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Sims 4 Disney Princess Challenge | Rules – (2024)

Sims 4 Disney Princess Challenge
Disney Princess Challenge

A magical wave swept over the modders’ community, and they decided to create a reworked version of the classic Disney princesses like snow white, Cinderella, Moana, etc. 

With the sims 4 Disney princess challenge, your sims would get to live life like a princess and reach their outcome of a happily ever after, or they could change the course of the story altogether. Whatever you decide, it will be an enchanting ride into the magical universe of TS4.

Disney princess challenge sims 4

We’ve always dreamt of having a life like a fairytale or living like a princess. While we may never get to live like a princess, our sims don’t have to be devoid of this feeling!

With this Disney legacy challenge, your sims can live a charmed life like a princess, be it Cinderella or Moana; you can choose whatever your heart desires. You will also have a command over the narrative, either the classic version or a reimagined version, where you are the author of your fairytale.

Sims 4 Disney Princess Challenge
Sims 4 Disney Princess Challenge

Sims 4 Disney princess challenge rules

Before you begin with the sims 4 princess challenge, here are some rules that you should know:

  • After a few challenges, they will ask you to choose gender-specific heir/heiresses. All can change this based on whether they are playing patriarchy or matriarchy.
  • The rules and regulations of the “ldshadowlady” S4 Disney princess challenge are similar to the ten Generation Legacy, with only a few distinctions.
  • Simmers with an expansion pack can include it in the challengers in whichever way they like, and EPS at the end of every generation mentioned below would render some great ideas.

Generation 1: Snow white

Your story in this disney princess challenge would start by being the humble snow white. So, create a teen, Snow White. Then, include her evil stepmother, but this isn’t mandatory (but what’s snow-white without her wicked stepmother.) When snow white would become an adult, the story shall begin.


  • Your snow white must be a female sim in this sims 4 disney princess challenge.
  • Ensure that you have seven children in snow white’s home that represent the seven dwarfs.
  • Each child should possess an evil trait-like Gloomy and Glutton.
  • The children must have the same baby dad.
  • The dwarves shall achieve something like – reaching level 5 in a toddler skill, level 3 in all toddler skills, finishing their childhood aspiration, or have an A grade in school.
  • Finally, snow-white shall be alert at all times and shouldn’t answer the door to strangers or talk to older women.

EPS: Parenthood

All children must grow up with at least one positive characteristic. This number can be raised if you want more challenges.

Generation 2: Cinderella

The only name that pops up in everybody’s mind when talking about Disney princesses is Cinderella, so this is it. You will get a chance to live her early life. Despite having a house full of siblings, it’s your Sim that would have to do all the cooking and cleaning, and nobody would be there to share the load with her. Your Cinderella life will begin when this beauty becomes a teen.

The requirements:

  • Cinderella shall possess both the Neat and Foodie trait.
  • You should clean the house every day and cook every meal in the house.
  • Your household shouldn’t have more than three kids.
  • Cinderella wouldn’t get married until her mother dies, although it’s not required that death comes from natural causes. And you can’t use cheats as well.

Generation 3: Tiana

Tiana’s story is all about working hard and creating a life she can be proud of. However, she will have obstacles in her way. Tiana will lose her father at a very young age which will only fuel her desire to make everything right. Once Tiana transforms into a Young Adult, your story would begin.


  • Tiana should have the Ambitious trait.
  • Her father should die before she becomes an Adult.
  • She shall carry the food aspiration.
  • For her love story with a humanoid frog, she must marry a sim with some green feature in his physical appearance, removal of which could not be possible. It can be anything like green hair, eyes, or skin.

EPS: Dine out – Tiana will be a restaurant owner and run it as well.

Generation 4: Aurora

Things will take a dramatic turn in this disney event. You will go from the Disney Princess, who is all about working hard, to one who has lived a ritz and never had to lift even a finger. Aurora’s mother did all the work, so now she owns everything she could ask for. This character, like the others, is ready to find love, but her overprotective and sensitive father is standing in the way of it.


  • Aurora of disney should be portrayed as a lazy girl.
  • Her friend circle shall only consist of 3 people. Family members could be counted as friends too.
  • All of her relationships need to be in hiding, not known by anybody. She can meet her soulmate in the nighttime only. Once she finds a perfect suitor, it’d be time for her to elope and marry him in secrecy.
  • Aurora is allowed to give birth to only two kids. It is advised to have two twin girls, but it is not mandatory.

Generation 5: Anna

While most sims worry about their relationships with their soulmate, anna only worries about her bond with her sister. While she spent a lot of time with her as a young child, things have now changed. Anna’s sister has locked her, but she has no idea why. This story will kick off while Anna is still a child.


  • Anna can contact her sibling only after she becomes a young adult.
  • Anna should only fall in love with a criminal.
  • Since she is bonded with a criminal, she would have treacherous experiences because of her lover.
  • Anna’s relationship with her sister will fix after she becomes her best friend.
  • Once her relationship with settles, she can fall in love with another character.
  • Anna can get married and have only one kid.

Generation 6: Rapunzel

Rapunzel shares an odd relationship with her mother in the disney world. This character’s mother has serious trust issues with the “outside world” and keeps her hidden in a corona tower. Rapunzel has been alone, but her desire for love didn’t let her stay in solitude. This story begins when Rapunzel is a teen.


