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Sims 4 Mod

Sims 4 Adoption Mod | Put Child Up – Download (2024)

Sims 4 Adoption Mod
Adoption Mod

Simmers can introduce the concept of adoption in TS4 and give their sims a taste of realism with the Sims 4 adoption mod. This modification will allow them to register themselves at the LMS foster family network and eventually adopt an innocent soul.

How does the TS4 adoption mod work?

The module works in the following way:

  • The Foster Family Pie Menu will render you the opportunity to raise the Kid/Pet.
  • If a family is looking for adoption, you will receive a notification (simmers can manually check the notifications via Phone Menu too.)
  • Then, your Sim will see the other Sim who is looking to adopt; you can invite them to come over and meet you.
  • If you do, the other character will hover on your area and converse with you.
  • They will also have the FF Pie Menu, where you’ll discover the following three Interplays:
  • “Ask about the living situation” – It will show a Menu with the picture of the characters the Sim resides with.
  • “Complete Adoption for…” – This will present a “Sim-picker Menu” where simmers can pick the Pet/Kid that the NPC can foster. These Kids/Pets will be added to the Adoptive Families house.
  • “Introduce Foster Kids/Pets” – This permits you to advance the foster child or pet to a possible adoptive family. They will then caress the fostered pet or love the child.

There’s another interaction TS4 included in the adoption mod given on the Foster Fam Pie Menu in adopted Kids/Pets, which is called – “Check the Foster Family Network for potential applicants of an adoption.” This will permit you to manually choose a character from potential adoptive families, who’ll then spawn on your Lot.

Note: Make sure your household has enough space to carry your adoptee kid/pet.

Other adoption mods

Adopt in poverty

Don’t let less money steal your chances of adopting a cute pet or kid. This is what this module does; it enables you to foster even when you’re low on money.

Same-day adoption service

Just as the name suggests, this module lets you call the child home on the same day when you file your request via the social worker.

Adoption service enabled for teens

with this modification even, teens can foster kids and pets via social worker. Incredible, isn’t it? They won’t have to wait for adulthood.

Teen and gender preference hack

This cc will let you bring home teenagers, toddlers, and kids of any gender that you choose.

Sims 4 put baby up for adoption

With this module, when sims call the adoption agency with at least one character younger than the teen living with them, a dialog box will appear asking if they wish to adopt a child or put the child up for adoption. If they say they want to give up the child, a social worker will come and take back the kid (s).

Memory module

This gives kids custom adoption memories and lets their parents confess to their kids about their adoption if they don’t have even the slightest recollection of coming to their home. Now, the outcome of the kid finding out will depend on their relationship with that parent.

If they are on good terms, the kid will lose 3 STR and 1 LTR towards that parent, and the parent will lose 2 STR and 1 LTR towards that child. However, if they are not on good terms, the kid will lose 12 STR and 5 LTR, while the parent will lose 10 STR and 5 LTR. After knowing the truth, that kid will get upset and angry – “found out I had been adopted” memory.


The Sims 4 adoption mod is an excellent choice for anybody who loves children and wants to feel like adopting a soul. So, install these amazing mods and have fun simming!

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