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With Mc Command Center, you can download several mod specifications for the game. Our download page contains crucial information with regards to various utilities that aren’t generally available over other websites. We cover almost every latest update available for download for the Sims 4 Mc Command Center or the MCCC. You can either download the modules separately or in a zip file with all the latest modinclusions.

List Of Mc command Center

The creator for Sims 4 Mc Command Center brings all new and latest versions for the game mod. When utilizing the Mc Command Center, it is necessary that you update the module with latest version to enjoy the best features added to the existing module. 

MC Woohoo 6.6.2

MC Command Center 6.6.2

MC Woohoo 6.6.0

MC Command Center 6.6.0

MC Command Center 6.5.0

MC Woohoo 6.5.0

MC Command Center 6.4.0

MC Woohoo 6.4.0

MC Command Center 6.3.0

MC Woohoo 6.3.0

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What is the MCCC?

In simple terms, the MC Command Center can be termed as the mod that tends to add the element of story progression while disabling culling. Basically, it allows you a chance to tweak different settings inside the game.

How can I download MCCC for Sims 4?

In order to download the MCCC for Sims 4, you can visit the tumblr website of its maker Dreaderpool by following this link

  • The first thing you need to do is to download the iZip Archiver right from the official App store. This application is free & it is used for unzipping the .rar and .zip folders. Be assured that it isn’t going to feed any viruses into your system.
  • Now, download the MCCC mod
  • Open the Sims 4 Mods section by following the pathway—Electronic Arts-> The Sims 4-> Mods in Separate Window/Finder Tab.
  • Next, you either need to double click over the MCCC file or open the iZip & click open in order to select the said file.
  • Once you have opened the file, you need to copy as well as paste the content of the files directly to the Mods folder. Remember not to delete your Resource.cfg file. This allows your cc/mods to work.
  • Now close all this and open the Sims game. Make sure the “Enable Script Mods” feature is on.
  • Next, load up your household & it needs to have the notification that says “Welcome to MC Command Center Version X”.

What is the MC Woohoo?

Just like the Mc Command Center, the Mc Woohoo is another useful mod for the Sims players who are in need for a rather dramatic gameplay. In simple terms, it is an extension for the MC Command Center created by Deaderpool.  Apart from that, you can also turn on the “Risky Woohoo” option. This option allows you a chance to Woohoo normally while increasing your chance to get pregnant.

Has the MC Command Center Been Updated?

The MC Command Center is updated on a regular basis to be used with the Sims 4 game. The creator of the mod, Deaderpool has already issued several updates for the hot fix for MC Command Center.

What do you get with the MCCC for Sims 4 Game?

  • When you visit the official website by deaderpool, you get options such as:
  • The menu for MCCC Downloads shall display all the supported PRs of the MCCC as well as links in order to download mods for the required versions.
  • The official documentation menu comes with the overview page that lists some of the overall information with regards to the MCCC as well as its modules. It can be the perfect place to hunt if you are looking for high-level mod information.
  • Apart from that, the official website’s search menu comprises options that help you search all the required settings for the MCCC or similar commands.
  • Other options in the download menu consist of information about different utilities. These utilities shall be the .Net options meant for the Windows users.
  • The website’s Help menu houses instructions for proper installation, document troubleshooting along with FAQs.

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