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Sims 4 Mod

Best Sims 4 Mods (150+) All Free Download (2024)

Best Sims 4 Mods
Best Sims 4 Mods

The Sims 4 mods affect your game in different ways. Some might cater to the character’s traits, while others might focus on the interaction between characters. All in all, every Sims 4 mod is unique.

How to install?

Follow the steps below to install Sims 4 mods pc.

  • Drag and drop your downloaded modules folders into Sims 4 Mods folder, created by the game by default when you start playing.
  • You’ll find the folder in Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Mods.
  • Navigate to the Options menu under the “Other’ tab. Click on “Enable Custom Content and Mods,” along with “Script Mods Allowed” based on the mod you’ve downloaded.
  • Restart the game.

For MAC users, open Finder and navigate to /Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Mods/

Always read the installation instructions of sims 4 mods to ensure there aren’t any extra steps. Moreover, if the module has any dependencies like meshes created by a modder, you need to install that as well.


  • While organizing the mods for the Sims 4 folders, only go one level deep for subfolders. Script modifications can only read up to that level; however, you can go a little deeper, like 3-4 layers for CC.
  • If you downloaded a zipped file, drop it into the folder without unzipping it. Same goes for .ts4script extension and .package file.

Best Sims 4 mods

This list comprises some of the best mods for Sims 4 that are up-to-date and deserve your attention.

Height sliders

Sims 4 height slider allows you to change the shape and size of your sim.

You can increase or decrease their height, change their nose shape, and so on. This mod by GODJUL1 adds a whole other level of realism to the game. It might create problems regarding clipping or close-up shots as Sims 4 isn’t built to accommodate such modules, but these issues are minor.

Height slider mod
Sims 4 height Slider

Slice of life

This kawaiistacie’s mod is a must-have. It’d add an emotional depth to your characters.

For instance, they’d blush while flirting or get teary-eyed when something sad happens, etc. This Slice of life mod is one of the base game sims 4 mods that add 16 personality types in the game that affects how they react and their skills and careers. You’d also find a risky woohoo option in here, which might make your sim pregnant.

Slice of life mod

Explore mod

According to me, this is one of the best Explore mods  I’ve come across.

It’s famous for its rabbit hole feature wherein your character would do things alone, without you following them. For example, they’d go for a drive after getting a license or a vacation and return after some time. You could also partner them up to increase their bond with someone. Most of the features don’t require special packs, but some do.

Explore mod sims 4

Playable pets mod

As we all know, Sims 3 pets mod was no longer actively updating because Maxis/EA abandoned it.

However, Playable pets is a much better option, despite having fewer features. It gives you some control over your pets, and you’d be able to see their needs as well. In short, you can play around with your pets by making them do things.

Sims 4 Playable Pets Mod
Sims 4 Pet Mods

Life tragedies

This is another exciting module in the top sims 4 mods list that you must check out.

There aren’t a lot of bad things happening in the game to prevent triggering the players. But a little drama is a must if you don’t want things to get too dull, and Life tragedies mod does just that.

However, it offers some extreme options apart from deadly illnesses or getting hit by a car. You can reduce the scale of the awful things by either disabling it for a select few or bring down its frequency. Those who want to make the storyline more realistic can opt for this.

Life tragedies mod
Sims 4 Life Tragedies

Custom traits

One of the Sims 4 best mods is right here. There are numerous traits that you can download from mod the sims.

They are as specific or as general as you want. For instance, you’ll find an attribute that will make your character bipolar or narcoleptic. Some other fun options in custom traits mod like good at baking or bad at cooking are also available.

Custom Content Traits CC

More CAS columns

As you keep adding packs after packs, it gets pretty challenging to locate things.

Therefore Weerbesu introduced more CAS columns that add 3, 4, or 5 columns apart from the primary 2 columns. It relies on the version you have, though.

More CAS columns
sims 4 more columns

Simulation lag fix

This Sims4mod ensures that your sims are on their best behavior when they are alone. Since the characters’ autonomous behavior is disruptive due to a lag, the Simulation lag fix mod by simmythesim fixes it.

It also repairs issues like time moving back, time slowing down, etc.

Sims 4 Simulation Lag Fix
sims 4 simulation lag fix

Road to fame

With this module, you can be a singer, actress, or model. Your characters can have bodyguards and perform in concerts.

You also have the option to throw another sim into a black hole if you want. You might have some obsessive fans as well since you’re on the Road to fame, but cops are at your disposal.

Road to fame mod
Sims 4 Road To Fame

New personality traits

The attributes in this game affect the way interactions take place between characters.

