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Sims 4 Master Controller: Story Progression Mod | Increase Slider range – 2024

Sims 4 Master Controller
Sims 4 Master Controller

What is Sims 4 Master Controller?

This particular mod in Sims 4 Game helps add several options which allows one to perfectly control as well as change anything in the Sims you own in the town. It features a well-spun filter system that allows you to locate the Sims you plan on targeting as well as executing the actions over.

What does the Master Controller Sims 4 do?

The Master Controller Sims 4 houses the capability to increase maximum allowed sliders which is possible in the “Edit in CAS” option. It will allow around 100 sliders for each of the facial panels. Further, there is another setting available for the increase of the overall maximum range for the sliders itself. Search for the “Slider” in this Sims 4 Master Controller mod documentation.  An advanced form of interactions which were previously available with the older phases for base-mod in the recent update has been placed in the optional module. Now, if the user wishes to select any other Sim, he/she needs to use the City Hall or Computer Menu for the same.

Why should you use the Sims 4 Master Controller?

MC Command Center or the Sims 4 Master Controller is a mod created by the user named Deaderpool. It has multiple options saved as multiple modules which tackle multiple functionalities such as pregnancies, adjusting the household bills, as well as the story-progression mechanics. Anything you imagine, this particular mod can easily do the same.

Here are some of the intriguing reasons for you to use the Sims 4 Master Controller.

Time Change

With the help of MC Command Center as the prime mod, you can easily adjust the clock inside the game to function at variable speeds. It’s like eating a cereal bowl which doesn’t actually take you very long time. Plus, you can adjust overall days each Sims character spends during each of his/her life stage which helps alter their lifespan. Tired of the friendships being declined as your Sim character perfects his/her cooking skills? With Sims 4 Master Controller, you can easily slow down the decay process for the relationship or even stop it completely. Further, you can speed up the same for a rather challenging friendship.

Automated Housekeeping

The MC Command Center’s Cleaner Module runs through several processes inside the game while making sure all the loose ends have been tied up. It also ensures that all the married Sims come with their last names synced. This mod also helps remove any particular item at certain times and ensures that annoying items do not appear on the Sims. Further, there are particular settings for changing who a cleaner bypasses such as the family ghosts.

Appearance Maintenance

Do you desire your Sims character to look on fleek all day long for eternity? The sims 4 freeze physique allows you to do that? The CAS module with Sims 4 Master Controller mod can help fine-tune your character’s appearance. Further, you can configure certain body parts such as belly or arms to be set within listed limits. If you want your character to look like a curvy Sims character or fitness fanatics, you can easily set the “Fit” or “Fat” levels. This ensures that the physique of your Sims shall never be modified beyond the set boundaries. When the Sim character ages up, their overall walk styles need to be set to the required change. Additionally, you can control the intensity to which the children shall look like the parents ranging all the way from the look-alikes to completely different looking characters.

Cheaters Prosper

When it comes to the Sims 4 story progression, there is none who has not sought the help of little cheating! The MC Cheats Mod flaunts a chunk of some cool commands for Sims 4 game. You can easily force your Sim to leave their lot, demote/promote a Sim, force abductions, as well as set certain skill levels. Moreover, you can easily change the mood of your Sims’ character to energized, happy, angry, and so on. However, you need to maintain caution with this Sims 4 Mod. This is because choosing to buff at maximum strength can make your Sim so enraged that they might die.

Control Everyone

The MC Command Center allows the control of the NPC Sims. This lets you allow npc sims use of limited commands in a way stating that they were once active Sim character. These commands can be seen in the variation of interactions that were being performed amid 2 Sims. However, not all the interactions are up for use though. However, it is perfect for the time when the Sim is going for great conversation & any NPC chump has been giving them some trouble.

sims 4 increase slider range

If you are in need of a Sims 4 mod that can provide you access to an unlimited range for morphing your Sim’s body or face, the slider range can help you do just that. Whether you are looking forward to increase the shape of your Sims’ character’s waist size or planning to increase the shape of the eyes, this mod lets you do all that with the increase in the slider option. This slider can help you change the shape and size of your sims’ body parts with no end to your creativity. So, use the Sims 4 increase slider range option to create a whole new look for your Sims character.

Sims 4 story progression mod

Take charge of Alien Abductions

With the help of Sims 4 Story Progression Mod, you can easily add a hint of alien mystery. Use the popular MC Occult Module, which helps you obtain control over the interactions specific to the occult. You can also adjust pregnancy chances after an alien abduction as you decide the Sims that can get pregnant and the ones who can’t. Further, you can decide if the resulting babies shall be human, alien, or a hybrid character. You can also allow easy targeting of the helpless NPCs.

