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Sims 4 MC Command Center: Know the Role of this popular mod

MCCC has been one of the popular mods in Sims 4 that aids the game in several ways. What this mod does basically is provide you with a couple of commands that can be executed on the sim. MC Command Center Sims 4 provides the following features when used in the game such as:

  • Don’t like the fact when any townie generates itself with the clown shoes? With the use of MCCC, one can easily blacklist any item and the same won’t be seen again.
  • Afraid the sim might binge eat a cake post tough workout? You can easily assign your sim a flag for freezing the physique.
  • Did you just forget assigning the relationship to a sim in CAS? Or don’t like the process of memorizing the sim codes? MCCC provides you an option for an easy way out! Check out the sims 3 woohoo mod as well.
  • Love some aliens in the game? The one amazing thing about MC Command Center Sims 4 is the fact that one can create a whole new alien using the CAS. You can also disguise your alien using the MCCC by copying facial features of an existing sim.
  • MCCC also allows time to fly when you are using the game. Additionally, you can also alter total days to be spent by each Sim for their life stage which comes from altering lifespan. This is possible through the Sims 4 story progression mod.
  • MCCC also adds an automatic process for tying up the loose ends such as ensuring sync for last name of the married Sim couples.

MCCC adds everything needed for the proper portrayal of a base game. This work by its maker Deaderpool makes this game playable when it comes to storyline and its progression. It serves as a steering wheel for the car or in this case, the Sims 4.

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