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Sims 3 Resource.cfg | Download (Updated) 2024

Sims 3 Resource.cfg
Sims 3 Resource Cfg

Sims 3 resource.cfg is a specific document type responsible for all your features and backdrops. These refer to the .package files, and you need to download it.  The function this performs in the game is equally essential.

What is Resource.cfg Sims 3

This cfg file is located in your installation folder and after downloading it, place it in the Mods folder (My Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/Mods). It wouldn’t overwrite anything and enables the program to interpret .package files from the Mods document created.

Sims 3 Resource.cfg | Download (Updated)

How do I install Resource CFG Sims 3?

To install the Resource.cfg симс 3, the Tumblr pages are your best bet in 2022. Install the text from there with these steps –

  • Extract the .rar components from the downloaded files on to your desktop.
  • Open the browse directories.
  • Navigate to your drive & folder where you have the saved texts.
  • Create a new modules folder.
  • Take the Sims 3 config file from the desktop or wherever you’ve placed it and store it in this new location.

How to edit Sims 3 mod resource cfg file

The MC command center by deaderpool allows you to have a maximum of 5 level deep sub-categories in your mods folder.

An example to explain the cfg mod better is as follows,

  • Mods/Hair
  • Mods/Hack
  • Mods/Hair/Rose
  • Mods/Hair/Peggy
  • Mods/Hair/MTS

If the sub-divisions exceed this limit, the program won’t load it. You should edit the sub-classes if you want to add more, but try sticking to the instructions. Your game might get overworked if you add more and would take more time to start up.

To edit these categories,

  • Select the particular file and right-click on it.
  • Click on the Open file option.
  • Choose the Notepad option.

You’d come across something like this –

  • Priority 500
  • PackedFile.package PackedFile/.package PackedFile//.package
  • PackedFile///.package
  • PackedFile////*.package
  • PackedFile */////*.package

It is a coding of which you can keep adding several rows of and increase the number of sub-divisions.

Sims 3 package files

The .package files are also a part of your modifications folder. The game functions efficiently due to the presence of these cfg files. But you need both .package and resource.cfg files to have the full experience.

Your program should be set in a way that it accepts custom content without any issues before you input the .package file. If the game is updated to 1.12 or above, you will encounter no problems.

Installation of Sims 3 framework

Now, when you’ll download the sims 3 resource files, you need to know what you can expect in the installed file.

This folder consists of sub-folders such as DCCache, DCBackup, Saves, InstalledWorlds, etc. To install such texts, follow the directions.

  • Go to the “Sims 3” folder under the “My Documents” section. Your main system drive wouldn’t contain the same. The Sims 4 package files are also installed similarly.  

Where do I put my Sims 3 package files?

Windows XP:

Go along with this – C:/Documents and then Settings\\My Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3

 Mac OS:

Use this – /Users//Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/

Windows Vista/7:

Follow this – C:\Users\\Documents\EA (Electronic Arts\The Sims 3

Download the to arrange all the necessary things for the CC easily. Save the downloaded file in Documents\EA\The Sims 3\ Mods folder. Retrieve this framework afterwards and install it in the module documentation.

By now, your mods case should contain Packages, Overrides, and resource.cfg.

Click on the packages folder to open the same.

Checking the installation of your Sims 3 resource cfg

Two files are essential when examining if the files were correctly downloaded, nointro.package and NoBuildSparkles.package

If your nointro.package is functioning smoothly, the introduction of the game would be skipped by the EA, whereas if the NoBuildSparkles.package is working correctly, no sparkles would appear on the screen. These two to function effectively.


How do I add mods to Sims 3?

To add mods to Sims 3, navigate to Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 3 > Mods > Packages. Keep in mind to install one mod at a time, especially the core ones, which modify your game’s functioning.

How do I turn packages into Sims 3?

To turn packages into Sims 3, copy all the Sims3pack files you wish to convert into a folder. The tool converts all the files in this folder automatically.

Why are my Sims 3 mods not working?

If your Sims 3 mods aren’t working, then bring them to the desktop from Documents\Electronic Arts. Create a new folder using the launcher, download new copies of the mods framework, unzip them and store them in the new folder. Delete the scriptCache as well.

Where can I download Resource CFG for Sims 3?

You can visit the official site of Tumblr to install resource CFG for Sims 3. It contains a list of all the CCs and critical files that are essential for the game’s functioning.


The Sims 3 resource.cfg is an essential format for you to have in your program. Therefore, it’s beneficial if you learn the technique of acquiring it.

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