gathering, making it hard for them to maintain relationships.

Insecure trait

Anxious trait

Anxiety is something which every human face in day to day life. It can get triggered by a lot of different things, but it turns into a disorder when the intensity of anxiety increases alarmingly. Your character will start having panic attacks more often than usual, which will be a lot of work for the player to handle. It won’t be fun, that’s for sure.

Anxious trait

Two-faced trait

We have all had that one two-faced student in the classroom who will definitely rat you out in front of teachers. It seems like this mod takes its inspiration from that same untrustworthy, back-stabbing two-faced student. Download this trait and watch your sim bringing down mayhem on all the social connections around them. have to say it will be fun to watch!

Arrogant trait

Arrogant trait makes your character enjoy highs of being a confident person all the time. Sometimes it can be mistaken for overconfidence too.

This trait makes them prone to low moods whenever they fail and get embarrassed in front of other people. It’s a very well-made mod that turns your sim into a bit of a prick at times.

Shy trait

Life is not always easy. We can not be on our best behavior all the time. Sometimes our shyness comes in the way and ruins things a bit. The same can happen with your sim, too, if you choose to install this mod. The shy trait will make your interactions a bit awkward, and you might end up failing some tasks again.

Bossy trait

The bossy trait is a little annoying as it makes them feel superior over other sims. This mod will make your sim grow a bit of a mean streak. We all came across one or two people like this in our lives too, so it is rather fun to observe other sims’ reactions when they go through the same thing.

Naïve trait

This add-on makes your sim far more likely to get hurt in a social situation as they will not pick up on the signs quickly. They will start trusting other sims often and simply be ignorant of any red flags, which makes them quite vulnerable.

Attractive personality trait

Now, who doesn’t want a rocking personality, which turns you into a conversation topic at every party? These sims will be good at maintaining conversations with a sprinkle of flirty comments. They are big-time romantics who love indulging in a romantic interaction with other characters.

Crazy trait

These sims are mischievous, adventurous, and bold. Their whimsical nature makes them fun to be around. This trait turns your sim into a goofball who loves telling jokes and making fun of their friend for healthy laughter.

Diva trait

Diva trait is the perfect mod if you want to turn your sim into a stuck up rich brat. These characters are cocky, proud, and so full of themselves. But they also enjoy spontaneous activities, like dancing.

Funny trait

This trait makes your sim stand out in the crowd because of their sense of humor. These sims love telling jokes and doing funny interactions with a bunch of people. They have a great chance of successfully pursuing a career in entertainment.

Innocent trait

This trait is quite similar to the naive trait in terms of functionality. These sims are less flirty. They are so innocent and pure that they do not even realize when someone else is flirting with them.

Introvert trait

This trait will turn your sim into the human life form of a Dracula. These sims hate getting of their room, let alone being outside of their houses. Their social quotient is very low as they tend to get awkward and uncomfortable when forced to have an interaction. They will catch up on skills slower than usual sims.

Nonchalant trait

This trait will create absent-minded characters who tend to be relaxed and find their calm in solitude. They might prefer writing down their thoughts in place of talking about them. Their need for social engagement is surprisingly low. They seem to enjoy the company of books and music more than that of fellow sims.

Nerd trait

This trait will make your sim smarter than the rest. These characters enjoy studying books more than playing sports. They are generally not very social and tend to be the loner in a social circle.

Rebel trait

These sims do not like being controlled or being forced to follow the rules. They are known to be the rule-breakers of society. This trait will make your character progress faster if they pursue a criminal career. Music and dancing is their favorite way to let out all the pent up anger and emotions.

Sarcastic trait

Your experience will be bittersweet with sims of this trait. They are like sugar mixed with a hint of spice. Every comment they make will be sarcastic.

Sleepy trait

Sleeping is a basic necessity for humans as well as sims. But this trait makes them addicted to their beds, and they seem to need more sleep than 8 hours to function properly throughout the day.

Talkative trait

These sims are great speakers and debaters. They seem to have a good command over their words. When placed in a social gathering, they love to chat with other sims and literally blab their ears off with their constant bickering.

Trouble-maker trait

A little bit of drama is necessary for them to make it through the day. These sims will stir up a storm just for the sake of entertainment. They love playing pranks on others.

Violent trait

These sims tend to make others upset or angry with their behavior. They will act out their emotions without thinking about the consequences. The player needs to be careful as your sim can die due to too much rage and stress.

Warm-hearted trait

These sims are like marshmallows of the sim universe that make everything happy and pleasant. They will always put others’ needs before their own. Warm-hearted sims are likely to get into a relationship faster than others because of their positive vibes.

New emotional trait

This mod is a personal favorite for most of the players because it gives your sim a unique edge over others. In this sims 4 traits bundle of emotional traits, your character will start feeling each emotion more intensely. For example – if your sim was already into books, then after installing this mod, he/she will turn into a complete bookworm who will be spitting facts everywhere. Or if the sim was sensitive, then this mod will turn them into a very expressive person who will start getting affected by every little thing around them.

