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Mc command center pregnancy? 2024

Mc command center pregnancy

By making use of MCCC Pregnancy modyou can get ahead with your Sims 4 story by manipulating the pregnancy and autonomic marriage of your characters like using the Sims 4 polygamy mod or sims 4 incest mod.

With this, you can also change the level of percentile with the same.

You even have the right to select whether your Sims character should marry someone of the opposite gender or the same and get ahead with having children with them. 

If you want to switch between two different households and one character from the Sims story goes into labor, you can pause the game and have the benefit of watching the delivery of your Sims character later.

You can also alter the pregnancy phase that your Sims character is in.

There is an option available with the Mc pregnancy Sims 4 to not have children at the end of gestation period of your character.

Check out some more features to enhance your pregnancy phase through the Middle Age mod such as pregnant walk and so on.

How can Mc command center pregnancy settings stop automated pregnancies?

In the MCCC pregnancy settings, there is an option for setting up of Pregnant Sim Selection, which will help you in adjusting the pregnancy percent in the game.

You can make use of the settings to stop the occurrence of automated pregnancy. If the percentage number is set at a higher level, the chances of your Sims character getting pregnant are comparatively higher.

You can opt for minimizing this level, which automatically reduces the chances of your Sim getting pregnant.

If you set the percentage to -100, the Sims characters will stop generating pregnant Sims with the use of Mcc pregnancy Sims 4 command. 

Why isn’t the Sims getting pregnant with the use of Sims 4 mc command center pregnancy? 

There are specific rules implemented in the Sims 4 game for the characters to get pregnant.

The rules are modified according to the situation in the game.

If the situation is somewhat that the Sim is active to try for baby, then the documentation of this module has to be modified to see the possibilities of when can a Sim character get pregnant. If the schedule for pregnancies is random making use of NPC, then the rules in the Sims 4 MCCC pregnancy shall be followed accordingly. 

If in case the Sim gets abducted in the game, then the rules for pregnancy shall be followed according to MC occult.

The Sim needs to qualify with all the rules mentioned in the specific mods in order to get pregnant.

The percentage of this Pregnancy setting will only be applied if all the conditions for the Sims to get pregnant are met. 

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