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Fallout 4 Looksmenu | Fo4 – Download (2023)

Fallout 4 Looksmenu

Improves avatar development by modifying the technology. The LooksMenu function in the Fallout 4 looksmenu is similar to RaceMenu in that graphics apply to the torso. Rather than adjusting the patterns individually, you can change the overlay’s general substance. You can use a BGSM or a BGEM substance file as a destination.

It would help if you remember that alpha mixing is not permitted with BGSM elements (BGEM does). If the material employs a BGSM and labels for Skin Tint, recoloring the underlay is possible; however, recoloring is unavailable via the Ui.


  • firstly, the functionality is substantially longer, enabling you to view more elements simultaneously.
  • You can choose facial characteristics, rather than picking the distinct facial features, aka desired portion by title in looksmenu fallout 4.
  • It is now possible to save and reload configurations.
  • If correctly created, you can use CBBE Bodyslide Sliders in-gameplay.
  • To clarify, BodyGen can produce NPC bodily forms at arbitrary.
  • Supersedes for the hair hue are possible (for more hair colors)
  • You can add Cladding on top of a structure that already exists.
  • You can replace Face with a different set of colors or models.
  • Lastly, The game uses HSV to colorize Face and cosmetics.
Fallout 4 Looksmenu | Fo4
fallout 4 looksmenu

Skin Override

You can overwrite this capability lets an Actor/skin ActorBase’s Type be different; for further information, see the attached Demo Body Replacement.


Moreover, to clarify, this function is comparable to RaceMenu’s, which allows you to apply colors to the torso. Rather than changing the patterns separately, it will modify the overlay’s overall substance. You can utilize either a BGSM or a BGEM substance document as a destination. Alpha mixing does not support BGSM components (BGEM does) however, It is feasible to colorize the overlaying if the material uses a BGSM and is tagged for Body Tint, although recoloring is accessible through the Ui.

As a result, shifting is a major update in fallout 4 nexus LooksMenu overlaying that allows you to change the UV mapping of the bodies for the overlaid so that it can be positioned wherever you like. The skew and size concern the object’s specified parameters. It implies that if you change the pitch or size on a top, the layer will contribute to the current distance and double the current scope.

Moreover, To learn how to make toppings, look at the demo supplied in the additional information processing.

An overlay’s “id” must be distinctive; this is the Script API’s unique identifier, which is comparable to “template.”

The “transformable” attribute controls whether or not an overlaying can be translated and scaled (Full body may not make sense to transform). When selecting a design in the UI, You can use the “playable” attribute to conceal the theme. You can add Layers to numerous positions simultaneously, spanning both the chest (slot 3) and the forearms (slot 4). (slot 4)

Installation Fo4 Looksmenu


Bodily Morphing is an in-game version of Bodyslide specific to a single NPC. To create hybrids, you must currently have Bodyslide installed. Choose the “CBBE Zeroed Sliders” configuration and mark “Build Morphs” when using Bodyslide to make the data needed for in-game Bodyslide.


BodyGen is a function that enables the development of arbitrary (or selected) BodyMorphs for precise NPCs, or any NPC, depending on directed data (Because random everything typically ends in a complete jumble). Suppose a Character is qualified for randomized creation. In that case, their morphing listing will be calculated depending on the preceding documents when the player is downloaded (either when you initially view them or when you reload a previous save with no morphing).

  • Data/F4SE/Plugins/F4EE/BodyGen/%MODNAME%/templates.ini 
  • Data/F4SE/Plugins/F4EE/BodyGen/%MODNAME%/morphs.ini

Here are some examples of themes. ini

MuscularChest@0:1.0, MuscularArms@0:1.0, MuscularButt@0:1.0, MuscularLegs@0:1.0, Breasts@0.5:1.0, Random=7B Upper@0:1.0, 7B Lower@0:1.0, MuscularChest@0:1.0, MuscularArms@0:1.0, MuscularButt@0:1.0, MuscularButt@0:1.0, MuscularLegs@0:1.0, MuscularLegs

An example morphs.ini file is provided below.


When addressing all NPCs, use the following command: All|Female|HumanRace

  • The initial item, “All,” signifies that you can find any NPC.
  • The second column, “Female,” refers to either a woman or a guy.
  • “human race” is the third item.

When aiming for a particular NPC

  • Fallout4.esm|2F1E=Random
  • Module title and FormID are separated by a space (without mod index)
  • You can create only Piper using the “Random” theme in this case.

Sophisticated themes

Thick=7B Breasts@1.0, MuscularArms@1.0, MuscularButt@1.0, MuscularLegs@1.0 | Upper@1.0, 7B Lower@1.0 / MuscularChest@1.0 | Breasts@1.0, MuscularArms@1.0, MuscularButt@1.0, MuscularLegs@1.0

It Distinguishes 7B from the Anabolic morphs, which have a 50/50 chance of being complete 7B or Muscle, and a 50/50 chance of becoming MuscularChest or Big boobs.

You can find a full list of morph names when CBBE is installed at:

  • Data/F4SE/Plugins/F4EE/Sliders/CBBE.esp/sliders.json 
  • Where the “morph” field indicates the morph name

TintMask Resolution Feature

  • Data/F4SE/Plugins/f4ee.ini
  • [CharGen]
  • uTintWidth=1024
  • uTintHeight=1024

This option enables you to adjust the facial texture’s highest quality and the color filters linked with it in fallout 4 looksmenu. Even if you have 2048 or better-quality facial graphics, the application will generally use 1024. People frequently notice delays when using 2048 facial images because the computer downsamples the fabrics to 1024. This parameter enables you to disable the enforced downsample and utilize the texture’s native quality instead. For instance, if you wish to use 2048, set uTintWidth and uTintHeight to 2048.

Why is F4SE required for this?

The program does not recover avatar settings; without the provided component, this is prohibited. The addon must choose parts by title because the front end does not have full accessibility to the inner information that determines your existing piece. Setting “Type” does not work correctly without the extension.

How do you open looksmenu in fallout 4?

You need to launch the program using F4SE’s .exe, not the game’s or launcher.exe or Steam. You can use f4se_loader.exe fallout 4 looksmenu will open up.

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