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Sims 4 Mod

Sims 4 CC Stuff Packs | Fanmade Custom Content – Download (2024)

Sims 4 CC Stuff Packs
Sims 4 CC Stuff Packs

While the Sims community is known for its amazing collection of custom content for the gamers, one can never get enough of it even when there are CCs coming in every now and then. We completely take into consideration the fact that there should be a proper list for you to understand which CC is right for your game.

Here, we have compiled a complete list of all the latest Sims 4 CC Packs 2022 that are fanmade. So, if you are looking for Sims 4 Fanmade packs, here is your go-to list.

List of Sims 4 CC Packs 2022

Sims 4 Stellar Stuff CC Pack

Stellar Stuff Pack
Stellar Stuff Pack

A collaboration between @applezingsims @coreopsims @deetron-sims @femmeonamissionsims @javabeandreams @nolan-sims @pickypik

achu @quiddity-jones @sjane4prezcc & @teanmoon

This particular CC packs is a collaboration that happened between several cc creators. This particular Sims 4 Fanmade packs flaunts about 127 new usable items. This includes:

  • 16 Fresh Build Items
  • 110 Latest CAS Items (Including new meshes, recolors, accessories, makeup, outfits, and more)
  • 1 New Residential Lot

Windenburg University Sims 4 Fan Pack

Windenburg University Sims 4 Fan Pack:
Windenburg University Sims 4 Fan Pack

by redhotchillisimblr / vivificus-zombiae / zx-ta / haziesims

This is another amazing custom content fan pack. The features included in this fan pack are:

  • Latest Build Recolors
  • Fresh CAS Recolors
  • University Lot by Windenburg
  • 25 Objects along with walls set that has been converted from Sims 2 game
  • The Pose Pack for Storytelling

Grilled Cheese Stuff Pack Sims 4


If you are someone who loves grilled cheese, this dedicated grilled cheese Sims 4 CC packs for the sims comes with features such as:

  • Accessories for Grilled Cheese
  • Recolors for Grilled Cheese
  • Object Recolors for Grilled Cheese
  • Objects-Grilled Cheese
  • Plush-Grilled Cheese

Get to Bed Custom Content Collection Sims 4

by Luumia 

This particular Sims 4 CC Packs 2021 collection has everything unique in terms of bedroom or sleepwear. Other features of this fanmade CC include:

  • 4 new build items
  • 5 new CAS items

This is purely base game compatible.

Summer Stroll CC Pack Sims 4

by Synth / Luumia

With the Summer Stroll Sims 4 Custom Content Packs, you get access to unique clothing, hairstyles, as well as other authentic items that feasibly match the art style in the Sims 4 game.

The features included within this pack include:

  • 2 Fresh Build Items
  • 11 Latest CAS Items

Works well with the base game.

Dunkin’ Brands CC Stuff Sims 4

by ohmysims404

This is one of the best sims 4 mods. With the Dunkin’ Brands Sims 4 CC Stuff packs, you get access to a range of new recolors and meshes that are made up of kitchen-themed CAS items and objects.

The features embedded within this Sims 4 CC game include:

  • New Aprons & Uniforms
  • Latest Objects
  • Recolors for Objects
  • Conversion set for Ice Cream Shop

Parenthood Kitchen CC Pack Sims 4


Although a small CC pack, this brings in a lot of changes to your existing game. The pack comes with a set of 8 recolor objects that have been taken from the Parenthood Game CC Pack. This minuscule pack is critical for the ones that think the kitchen objects for new parenthood should do with more colors.

Teeny Tots CC Stuff Sims 4

by plumbobteasociety

The Teeny Tots CC Stuff Sims 4 packs in 15 fresh items for the toddlers along with fresh new poses such as:

  • 2 New Pose Packs
  • 15 Fresh Build Items and CAS

Pyjama Party CC Kids Clothing best Sims 4 Pack

by standardheld

Do you feel as if the children based in the game require more pyjamas? This particular CC pack will definitely get the job done by bringing in features such as:

  • 9 New Clothing Items
  • 647 Swatches

Spring Fling CC Stuff Pack Sims 4

by  deetron-sims / nolan-sims / riice / pixielated

The Spring Fling Sims 4 Stuff Pack comes with a range of features that include several items in the complete package such as:

  • 8 Clothes
  • 13 different build items
  • 6 hairstyles
  • 5 Facepaint/Makeup
  • 2 Hats/Accessories

Sweetheart Stuff Sims 4 CC

by  habsims / holosprite / sim-blob / synthsims

This particular CC is for the Sims characters that are crazy for each other and are too much in love. This particular pack comes with features such as:

  • 3 Makeup
  • 6 Clothes
  • 4 T-Shirts
  • 3 Hairstyles
  • 2 Different Build Items

Hogwarts Sims 4 CC Stuff

by brittpinkiesims

Are you a fan of the Harry Potter series? Did you know you can bring in the very same magical environment in your game? With 100+ new objects from the magical world, this pack has been designed exclusively as a build pack that concentrates on the world of magic.