Sims 4 Story Progression

The Sims 4 story progression option allows the Sims to march forward in their individual lives in an autonomous manner with no need for the player to control each and every move. The sims 4 Master Controller Pregnancy Module helps create great alternatives while allowing the non-active Sims to be married & birth children in their own consistency. Further, these settings allow you a chance to adjust eligible age for your Sims character. Plus, you get a chance to alter the maximum number of offsprings, allow related characters to get married, and allow a maximum number for the household children.

Sims 4: How to read last exception?

In the Sims game, if the users have the MCCC, they will notice the orange form of notification for last exception. If the users do not use the MCCC and there is something that is odd with your game, look through the /Sims4 pathway & locate the lastException.txt file.

Sometimes, these Les can actually be caused by the core errors. A proper way to fix the same is avoiding them at all costs. Change in the location of the item or use of any different item can help depending upon what the error is. Deleting your localthumbcache.package can also help fix these errors. ts4 master controller

What is Nraas Sims 4?

Sims 4 Nraas is mod created by the Nraas Industries under the guidance of Twallan. The Nraas Suite comes with multiple mods designed for Sims 4 which includes the mods such as StoryProgression, MasterController, as well as Overwatch. The Nraas mods are designed to be installed as an independent variant. They can be installed in a single go, one at a time, or any combination of both. Some of the Nraas mods come with optional modules that require respective mods to be properly installed.

Twallan has retired from the process of updating the mods created by him. Post his restirement, other members from the community of Nraas master controller mod have been working on the continual update of the mods.

From casual Sims 4 fans to hardcore time investors, the MC Command Center Mod helps add a sense of control over the story progression with many added factorials that keep the users engaged and tackle multiple functionalities in one go.

Click here For MC Command Center

How to Download the MasterController Sims 4?

In order to download the controller mod for your Sims 4 game, you need to visit the official website for MCCC. After you have reached the page, things might start looking a bit complicated with so many mod types available for you to download individually like the pregnancy mod, cleaner mod, population mod, and so on.

You can either go with a single master controller Sims 4 download mod that you want to be featured within your game, or you can go with the file that has been marked MC Command Center_All Modules option. After you have downloaded the file, you need to open the same with a zip file opener like Winrar or similar tools. Now extract all the files to the Sims 4 Folder’s Mod Section.

Once you are done placing the files, open your game to check whether your script mods along with custom mods are enabled properly to run the mc command center sims 4 master controller mod. This is definitely an amazing mod!

How to enable Custom Content with MC Master Controller Sims 4?

Unless you have the custom content part enabled in your game, none of the above mentioned features will work properly. In order to enable the MC Master Controller TS4 Custom Content, you need to click on the game options button. Now go all the way down in the menu and select the “Other” option. Here you will see a check-box for enabling the custom content in the game. Once you are done with it, you can easily enjoy your favourite custom content within the game.

However, make sure you hit the apply changes button to confirm your selection. Plus, you need to restart the game for the changes to take effect. So if you start playing the game without opting for the restart option, you might not see the custom content working. So, the key is to restart and see the changes happen.

How to use master controller Sims 4?

The Sims 4 story progression mod is a part of the sims 4 master controller that allows for normal progression of the game making it believable and close to real-life scenarios. It includes elements such as pregnancy, Risky Woohoo (explicit mods), making enemies, having children, getting married, get promotions, and so on.

In order to use the mc command center master controller mod with the story progression mod, you need to make sure that the mod files are present in a separate folder as opposed to being merged together. Then, you can easily control things.

Sims 3 Slider: How to increase or decrease?

The Sims 3 Slider is basically a mod in the game that allows you to have a more detailed sims character. Plus, it also allows your Sims character to have finely detailed body parts.

In order to use the slider for Sims 3, you need to first download from the master link of the slider. Here you will get several slider options and as per your preference, you can download each of these sliders separately.

There are sliders available for the Sims characters and the pets as well. Download the .rar file.

Now follow this pathway:

Documents/EA (Electronic Arts)/ Sims 3/Mods

Now, extract the files to a folder created by you in the Mods folder. Keep in mind that you should never merge the contents of two folders that are present within the Mods folder. This is because there have been several complaints of users experiencing issues due to the same.

Now, in order to use or opt for sims 3 increase slider limit, you need to download the official Nraas. You do not need to complete mod, just the basic one. Now, extract the file and place it within your game folder to get Sims 4 increase slider range feature.

With the use of Nraas Sims 4, you can set the slider to a higher limit depending on your needs.

Nraas Sims 4

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