There is custom content for the same, so there’s no lack of mods you can download for changing the way your sim behaves. For instance, with the “Sweet Tooth” trait, your character would become better at baking. You can add at least 3 such attributes with the help of a cheat.

New personality traits

Melanin pack 2

This darker skin tone pack of Xmiramira’s is a better version than the previous one in terms of original colors and new makeup.

The skin tones are quite realistic and wouldn’t make your sim all scary looking. They’ve also added a slider, and if you’re searching for modded skin colors of Miramira, they’re in the ‘warm’ skin tones category.

Melanin pack 2

Automatic beard

As the name suggests, your character would gradually grow a beard with this module. You can always go for the beard tonic to fasten the process.

When the beard is long enough, your characters can shave it according to their preferences.

Automatic beard sims 4

OMSP shelf

It’s a massive task to place clutter items naturally, no matter how much you use the ALT key for free placement of things or 0 and 9 digits to change their size.

However, this shelf acts as a placeholder for you to clutter as much as you want.

OMSP shelf

Better build/buy

This modification by TwistedMexi is a time saver. It’d add more rows to make it easier for you to locate items and using filters.

The exciting part is that you can easily find debug items that are only visible through a cheat. Debug items have color swatches too.

Better build/buy

Ravasheen’s bunk beds

These bunk beds are all the rage in the Sims world. They are primarily to save space, which is why you can also use Ravasheen’s miniature desks.

Both of them are quite a pair, so make sure to get the beds and desks together.

Ravasheen’s bunk beds

Life’s drama

Drama is guaranteed with this modification. There are 11 scenarios for town NPCs, and you can even meddle in some of them.

A robbery, a fight or an eloping bride, all of this and more comes with this. You can even start one by using the “Expose your loved one” option for those with partners.

Life’s drama

Meaningful stories

This meaningful stories pack of roBurky’s makes your characters more human and natural. Apart from other modules, it also includes Emotional Inertia and True Happiness.

The former prevents your sims from having mood swings and makes their mood last longer. In the latter case, your persona’s state would be fine by default, and special moments or meeting your partner would make them happy.

As for the other sims 4 mods, the environment would affect your persona’s mood, like seeing a painting. The extreme moods are also at bay, and the characters go through neutral and natural stages.

Meaningful stories sims 4

Become a sorcerer

A supernatural mod that allows you to use spells to remove all the sadness from your friend or strike your enemy with a lightning bolt.

You just need to touch a piece of clay, choose any one of the three rituals that would replace your needs with magical ones. Spell work increases your powers, but it also drains your “Magical Connection” bar.

So you’d either have to exhaust yourself or another sim to restore your abilities. Your characters would either be good or bad depending on their actions, and their spells would vary accordingly.

Become a sorcerer

SimDa dating app

It’s a similar version of Tinder and works the same way as well. Your personae can go on a date in a nearby location or go for a hookup or one-night stand instead.

There’s no age restrictions on who can use this app, and even those in a relationship can use it. Check out the extra options available as well to enhance your dating experience.


Get a job

There are innumerable career options in the game and players are adding their own options.

Now your character can easily decide what career path to choose and how to go about it. Unconventional careers like tattoo artist, zookeeper, game developer, etc., are available as well.

You can also get a promotion; for instance, from being a PR assistant, you can become a sports team owner. However, these professions wouldn’t work if there’s a career overhaul like Turbo careers mod.

Get a job sims 4

Custom food interactions

If cooking is your passion, this module adds additional interaction with cooking equipment and allows you to fill your fridge with food from other modders’ kitchens.

You’ll find a menu in the Custom food section with various food, from blueberry cheesecake to Chinese dumplings.

Custom food interactions sims 4

Have some personality please

With this modification, your sims would never talk aimlessly anymore. It changes the background lot and forces the two characters to select an exciting interaction.

The mod itself chooses these interactions based on the two people’s moods and relationships, which gives them a sense of freedom.

Have some personality please

Turbo careers

This is another mod by Zerbu which changes adult and two teen careers into active careers in the Get to Work expansion.

The activities for your profession’s growth are related to the same, like programming, exercising, cooking, etc. They might have to do some fieldwork as well.

Turbo careers

Replacement paintings

You might have noticed that if your character paints five portraits a day for one week, the same images keep appearing everywhere.

Through this module, DaisyTighfield replaces all the default paintings to the ones from the web, primarily fanarts of movies or video games. You can see the original work by following the link to either Deviantart or some other website. Your sim can also create such exceptional pieces to paint.

Replacement paintings sims 4

Risky woohoo

With this mod by PolarBearSims, the female character would woohoo mods without planning for a baby but would still become pregnant.