Sims 4 Custom Content Packs

Happy Holiday CC Stuff Pack

After the Seasons feature came out into the game, it has introduced a nice variant of recurring and random holidays. Players can now design the holidays all by themselves with use of the calendar function. Even though this expansion comes with a range of decorative objects, it tends to get a slight bit repetitive every once in a while.

The Happy Holiday Sims 4 Mod Packs has been introduced by the creator simsi45. The game adds a range of new themed items & objects for holiday celebration such as Sims 4 elf ears.

Bathroom Stuff CC Pack

This no doubt is among the highly popular stuff packs. This impressed the Simmers in a way that it makes the game realistic & beautiful. This particular cc pack is perfect for recreation of a luxurious Sims bathroom from modern to minimalistic furniture. With the Bathroom Stuff CC Pack, you get access to a bathroom that is visually more vibrant and beautiful as opposed to the official packs in the game.

With this CC pack best Sims 4 Expansions, you get access to several bathroom furniture, along with windows & screens that help turn the regular bathrooms into complete range of spa experience.

Teen Style CC Stuff Pack

When it comes to Sims 4 game, teens are just another category in the age group that has actually been overlooked. Introduced by Luumiasims, the Teen Style CC Stuff Pack comes with a simple but brilliantly executed CC pack for clothing needed by the teenager sims.

With 3 different outfits and style to select from, one can either make their sims a handsome guy, edgy punk kid, or popular school girl. This pack rewards the sims with a gorgeous form of cc clothing that tends to look crisp and colourful within the game. It is best for the Sims families that have teenagers in their house.

Paradise CC Stuff Pack Sims 4

If you plan on giving the adult female characters in the Sims a fashionable look seen being flaunted by Lana Del Rey, this Sims 4 CC Bundle pack will definitely help you. The paradise cc pack comes with 4 different varieties of glamorous lipstick, long-wavy hairs, sweater, as well as eyeliner.

You have to set your eyes on the Sims with additional sims look without actually burdening the computer or your game. Even though this particular pack is very simple, its general vibe can be deemed super elegant.

Crazy Cat CC Stuff Pack Sims 4

If you are someone who is crazy about cats, this is one amazing pack for you. It gets even better if there are dogs or cats in your game. This particular pack was introduced by Giannisk-13 that is loaded with accessories and clothing. This CC Packs free is fit for the sims that are obsessed with cats. With this CC Stuff pack, you get access to tiny cat grass potted plant. Plus, you also get access to cute looking posters or decals for decorating the room.

Ikea Sims 4 Home Stuff

Ikea is a popular brand known for its interior designing stuff. With this particular CC pack, you can bring Ikea to the virtual world and enjoy the perfect home decor for your sims characters. The Sims CC pack brings in a range of colors and 60 Ikea furniture pieces in a range of colors. From chairs to beds and drawers, this game CC brings you all and more.

Family Fun CC Stuff Pack

The Family Fun CC Stuff Pack brings in some of the best fantasy themed Sims 2 furniture. This includes elements such as castle themed setup for your bedroom along with included wallpaper to deck up the bedroom.

Stellar Stuff CC Pack Sims 4

A collaboration between @applezingsims @coreopsims @deetron-sims @femmeonamissionsims @javabeandreams @nolan-sims @pickypikachu @quiddity-jones @sjane4prezcc & @teanmoon

Lovers of the sci-fi and space unite as this is just the pack for you. With no such futuristic expansion brought for the Sims game, this particular CC pack will introduce more of the space & the unknown. This particular cc collection comes with content from the CAS pieces along with build mode. Plus, it also comes with 2 lots namely the home lot and moon laboratory.

Cottage garden stuff pack

This is one of the incredible fan-made stuff packs that you can find on the internet. Now, if you adore the cottage core aesthetic and want some of those items to be a part of your abode, then this base game compatible cc is what you should get for yourself.

This was made by a bunch of amazing creators at the Plumbob tea society who decided that the game needed cute, cottage core themed items. So, they add 171 build buy pieces. This will definitely be a breath of fresh air!

Cottage garden stuff pack

Eco kitchen

A sim’s kitchen should be up to the mark as they spend some time there to fill their empty stomachs, advance their cooking skills, and enjoy a scrumptious meal. So, this cc by Little Dica gives you a key to the most elegant and modern kitchen!