  • She should have the lonely and art lover attributes.
  • Rapunzel must acquire level 8 painting skills before turning into an adult.
  • Rapunzel shall leave the tower only to attend school.
  • She isn’t allowed to have any friends since she is locked up the whole time until a turn comes and her love story begins.
  • She should elope with her lover.

EPS: Parenthood – Since Rapunzel’s parent is thick-headed and strict; she sneaks out past curfew.

Generation 7: Belle

This simmer is all about inner beauty, even though she is quite the looker herself. Belle isn’t somebody who chases looks but loves a good book and spends much of her time in the library. While other players in this challenge couldn’t seem to seek love, this girl has been turning suitors away left and right. The story will begin when Belle turns into a young adult.


  • The portrayal of Belle from disney as a bookworm is a necessity.
  • Belle doesn’t believe in love at first sight; hence she needs to date at least five sims.
  • She should fall in love with a nasty-looking player since looks don’t matter for her.
  • Once she marries the ugly Sim and gives birth to her first child, he would get a makeover and transform into his original handsome self.

EPS: Get to work – Being an alien, her husband is different.

Generation 8: Mulan

This character is dealing with a heart-rending reality that simply being who she is might not be enough for the world. Mulan has loads of expectations to live up to. Rather than focusing on marrying someone with status, as your parents want, this simmer seeks to step out on their own and make their path in life. Once Mulan is a teen, this story will start.


  • This Sim must possess the Active trait.
  • Mulan has to be an Astronaut.
  • Once you start your career, find a co-worker to fall in love with.
  • She is an Astronaut, and you find genuine love. It’s time to ring the wedding bells and start a family.

EPS: Get famous – Mulan is renowned due to her achievements.

Generation 9: Jasmine

You hated being a rich brat and living like a princess. You find solace in Raja and nowhere else. All your father yearns is for you to marry a rich boy, but you want to live a life without riches. When Jasmine becomes a teen, this disney story begins.


  • Jasmine needs to get a best friend named Raja.
  • Please do not leave the house unless it is for going to school.
  • Only marry a poor street rat.
  • The lover should be on the criminal path.
  • Jasmine should conceive only four kids.

EPS: Cats and Dogs – Raja shall be a pet and reach companions while children.

Generation 10: Merida

Your character always wondered why her mother gave up her riches for a poor lad. The adventures you plunge into a lead you in more trouble, and you are nearly always grounded. When Merida turns a teenager, the story shall begin.

Requirements –

  • The self-assured attribute must be present in this player.
  • Merida’s sisters, brothers, and mother should lose their lives in a tragic accident.
  • She needs to search for a way to change the past but eventually fail at it.
  • Merida will then believe that she is cursed; for this reason, she never gets married.
  • She grows up alone and miserable with regrets.

Other generations for Sims 3 Disney princess challenge:

Generation: Ariel

You’ve always admired the water and dreamt of becoming a mermaid. Unfortunately, this never turned out to be accurate, but you did stumble into the man of your dreams, and that was as good as ever. The tale would start when Ariel turns into a teenage version of herself.


  • She should acquire a water-related trait.
  • A pool is a necessity since Ariel needs to go to learn swimming every day.
  • Now, to fall in love, a player with even one similar feature as her can be a great match.
  • Lastly, take the wedding vows and have children.

EPS: Island living – adjust the regulations to fit the EP, as Ariel is a mermaid.

Generation: Pocahontas

You both come from entirely different worlds, yet you can’t meet the love of your life as your family forbids him. When Pocahontas transforms into a teenager, this tale begins.


  • Fall in love with an eccentric and outlandish sim with blue or green skin, something the society wouldn’t consider normal.
  • Elope with him and get married.
  • Domesticate four kids.

EPS: Vampires – Pocahontas can even fall in love with a Vampire!

Generation: Elsa

Your parents were always skeptical about where your powers came from. You were the silent type after the accident. All you needed was to be alone, unable to harm anyone. Wait for Elsa to become a teen, and the story will then start.


  • Elsa needs to inhabit the lonely attribute.
  • She can talk to her siblings only after being a young adult.
  • This player should have a different aspect to her.
  • She must escape from home during adolescence. However, her sister can bring her back if the narrator wishes to.
  • Elsa never takes the wedding vows but carries one child by accident.

Generation: Moana

You were born to rule others, an heiress. But you wish to explore and see the world. Moana knows her choices make her who she is and yet hopes that they will show you the world one day. The real story starts in her teenage version.


  • Her main attribute is ‘loves the outdoors.’
  • Moana will aspire to be a curator.
  • She must share a close relationship with her grandma, who dies before turning into a young adult.
  • Moana must run away as far as she can from home and become a best friend to Maul.
  • Finally, Moana marries and gives birth to a child.

EPS: Jungle adventure – On Moana’s journey to find a new home, she must explore Selvadorada.

Note: If after any gen you wish to end the challenge, or not have kids. It will be entirely up to you.


The sims 4 Disney princess challenge is a fantastic way to add some magic into your virtual world. Everybody has yearned to have a fairytale, and this is your sims’ chance to live one! However, this game accommodates every theme, so you can also go for the homeless challenge.

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