It adjusts the percentage of pregnancy risks and the chances based on their traits and where they are woohooing. Your sim might also face complications or infertility.

You can also control the chances, though, if you have MCCC. However, it’d overwrite the percentage. Now, even same-sex couples can get pregnant if they navigate to the ‘custom gender settings’ in Create-A-Sim.

Risky woohoo mod

Better babies and toddlers

A prerequisite of this mod are to have Parenthood Stuff Pack DLC. Caradriel’s mod provides you new moodlets and interactive topics related to your babies.

As your tiny one grows up, the parents would have more options in the ‘Better Toddlers Menu,’ like teaching them new words and bragging about their achievements to other adult sims.

You can also download Mood pack and Hire a babysitter mod as well; it’s not a requirement, though.

Better babies and toddlers

No death murphy beds

Murphy beds by Tiny Living stuff pack were known to kill your sims often. However, this module saves you from all the hassle and prevents their death.

No death murphy beds

Gender preference mod

It’s quite a helpful module as it allows you to change your character’s romantic gender preferences.  They can now the same gender or both genders romantically. By default, Sims 4 only offers two genders, male and female, but you can change it now.

Gender preference mod

Daily save

We’ve all been there when we forgot to keep our game’s progress and regretted it. But Temptest’s new mod automatically saves your character’s progress at the time of your choice, every day.

You can also revisit a previous day’s progress through the seven save slots it creates.

Daily save sims 4

Wonderful whims

The relationships in the game have always been basic and superficial.

They’ve no depth whatsoever, but your persona’s relationships, like dating, pregnancy, etc., would become more intricate and complex with this modification. It’d feel like dating in real life.

Wonderful whims sims 4

Go to school

Unlike earlier when your personae would go off-screen for some time and come back with homework, this modification ensures that you are involved in school-related activities.

You’d have to ask questions, play instruments, and so on to complete your work. School buildings are available in your gallery, and you can make adjustments to them.

Go to school sims 4

Live in business

Many players feel that the Get to Work expansion lacks in some aspects.

Therefore, this module is like a spin-off of the GTW mod wherein you can start your business by opening a café, bar, gym, etc., from your home itself.

Live in business

The life decider

For those who randomly put NPC sims in their game world, this kawaiistacie mod is for you. Without this modification, the characters would have no ambition, no skills, and zero earnings.

This way, you won’t have to manually fill their skillsets or careers and get additional traits as well like a drinking problem, sweet tooth, or lousy cooking proficiency.

The life decider

Deadly toddlers

We all see toddlers as innocent beings who only eat, sleep and play. However, this modification by Sacrificial mods would change everything.

Don’t go on their innocent faces because they’d either burn you alive or stab you, which might be disturbing, but it would keep you on edge.

Deadly toddlers

Add new traits

In Sims 4, the number of characteristics reduced from six to three, in contrast to Sims 3. But this chingyu1023’s modification allows you to add Create-A-Sim attributes which would take you back to having 6 traits.

Add new traits sims 4


When your personae are asleep or out of the house, their ultimate speed level is triggered. But there are times when it doesn’t start or isn’t fast enough. That’s when this Supespeed modific comes into play. By hitting the ‘3’ key twice in quick succession, you can trigger it.

Supespeed sims 4

Buyable ponds

Sims love to fish but hate traveling to distant places for the same. Moreover, it’s annoying to build an angler skill with the loading screen appearing every time.

As a result, this modifc by Snaitf allows you to buy a pond for your backyard and go fishing right here.

Buyable ponds sims 4

Ownable cars

Sims 4 doesn’t have the option of vehicles like Sims 3, unfortunately. However, Dark Gaia corrected this issue with this module wherein your characters can buy and drive around their own cars.

Ownable cars sims 4

Eternal youth and immortal buyable trait

You have the option of disabling the aging and dying process, but it affects every character in the sim world.

Vitorpiresa’s mod adds two options, Eternal Youth and Immortal buyable trait, wherein the former only stops aging, and not death. The latter prevents that particular character from dying, but not from old age.

Eternal youth and immortal buyable trait sims 4

Go to college

After school, your personae can apply for college with this modific by simmythesim.

There are three subjects available for majors: fine arts, music, and physical education. Kawaiistacie’s University Career modification gives quite a tough competition with 12 degrees, so you can check out that as well.

Go to college sims 4

Functional chicken coop

This is another module from Sims 3 introduced by Icemunmun, which enables you to invest in raising chickens and get eggs from them.

