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Fallout 4 Moveto Player | Dogmeat Prid & Command (Latest) 2022

Fallout 4 Moveto Player

You can use Console instructions to install and delete items. Thus it’s no wonder that you can use them to relocate NPCs. This article will tell you where to relocate an NPC to your avatar using the Fallout 4 MoveTo player function (or teleport your character to the NPC).

To use console moveto commands, you must first understand how to access and operate the Fallout 4 console. You can access the terminal by typing (tilde) or'(grave) on your computer. Type instructions into the message field and press the ENTER button on your computer to submit them. If you need extra support accessing and utilizing the console, visit our console user guide.

Several times in Fallout 4, the teammate’s buddy is nowhere to be placed. I once located myself in a difficult circumstance when I needed the assistance of Dogmeat, although he was unable to be discovered. Fortunately, there is a method to regain them, and the article below will show you how to do so for Dogmeat, Piper id, and other missing companions.

Fallout 4 companions console commands

  • Dogmeat 0001D162
  • Piper fallout 4 id 00002f1f
  • Cait 00079305
  • Strong 0003f2bb
  • Gravey 0001a4d7
  • Codsworth 0001ca7d
  • Valenine 0002f25
  • Deacon 00050976
  • Curie 00102249
  • Hancock 00022615
  • Danse 0005de4d

Simply enter the preceding command into the console to reclaim your buddies:

Fallout 4 Moveto Player
Fallout 4 Moveto Player

The procedures for Dogmeat will be as follows

  • You can use The TILDE key () to display the dashboard.
  • DOGMEAT PRID : “prid 001d162” should be typed in.
  • Enter “movetoplayer” in the search box.
  • To exit the console, click TILDE () once more.
  • That concludes the discussion for the dogmeat code.

Piper’s actions will be as follows

  • You can use the TILDE key () to display the interface.
  • “prid 00002f1f” should be typed in.
  • Enter “movetoplayer” in the search box.
  • To exit the panel, click TILDE () once more.
  • That concludes the discussion for spawn piper.

How to Teleport an NPC to Your Character

To transfer an NPC on your display to your avatar, simply pick the NPC to decide as a destination (while the terminal is active) and then type the accompanying code:


If the NPC isn’t visible (i.e., you can’t click it), you’ll want to know the NPC’s identification ID. When you pick an NPC as a destination, the referral ID appears as a snippet of information in parentheses. Let’s assume the referral ID of the NPC you wish to transfer to your protagonist is ff0030b2; you’d use that referencing ID to precede the moveto player fallout 4.

movetoplayer ff0030b2.

To relocate an NPC with a different referral ID to your avatar, simply replace “ff0030b2” with the post-Code of the chosen NPC.

How to Teleport Your Character to an NPC

You can use the very same instruction (the MoveTo command) to transport your avatar to an NPC in fallout 4 moveto player; the parameters are simply swapped. You must first obtain the referral ID of the NPC to which you wish to relocate. You can do it by right-clicking on the NPC while the terminal is active; the NPC’s referencing ID will display in parentheses overhead. All you have to do now is substitute [Reference ID] with the referral ID of the NPC you wish to transfer your avatar to in the following instructions:

[Reference ID] player.moveto

The terminal instruction might appear similar to this if the identification ID of the NPC you wished to transfer to was ff0030b2:

ff0030b2 player.moveto

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