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Sims 3 Aliens – Alien Abduction Mod (2024) – Download (updated)

Sims 3 Aliens

The creators of the sims are always looking to expand and make the game more riveting for its users. Now, they’ve come up with the sims 3 aliens that are a part of TS3 seasons and have a lot to offer.

You can call them on your planet, befriend them, have kids with them, or get kidnapped by them! They also have a bunch of superpowers that you might find impressive.

So, keep reading till the end to know-it-all!

Aliens in sims 3: An overview

First of all, extraterrestrials are not a part of the base game. So, to have them as a part of your game, you’ll first need to install the seasons expansion pack.

In most of their interactions, aliens are just like normal sims; You can form a friendship with them, make babies with them, call them at your place, and have a bit of fun. But there are some interesting characteristics of these creatures of the unknown, these are:

  • Appearance: These are a bit strange-looking creatures that have a green skin tone, eyes whose insides look a bit galactic, and hairstyles that change with every outfit. Other than this, they pretty much look like an ordinary sim.
  • Interactions and Powers: With the extraterrestrials come a plethora of exciting features and powers. Some of these are:

The Galaxa space car

Along with the aliens comes a technological marvel, a spaceship! These creatures use this space car to travel to almost every location in the nick of time. They can also upgrade it into two newer versions; however, each of them would require level 7 in handiness trait (all aliens naturally possess this.) Now, one of the upgrades would lace the spacecraft with laser cannons which you and your alien can use to get a happy moodlet by investigating other sims’ lots. The second one would render you a “silly travel” interaction that can be used to visit any of these three places – The Moon, Asteroid Belt, or The Planet Sixon. Visiting these places will further give you exciting rewards!

The Galaxa space car

Alien brain power

Instead of energy motive, the extraterrestrials have got the “brainpower.” They can quickly restore it with the “restore brainpower” option, which presents itself when you click on an alien. Another way to regain it is by devouring a bunch of space rocks. Now, this brainpower will take 5 hours to get restored and won’t give them a rejuvenated moodlet (tug them into bed to get it.)

Repair objects

These amazing creatures don’t need the handiness skill to mend objects. All they need is their brainpower!

Bio boost and drain

This is an interesting interaction that aliens can opt for when they want to suck the social, hygiene, and fun motives out of a sim to themselves. This will give sim instant one-third fill in all the three aforementioned motives. Now, this is known as “bio-drain.” They can also do the opposite and transfer these motives to recharge another sim. This is known as “bio-boost.”

Transmute object

The extraterrestrials have another great ability that can be used to make a hefty amount of money – transmuting objects! Through this interaction, aliens can transmute any element/metal into a metal of higher value. However, there’s a catch – the mood of the alien can aid or hinder this process. In addition, elements with an original value of under 100 simoleons have only a 5 percent chance of failure, while those above 500 have a whooping 30 percent chance of failure.

Scan and probe sims

Aliens can analyze and scan other sims’ personalities to get to know them instantly. Furthermore, they can also pull a prank on them by scaring them with a probe (this will probably end up making the sim laugh!)

Summon meteor

If you have the sims 3 ambitious EP, then you can make your extraterrestrials call for a random meteor shower in the neighborhood. When this happens, the alien will know prior and can make use of this opportunity to collect some space rocks.

Stealing space rocks

Don’t worry if you do not have the ambitious pack installed; you can still go on clicking at the science lab between 8 pm to 6 am and steal a bunch of space rocks.

Sell alien secrets

Your extraterrestrial mate can sell all he knows about his species at the military base and earn up to 2000 simoleons. You can opt for this interaction from 6 am to 8 pm.

How to make the alien visit your lot?

Aliens visit your planet between 12 am to 3 am. They will explore the lot or interact with sims for an hour or two and return to their planet. These visits are not like abductions because here, the sims and aliens can socialize, befriend them and form a connection with them.

The chances of an alien visit for a sim is 5 percent. However, this can be increased further if you steal around five space rocks and keep them in your household. This will increase the percentage to 15! Furthermore, make friends with the extraterrestrials, then the possibility of them visiting your lot increases at a significant rate plus. You’ll also get the provision of calling them via your phone to tell them to see you.

If an alien doesn’t visit your lot even after getting space rocks, then 20 percent chances are that they’ll explore another neighborhood and leave a trail of space rocks behind.

Lastly, if you manage to befriend an alien, you can ask them to move into your lot permanently. Now, they will come with many perks, including their mechanical marvel – Galaxa space car!

How to make the alien visit your lo

Sims 3 alien abduction

A very peculiar phenomenon that happens when aliens start to enter your world is alien abduction.

Now, aliens most often will only visit your planet for abduction rather than a simple visit. They will come between 12 pm to 4 am and will kidnap a sim by hovering in their spaceships and gulping them inside. When this initiates, you’ll see your sim moving in their yard to “investigate the mysterious anomaly,” and they’ll leave all the tasks behind to follow UFO’s light.

This event, however, is harmless. All that the extraterrestrials will do when they kidnap your sim is, experiment on them for few hours and leave them back to the place that they found him. In addition to this, your sim will get an unpleasant “abducted moodlet” for twelve hours, and if he’s a male sim, then there’s a 33 percent chance that he might get impregnated!

Here’s an alien cheat to make your male sim get pregnant:

  • Save the game when your male sim gets the abducted moodlet.
  • Reload until the sim gets the “unexpected weight gain moodlet.”
Sims 3 alien abduction

How to get abducted?

Now, there’s only a 2 percent base chance for your sim to be a part of the alien abduction sims 3. Fortunately, there are certain things that your sim can do to increase these chances. These are:

  • Keep your sim awake between 12 am to 4 am since this is the time that the abduction is most likely to occur. Along with this, make him stay in the backyard, which further raises the possibility of getting kidnapped.
  • Start utilizing a telescope that can be bought in the buy mode to “stargaze” or “look through the space.” If your sim has a level 7 in logic, then he can use this to “search galaxy” and increase the odds of getting kidnapped by the aliens.
  • Start collecting space rocks to elevate your chances of abduction further as aliens are naturally attracted to them. Now, you can find them by looking for them on the ground, or if you have the cats & dogs EP, then your dogs can search and get you a few.

Sims 3 alien baby and pregnancy

As mentioned earlier, male sims who get abducted have a 33 percent chance of coming back with a tiny baby bump! This baby will be an aliens’ baby and will be born in 48 game hours or so. In those 48 hours, your male sim will go through the same emotions and weight gain as a pregnant female sim.

After you birth the child, you can choose to keep it or send it back to its homeworld. But if you decide to raise it in your world, then they will be grown up to be a kid with all alien powers and appearance. Their abilities, however, will manifest after they reach a particular life stage.

Another note is that alien sims and human sims can also “woohoo” and “try for baby” to have a hybrid child who’ll be part alien and part-human! The kid will also have some of the special powers, but not all. Furthermore, supernatural species like werewolves and vampires too can mate with the alien to have a unique child with super unique abilities!

Sims 3 alien baby and pregnancy

Sims 3 alien cheat

You can get the Galaxa space car using the buy debug cheat after turning testingcheats on.


What to do if your male sim doesn’t get pregnant after the abduction?

If your male sim doesn’t get pregnant, you should first wait it out and then set him up for another abduction.

Can you have more than one alien baby?

Yes, you can have more than one extraterrestrial child if you have the fertility treatment in lifetime rewards.


If you have the Seasons expansion pack, interacting with the sims 3 aliens will make your gameplay extremely rivetting! From making bonds with them, getting abducted to bearing their child, there won’t be a dull moment around these extraterrestrial creatures.

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