However, eating a rotten egg might cause food poisoning, so be careful. You can also find easter eggs to gain a +1 buff and makes your character happy.

Functional chicken coop sims 4

Retail produce stands

Retail lots can now accommodate produce stands, and your personae can sell produce to others one by one. Brazen Lotus created this by keeping the Get to Work’s Lice Cold Freezer as the inspiration.

Retail produce stands sims 4


TwistedMexi’s idea to make all the features, including buffs like pregnancies, weather, etc., accessible through cheat codes was a big hit.

Allcheats sims 4

Basemental’s mods

To bring a slight edge to the game, these basemental mods includes addictions, criminal activities, and adult stuff. You can even join a group or a cult with like-minded people who threaten others. This modific is for adults only, though.

Basemental’s mods

Wicked whims

This module by Turbodriver is only for mature audiences, again. You’ll know when your persona is into another character.

They can also change their eye color and hair length. There are numerous features that you can check out.

Wicked whims


Who doesn’t like playing a Superhero, right? You can do so with this module by Sacrificial.

Being a Supervillain is also available now wherein your character’s motive is to spread crime and notoriety in the world. They’d have powers and go on adventures for increasing the same.

Armageddon sims 4

Many other mods

LittleMsSam works to fix minor issues with sims 4 mods, like letting all your friends age like you.

There’s a whole list of such modules that are quite beneficial.

Many other mods sims 4

Invisible fence

It’s pretty frustrating that your characters walk in a straight line to get somewhere on residential lots, right? So install this module which creates an invisible fence on your lot, forcing others to follow a given path to reach the door.

Invisible fence sims 4

Nectar maker

If you want to hone your nectar-making skills, then use this module. It’ll increase their levels and make them better at making drinks by stomping on fruits. You can either use this skill to earn money or as a mood booster. Be as creative as you want by combining various fruits.

Nectar maker sims 4

Live drag

As the name suggests, you can drag items from one place to another without pressing F2 and going to the build mode to do the same.

Some other features are Always Moveobjects, Always Freebuild, and Coastal basements and pools.

Live drag sims 4

No intro

Instead of looking at videos of blank files, it takes you directly to the Main menu.

No intro sims 4


The full form of this fantastic module by TwistedMexi is Takes Objects Off Lot. You can remove things from your lot, elevate, rotate or build something.

Another update is that you can now assemble all the items first and then take them off as a group; even the neighborhood benefits from it.

T.O.O.L sims 4

Master magic

There are three areas you can use your spell work in practical, mischief, and untamed magic. Those using practical can’t use untamed magic and vice versa as they are polar opposite. However, with mischief, you can use the other two as well with slight difficulty.

Master magic sims 4

Occult mods

Apart from the master magic module by Zero, there are several more like the power to make a hybrid of Spellcaster/Vampire in the Occult sims 4 mods. Realm of magic is a pre-requirement for Vampire magic, but they’d have their own spellcasting system. They can use spells during the night only, though. Black magic is also an option wherein they’d have to sell another’s soul to learn magic.

Occult mods sims 4

Self-configurable autonomy mod

Those who want to give their characters no autonomy can use Scumbumbo’s SCAM. If you already have MCCC, then no need to download this as it’s now a part of Deaderpool’s Master Controller. Your personae can only do those things that you allow them to do.

Self-configurable autonomy mod sims 4

Resorts and hotels

You’ll have to increase your resort skills, though, after becoming an owner. It’s a money-making machine and follows the same foundation as GTW. This mod was a part of Sims 3 as well. These mods definitely add a different twist to the game.

Resorts and hotels sims 4

Education system bundle

It’s an inclusion of all the features in one. Kawaiistacie helps you by providing everything under one roof, such as enrolling your toddlers in pre-school and acquiring more interaction for your school-going children and teens.

You can either do homework or skill-building exercises. Your character’s skills would also increase as they do homework and attend online classes.

Education system bundle

Work from home sims 4 mods

A distinct concept by NoelleBelleFleur wherein she uses all the Base game professions and changes them into Work from Home instead. So now be an astronaut, entertainer, businessman, or athlete from home.

Work from home mods sims 4

Get to work active career aspirations

Active careers in the GTW don’t have any aspirations related to them, so this mod solves that. It adds aspirations for Doctor, Scientist, and Detective. A fun option is the Frankenstein aspiration wherein the scientific inventions are to cause chaos.

Get to work active career aspirations sims 4

Social activities

The concept of rabbit holes is quite frequently used in the game, but what if you can send your characters to meet friends and fulfill their social needs? You can use this sims 4 mod to leave your pet with a sitter or go to a circus or exhibition or on a date. With the First love mod, your kid can visit their crush as well.

