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The content below suggests you the most famous modification of all, which is Sims 4 explore mod. This modification helps you to explore places and all the kind of luxuries like games, spa session, and so much more. Some of them might come at a price, but some are free. The Sims 4 slice of life mod is also a part of  Kawaiistacie.

These things come at a rabbit hole that sneaks you out to this exciting world, where you could go shopping and Gambling as well. Also, have some additional kawaiistacie mods in the article below. Read the content further to know more in detail and download the new 2021 version of the mod. 

Sims 4 Explore mod

This kawaiistacie explore mod has a separate fan base. The gamers love this mod. So, this modification has a benefit for you to travel whenever and wherever you want. As the name suggests, it helps you to explore places and other possible things in your life. It adds realism and excitement in your Sim’s life.

After you install the Sims 4 explore mod, you’ll notice an altered pie menu, which suggests “exploring” whenever you click on to your Sim. This menu would take you out to explore places and things, which got cited in it. It is a rabbit hole, which would lead you to these places like shopping, Gambling, vacations, and all the other luxurious things. Gambling has interested many of the players, but make sure you don’t lose all your money there. There are some of the items or places that got priced. 

Also, another option in the pie menu is the “travel mod”, which may enable you to travel and explore things with a partner of your choice. You must choose the option, “explore with” to select a partner. One thing you need to remember is before you go to places or the gaming center, you have to go to the DMV or the transportation area for grabbing a bus pass, or a license may be to enjoy the explore mod.  

There is a new version to this mod, which is the Sims 4 explore mod v5. The v5 adds better realism to it as it has upgraded outfits and actual names to the places. Also, they have opening and closing times for the sites too. Read the article along to get into details. 

Things to do in Explore mod Sims 4

Things to do in Explore mod Sims 4

This ks explore mod has many things to do, like Gambling, skills, entertainment, and many more. The following are the best things you could do, while exploring the mod. They are listed below:

  • Gambling: Gambling is the game of cards and so it would be your first introduction with the card table and the gambler too. There are two types of Gambling in the game: 
  • Gambling (at home): When Gambling gets played at home, it refers to you more like a practice game, where you get to choose your characters. Also, you don’t lose money if you missed the game but would gain if you win. Although not as much as you earn while playing at the rabbit holes. Consider it to improve your skills only. 
  • Gambling (at Rabbit hole): For playing Gambling at the rabbit holes, one must need a lot of practice and luck to win. Here, you’ll lose the money if you missed the game and gain the double amount if you win. You could again choose your players. 
  • Improve Skills: You have a chance to improve your skills better like 
  • Dancing
  • Yoga
  • Guitar
  • Gardening
  • Cooking
  • Photography, and more.

Services: You have the benefit to adapt and use some services, which are

  • Visiting hospital for checkups and treatments
  • Couple therapy sessions
  • Get full-body massages and spa
  • Grooming sessions 
  • Surgeries, only if you want and a lot more.

One day trips and vacations: You also have an upper-hand in traveling and visiting places for a day, they are:

  • A cruise
  • Disney Wonderland
  • A beach
  • Jurassic Park, etc.

Entertainment: This part of the modification provides you with entertaining and exciting games that you could opt, which are:

  • Gyms
  • Fishing
  • Zoo
  • Playgrounds
  • Karaoke 
  • Comedy club
  • Arcade
  • Movies and lots more.
Sims 4 Explore mod

Some of the Kawaiistacie Explore Mod

Kawaiistacie has created some more features to this mod, which are:

  • Tea lover: Sims have a craving for tea, and it makes them happy. So, this mod would help to produce it for them. It increases buff and would even cheer them in their negative state. 
  • Baller trait: These Sims love basketball, and they treat it more than just a hobby. This mod would help increase their skills at the game. Sims will feel better about themselves as playing this game is a matter of status for them. 
  • Singing trait: These Sims tend to have a great voice and singing skills. This mod helps the players to inspire others from their views. They feel happy when they’re singing. They may have desires for karaoke venues. 
  • Acne-prone trait: These Sims have breakouts as they have acne-prone skin, and this mode would show up the acne whenever there is a breakout in their faces. This trait increases the buffs as well.
  • Drinkable pouches for humans: This mod will enable your Sims with drinkable bags as it fulfills the hunger needs of the players and reduces the bladder needs. It’s each pouch is 20 calories and could be stored inside the inventories. 

Appearance trait: There are three types of appearance traits in sims

  • Handsome and beautiful trait: These Sims are attractive, and others could also witness it. These Sims tend to make friends and connections with others quickly. 
  • Hideous trait: These Sims are horrible, and others could see it. These players tend to make friends and connections way less than those of attractive and beautiful characteristics. 

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