Personality disorder traits

Depression trait

Depression is prevalent in today’s society, with an increasing sense of loneliness and vulnerability amongst people. And your sim is not too far touched with it. This one won’t make your character clinically depressed, but it would make them sadder than usual. It will be a pretty good experience to watch them go through something most of us go through at some point in our lives.

ADHD trait

This trait is like a fun little challenge, not only for your character but also for the player. You will notice them getting bored quickly and act impulsively while doing daily routine tasks. It will get more challenging for them to focus on one task at a time, and they tend to jump from one thing to another.

Bipolar trait

The bipolar trait will have your sim go through mood swings like a roller coaster’s ups and downs. One moment they’ll be depressed and in others going out having fun. This is a real medical condition that a lot of people go through, and it’s fun to have your sim experience the same thing.

Autism trait 

This one is for all the simmers out there who enjoy a bit of realism in their sim universe. Autism is a real illness that can hamper a child’s growth by ripping them off of their communication, adapting, and learning skills. Your sim will also start facing similar situations while performing any social activity. On the bright side, this trait helps put things in perspective as we tend to take our senses for granted.

Borderline trait

This one is a serious mod that focuses on real-time personality disorder, which is a borderline personality disorder. These sims have a tendency to get into fits of anger and sadness abruptly without anything triggering them.

OCD trait

OCD stands for obsessive-compulsive disorder, a certified medical condition causing the patients to suffer from uncontrollable, recurring thoughts to repeat things repeatedly. These kinds of traits are useful for introducing your sim to real-life mental health struggles. These sims generally enjoy clearing and arranging things in a particular order. 

Career-oriented traits/ Aspiration traits

The singer trait

This trait will bring out the ‘Rihanna’ in your sim, and they will definitely ‘shine bright like a diamond.’ Siner trait will bring out the natural instincts of singing and help your sim improve vocal arts skills.

Culinary inept trait

As you know, sims tend to pick on cooking skills quite quickly. And to be honest, that’s not quite the scene in real life. Half of the players would agree to that.

This mod is an attempt to decrease their cooking skills a bit so that you’d be able to experience the struggles of making mac and cheese.

Gamer trait

Level up your gaming skills much faster and become a real gamer. Create a channel and start streaming if you think you are good at it. We all know gaming isn’t an easy feat, so if you download the gamer trait, then you can turn your sim into one of those streamer simeleons and make the best out of it.

Author trait

Generally, writing is considered more of a hobby than a profession. And it’s high time we change that in the virtual as well as the real world. Writing is already available as an aspiration in the game, but now you can have it installed as a sims 4 trait mod. The player will get to experience the fantasy life filled with thrill and drama that lives in a writer’s head.

Hobby trait

Do you also want your sim to be a coffee lover but not addicted to caffeine?

Then this is the perfect trait for. 

It is a set of four hobbies that you can apply to your sim to give them their own cute little quirks. Let your character find out what they love to do or what is that they were born to do.

Artistic prodigy trait

This trait will help your sim gain painting skills faster than other ones. They will be inspired all the time to have a paintbrush in their hands. These characters will enjoy drawing on canvases all day, every day.

Born chefs 

 These are the ones who will make finger-licking good food, which you won’t be able to resist. They are gifted with exceptional gourmet and baking skills. They love spending their time in the kitchen while experimenting with new flavors and spices. 

Guitar legend trait

Sims with this trait will pick up on guitaring skills quicker than regular sims. They have a knack for music and a passion for acoustics, helping them pursue a career in the entertainment industry. They may even earn a good amount of money by writing original songs.

Instagram baddie trait

This sims 4 trait cc will turn your character into what millennials like to call ‘influencers.’ Their happiness and sadness quotient will be directly proportional to the number of likes, comments, and followers on Instagram. They live with their selfie camera on with puppy filters. They might also be good singers or entertainers.

Photography trait

This mod makes your character fall in love with the art of photography. They will want to capture every moment of their life. This trait is helpful in increasing the photography skill up to 300% in comparison if regular sims.

Internet kid trait

In current times we all are guilty of spending too much time with our computer screens. Similarly, this trait turns your sim into an internet junkie who spends countless hours staring into a screen and never gets bored of it. This mod is made for teenagers, and as they keep aging, it’ll get a little weird to use.

Spiritual trait

It’s time to be at peace with your inner self. Balance the energies around you with this mod. It will be a divine experience of pure healing and growth for your character. Enjoy this much-needed cleansing mod for your body as well as the spirit.

Extra traits

More traits for kids

Most of the traits do not apply to kids in the sims world. With the sims 4 traits pack, we can change that and try to provide a diverse environment right from a young age. Spice up the life of toddlers and let the entertainment begin with child traits mod.

Reaper trait

This trait makes your sim act like Death itself. Time loses its meaning, and you will not be able to live for a very long time. It’s a strange trait, but you’ll love having it in your sim.

Siren trait

This trait twitches the flirty nerves in your sim. You can knock over your social skills quicker and engage socially in a much better way. It usually just females better than males in terms of essence..