Social activities sims 4

Faster eating and drinking

It gets on my nerves how slow the personae eat or drink in the game. So this sims 4 mod fixes that and increases their pace of eating. They’d still chat, but less comparatively.

Faster eating and drinking sims 4

XML injector

As you may know, every game file can only accommodate one mod. But with this modification, updating your mod would become less, and you’d be able to include new features without disturbing the other aspects. Even after Scumbumbo’s death, other modders are updating his modules.

XML injector sims 4

Utility modules

UI cheats extension

You might require cheats for some of the sims 4 mods, and the UI cheats extension by Weerbesu makes it a lot easier to do so. If you right-click on different parts of the game’s interface, you’ll get options like promoting your persona’s career or changing the in-game time, etc. All your cheats are available in your UI without having to learn or look them up every time. It requires frequent updates, though.

UI cheats extension mod
Ui cheats sims 4

MC Command Center

You can’t do away with this exceptional module in the Sims 4 mods. It’d give you immense control over the gameplay and other characters.

You can blacklist their clothing, scan sims to check if they’re pregnant or cause a miscarriage, and so much more. There are many in-game modifications that you can do with this MCCC mod, such as increasing the length of the day.  

MC Command Center
MC Command Center

Some more Best Sims 4 Mods

Here are some other mods for Sims 4 that you can check out.

  1. Hoe it up  
  2. Werewolf mod
  3. Pregnancy
  4. 3d eyelashes
  5. Nraas woohooer
  6. Teleport mod
  7. Polygamy
  8. Master controller
  9. Period mod
  10. Sims 3 resource cfg
  11. MC settings profiler
  12. Nraas master controller
  13. Extreme violence mod
  14. CC packs
  15. No mosaic
  16. Elf ears
  17. HQ mod
  18. Rags to riches
  19. Mod conflict detector
  20. Preschool
  21. CAS full edit
  22. Succubus
  23. Apartment mod
  24. Ministry of labor
  25. Free build cheat
  26. Homeschool mod
  27. Tray importer
  28. Not so berry challenge
  29. Furry mod
  30. Pose player
  31. First love
  32. Multiplayer mod
  33. Faster skills
  34. Heterochromia eyes
  35. Sims 3 sex mods
  36. Sims 4 sex mod
  37. Nude mod
  38. Sims 3 complete collection
  39. Butler mod
  40. Vampire mod
  41. Medieval mods
  42. Unlock all items
  43. Birthday cake
  44. Free real estate
  45. Debug cheat
  46. Off the grid
  47. Reshade
  48. 100 baby challenge
  49. Satisfaction points cheat
  50. Death flower
  51. Royalty mod
  52. Teen pregnancy
  53. Kawaiistacie mods
  54. Sims 4 challenges
  55. School uniforms
  56. Anime mods cc
  57. School mods
  58. How to do homework
  59. Toddler cheats
  60. Family funds cheat
  61. Roommates
  62. Roommate mod
  63. Skill cheat
  64. Body mods
  65. Graphics
  66. Pufferhead
  67. Fertilizer
  68. Ultrasound mod
  69. Broken mods
  70. Cowplant
  71. Sims 2 ultimate collection
  72. Autonomy mod
  73. Stuff packs
  74. Sims 3 skills cheat
  75. Gardening
  76. Book of chaos
  77. Basemental drugs
  78. Miscarriage
  79. Dating app mod
  80. Funeral mod
  81. Pregnancy cheats
  82. Realistic mods
  83. Alpha cc
  84. CC websites
  85. Disney princess challenge
  86. Seasons
  87. Plant sims
  88. Mods folder
  89. Save files
  90. Change work and career outfit
  91. Baby shower
  92. Homeless challenge
  93. Furniture cc
  94. Garage door
  95. Woohoo mods
  96. Clothes mods cc
  97. Drug mod
  98. Restaurant mods
  99. Hair mods cc
  100. Passionate romance
  101. Grafting
  102. Perk points cheat
  103. Fame points cheat
  104. Acting skill
  105. Romance mods
  106. Get famous cheats
  107. First person
  108. Camera controls
  109. Fallout 4 multiplayer
  110. Best Sims 3 worlds
  111. Tea
  112. Career mods
  113. Foster family mod
  114. Adoption
  115. Drama club
  116. Realm of magic cheats spellcaster
  117. Sims household


These are all the updated Sims 4 mods that you can’t afford to miss out. They’ll enrich your gameplay and make it more exciting. Who doesn’t want that? So try out these Sims 4 mod and make your own decision.


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