This pack adds tons of modern amenities to your kitchen space while keeping the overall theme neutral and sophisticated.

Eco kitchen

Futura living

This was created by a brilliant cc creator, “Peacemaker”, and is one of our favourite stuff packs on this list.

It is worth getting your hands on as it has a mid-century feel with a maximalist interior with vibrant colours and cosy yet appealing furniture.

This pack includes 40 items, including decorative mirrors, furniture, dining sets and an aesthetically pleasing fireplace! You should check this mod out in the link mentioned below.

Futura living


This modern living stuff pack is the brainchild of FelixandreSims and Harrie, two talented cc creators.

They vowed to make your outdoor living space a luxurious haven filled with the most modern items and a vibe that your sim won’t get enough of. Furthermore, this pack includes 50 outdoor décor items, including a fire pit, seating furniture, grill, swimming pool, etc.

If you want your characters to enjoy tanning in the sun in style and with extreme comfort, then this is your best bet.


Minimalist bedroom stuff pack

This custom content by Illogical sims will give you the bedroom of your dreams (if minimalist things are what you adore!)

This pack includes 25 beautiful items that would really match with the existing TS4 furniture and with the wood swatches in the game. They have carefully curated elegant and minimalist pieces for your bedroom, including white potted plants, light wooden cabinets, etc.

Minimalist bedroom stuff pack

Pufferhead stuff pack

This gorgeous and magical modification by MLys is meant for young adults and kids who are in awe of magic stuff.

It is quite inspired by Harry Potter or Henry Puffer, as they call him in the sims’ world.

You get blue-themed wallpapers with stars and other magical motifs. You also receive desks, beds and another magnificent décor.

Pufferhead stuff pack

Roarsome kids’ bedroom

This is yet another awesome SP by Peacemaker!

A visual treat for your child sims, this mod gives them an animal-inspired cute bedroom.

The entire room is filled with animal faces and clutter. You also get a gorgeous bed with the option of choosing different bed frames and sheets. This leaves enough room for customization!

Expect a bunch of other animals printed cool items like pictures, wall art, cushions, etc.

Roarsome kids’ bedroom

Rustic romance

This pack includes whimsical items for your outdoor spaces! A group of cc creators created it at the Plumbob tea society.

You get different things like fairy lights, white curtains, antique furniture, and everything else that can elevate the vibe of the room from dull to romantic.

With this cc, your sim doesn’t need to go anywhere else for a romantic getaway but his own garden!

Rustic romance

Vara office

If you want your workspace to look elegant and nice, then this cc by Peacemaker should be on your list! It contains a modern and pastel-coloured theme for your workaholic characters.

They can hustle while sitting in an exquisite ambience filled with the colours of macaroons.

You get cute elegant paintings, easels, a desk, trash can, a MacBook inspired laptop, and what not!

Do install this module and give your characters a luxurious office space.

Vara office

Hampton’s Built-in

This gives you the feel of living in the posh areas of Hampton by giving you a living room area that screams old money!

You’ll get a large-centred storage cabinet which will be the highlight of the room, a chandelier and highly elegant furniture items.

So, if you want your house to radiate richness and elegance, then this mod is the one you need.

Hampton’s Built-in

Food delivery service

We can’t imagine our lives without food delivery services now. All of the modern technology has spoilt us so much by rendering us things in just a few clicks.

However, the TS4 world is far behind this technological marvel.

So, to give you simmers the luxury of sinking in your sofa and ordering your favourite food, we have this food delivery service mod by LittleMsSam for you. Download it and order tasty meals!

Food delivery service

Mochi fashion stuff

Being fashionable is a non-negotiable for most people; this goes for the simmers as well! So, to give your female sims a fashion makeover, we have this incredible modification by Pepperoni puffin.

You get eight super fashionable items in this pack. This includes two gorgeous hairstyles, four chic dresses, and two glamorous tops.

Do get this cc if you want your female sim to stand out in the crowd and make people go gaga! For further information on this cc, check out the link below.

Mochi fashion stuff

How to install the CC Packs 2022?

If you plan on installing the Sims 4 CC packs, you need to download its zip file from the official maker’s website. Make sure you download the latest patch and not an outdated one for the custom content to function without a glitch.

After you have downloaded the Sims 4 CC packs 2021, you need to unzip this file into a dedicated folder. Copy & Paste all of the “.package” files onto the mod folder. You can locate this pathway in the Sims 4 computer folder by following this pathway:


User/Documents\EA\The Sims 4\mods

Make sure the cc has been enabled in the game to see things in action.

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