Woohoo Lover trait

Get your freak on with the most popular trait of them all. This mod will get you craving for that wohoo experience again and again. You’ll get rapid ups and downs every time they engage in some wohoo with their lovers.

Babymaker trait

This mod increases your male sim’s capabilities of putting a baby into whoever they are sleeping with. But you have to be careful with this one as it can get out of hand pretty quickly.

7 New traits teen pack

This one is for all the troubled teenagers in the back. They already face a surge of emotions everyday courtesy of their hormonal growth, and this trait will add even more emotions on top of it all. Seven new traits are available with custom icons in a custom traits pack that will make them catchy and impressive.

Boyfriend and Girlfriend Material Traits

If you are having a serious romantic relationship with a special someone in the game, then this mod is a must-have! It will increase the happiness quotient of your sim significantly when their partners are around. This mod will have your character flying over the moon with their better half.

Blessed and Cursed Trait

The name of this trait is relatively self-explanatory. As stated in the title, this mod will bless or curse your sim’s life without them having any control over the situation whatsoever. Cursed one will make their lives a living hell and on the other hand, blessed one will turn their lives into a roses bed.Pick whichever option you may like.

Feminine and Manly Trait

Though this trait won’t bring about a significant change in their behavior, but it is still fun to play around with. It will make your female characters be happier when the feminine trait is chosen. Similarly, it can make your male character happier when a manly trait is picked. Each mod also comes with additional status change depending on various factors.

Lifestyle trait

This one lets the player add 4 major lifestyle traits to their game. Two of them are focused on the character’s political spin, whether they are a Democrat head or a republican fly.

There is no point in getting into a debate about which is better than the other, but it sure will be a hell of fun to watch your sim unravel his personality with this mod.

Alcoholic Trait

This one is as negative as it sounds, folks. Everyone gets bad days, but the alcoholic trait makes your sim have them regularly in case alcohol is not around. You need to provide them a drink or three to put them in a good mood.

Sims 4 Traits mod

Here are a few more custom traits of sims 4 traits that can enhance your gaming experience manifolds. Click on the respective links to download the  cc traits.

Fun traits

Coffee lover traits 

A lot of people reading this can relate to being a coffee addict. You are surely going to love this trait in the game too. You can make your sim a lot more productive by giving a regular dosage of coffee.

Daydreamer trait

This sims 4 traits mod is for all the players who love to get lost in the mystical world of their imaginations. They refuse to return to reality and often lose control over what they were supposed to do. Walking along the same lines, these sims will also get distracted easily by their creative ingenuity.

Early bird trait

‘Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.’

This little saying must be engraved in all of our memories. This trait will help your sim wake up early in the morning and be extremely energetic as well as productive throughout the day. Between 5 am and 11 pm, your sim will be having his/her best day.

Heartbreaker trait

This trait will make your sim’s romantic life a tad bit covered with commitment issues. These sims are flirty and self-assured. Most times, they don’t even care about all the hearts they have broken. They will get sudden urges of getting a wohoo and break up with their romantic partner over it.

Hipster trait

These sims are one with nature, photography, traveling, and creativity. They tend to get bored by mundane tasks and seek higher truth in exploring the world. They can be easily spotted in a crowd with their flannel shirt and beanie.

Loser trait

If you want to make your sim’s life completely miserable, then this is the mod you should use. These sims fail in every aspect of life, be it a job or education, or even socializing. They have a hard time establishing connections with other sims, making it harder for them to get into a serious relationship.

Moonchild trait

Just like humans, sims also enjoy lying down on the ground and staring at the night sky. Moonchild trait makes your sim love moon as much as a dreamy human does. Give them a telescope and watch them turn into a ball of happiness.

Movie freak trait

These sims love a good movie with an exact proportion of drama and action. They enjoy watching movies on television sets while hanging out with other movie lovers.

Winter child trait

 We all appreciate summer as the season of watermelon and flip flops, but winters are the season of Halloween and Christmas. Your sim with winter child trait will love playing in the snow, skating, and making cute snowmen with perky noses. 

Workaholic trait

Sims with this trait tend to be more tensed and focused on their work. Their social interactions will decay slowly as they will keep on submerging themselves in more and more work. For them, time is money, and money is everything.

Handsome trait

This last one is for the people who drive on attention. It will render you good looks as well as filtration skills. Your character will start getting popular with the females, as this trait will make communication very easy for them. Enjoy your newfound influence with charmingly handsome looks.

Lot traits mod

   The Lot traits allows you to customize the town and cities around you. You will be able edit banks, airports, bakeries, train stations, and other buildings. Download the link below for more lot traits.


Sims 4 is all about your characters’ uniqueness and custom creation, which is difficult with a base update provided by the game. Sims 4 traits mod and sims 4 trait cc help the player to add much lacking personality to their sims. Thanks to all the creators out there who keep the sim craze alive. 

Still not satisfied and need more mod for your 

sims? Then sims 4 cc pack is the one final stop for you. You will various CC packs that will make your gaming experience more life like.

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