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Sims 4 Mod

Sims 4 Zombie Apocalypse Mod – Download (Updated) 2024

Sims 4 Zombie Apocalypse Mod
Zombie Apocalypse Mod

Introduction: The sims 4 never fails to add a bit of fantasy to the game, even though it’s a real-life simulation game. Maybe, because a bit of fantasy and magic is what makes things interesting, now, TS4 already had vampires and witches, but the creators decided to go an extra mile and added the gross-looking, terrifying, and flesh-eating zombies; in the sims 4 zombie apocalypse mod!

You can choose to be a zombie, eat and infect others with the barbaric “zombie virus,” Or you can be the heroic survivor and slaughter these hunger-driven creatures. Whatever you choose, the journey will be adrenaline-pumping.

Read this article till the end to know all about this zombie mod.

Zombie mod sims 4

This sims 4 zombie apocalypse cc by sacrificial can be used as an alternative story for your character.

The zombie apocalypse cc takes your character into an apocalyptic world of the undead. Here, zombies will be creatures who’ll crave human (sim) flesh; they’ll also be capable of infecting regular sims and turn them into zombies.

Now, you can either play the part of a zombie and infect others, or choose the survival mode wherein you’ll be given a bunch of equipment to protect yourself from getting infected and practice being a tough survivor (which involves killing zombies as well) to endure these difficult times! In conclusion, it’s going to be an exciting ride.

Let us look at some of the features of this zombie mod:

  1. It’s compatible with the base game.
  2. Doesn’t disrupt the functioning of other modules.
  3. You can cure a zombie and turn him back into a regular sim using the zombie cure serum.
  4. Exciting new interactions are added to your game.
  5. Over 15 survival equipment are present in the buy mode.
  6. Police officers and military personnel will have weapons like guns.
Zombie Apocalypse Mod

How do you install Sims 4 zombies?

Follow these instructions to install the zombie apocalypse mod:

  • Extract all the files in it.
  • Choose the module and Resource. cfg file.
  • Put the downloaded files into the mods’ folder.
  • Allow the script mode in the game.
  • Lastly, restart TS4 and enjoy playing!

How do you start a zombie apocalypse in Sims 4?

First things first, you need to initiate an apocalypse to start the whole story. Now, there are broadly three ways to start this, these are:

  1. Buy a radio and opt for listening to “Police’s Emergency Broadcast.” This will initiate calamity.
  2. On the radio’s menu, choose the “Air support” feature. This will infect all the sims in the area and turn them into zombies.
  3. Get a “Zombification virus.” This can be utilized to turn people into the undead. Either you can use it on yourself or any other sim.

Turning into a zombie

If zombies bite your sims, then they’ll turn into them. This happens in stages, and the first one is being “injured” while simultaneously being infected with the zombification virus. Now, in this stage, you’ll have two options to cure yourself and stop the infection. One is using the “first aid spray” or gulping the “zombie cure serum.”

If you do not heal yourself, then you’ll go through three more stages and turn into a full-fledged zombie. So, the four stages of turning into the flesh-eater are:

  • Injured
  • Turning
  • Turned
  • Zombified

The last stage grants your sim a “Zombified” moodlet and a “thirst for flesh.” The only way to quench their thirst is by biting other sims and turning them as well. Also, if their “thirst for flesh” bar reaches zero, they’ll die and will take a couple of minutes before regenerating.

Zombie children

Initially, only teens or adults could become zombies. But with the new update of this modification, even children can be zombies!

They can get bitten or bite others. They’ll also be able to use all survival gear except the shotguns and assault rifles, which are too heavy for them to carry.

Sims 4 survival mod

Now, if you choose the survival mode, then you’ll be a part of the regular sim team, and your job would be – TO SURVIVE! Furthermore, you’ll get weapons and provisions to defend yourself from these deadly creatures. Let us look at all of the aspects of this side of the story:


The survivors will be standard characters who’ll get the “terrified” moodlet when near a sim. They can get bitten easily. So, to protect themselves, they can use the “Survival shotgun” or “Handgun” to kill zombies. As mentioned earlier, kids cannot use the shotgun. In addition to this, if you have the “extreme violence” modification on your pc. Then, you can take assistance from cops and let them do the dirty work.


The creators of this zombie apocalypse mod knew that fighting such a scary foe alone would be a tough job. So, to make you feel less lonely in the process, there’s an option of partnering up with another sim!

Whoever assigns the partner will take the lead, and the partner is bound to follow him. You can slay the undead together and take care of each other too.

Jill Valentine

Do you wish that having an expert zombie slayer could be of great help? Then, consider your wish granted because Jill Valentine, a highly dexterous S.T.A.R.S police officer, is here to wipe out the undead!

You can call her from the “partners” menu but beware because she and the nemesis seem to go way back. So, wherever she goes, the nemesis follows.

Survival items

Now, you can find a bunch of items to aid you in survival mode. All of these can be found under the pie menu. You can get them from the “purchase survival items” option.

Some of these items are:

  1. Air Support Emergency Broadcasting Radio – You can use it to listen to broadcasts or call for air support.
  2. Anti-Air Infection Gas Mask – A mask that can protect you from getting infected.
  3. Handgun Ammo – 9 mm rounds.
  4. First Aid Spray – The essential item that can heal you from a zombie bite.
  5. Zombie Repellent Spray – Just as the name suggests, a spray that can cast zombies away.
  6. High-Quality Zombie Repellent Spray – A spray with a pungent smell that’ll make the zombies run for their life (or afterlife, lol.)
  7. Shotgun Shells – 12-gauge rounds.
  8. Survival Shotgun
  9. Zombie Survival Handgun
  10. Zombification Virus – Turn sims into zombies.
  11. Zombification Cure Serum – Utilize this to turn back a zombie into a regular sim.


Nemesis is a cruel and evil creature created by the umbrella to kill all the S.T.A.R.S members (especially Jill Valentine.) However, he leaves no one that comes in his way.

To call him, you can broadcast the S.T.A.R.S radio signal, and he’ll come running. Even though his focus would be on Jill, he will kill any sim in his way. He uses punch attacks that can be extremely powerful and sometimes kill the sim on the spot. Otherwise, you can use the first aid spray to heal yourself after getting punched.

Nemesis can also use his scary tentacles to penetrate your character’s head and thereby infect him with the Zombification virus. This will make him a zombie instantly!

Now, to defeat nemesis, you’ll need to fire at him with the weapons constantly. Remember, he’s a regenerative creature which means he’ll keep on healing himself, so to kill him, you can fire multiple shots and take the help of as many sims as you can. When the nemesis dies, his body turns into a giant box of weapons – a reward for your bravery!

Lastly, you can choose to be a nemesis as well and torture others.

What is The Sims 4 Apocalypse challenge?

The sims 4 apocalypse challenge is a very difficult endeavor for every sim. This is because it snatches away the amazing perks of excelling in a career and reaching the apex position (Yes, you read it right!) Now, this means that the restrictions that are lifted when your sim advances in a career won’t happen now.

However, a particular set of restrictions will still be lifted per sim, which means that only a single set of restrictions will be raised in a single career even if you reach the top. Now, to complete this challenge, you need to get to lift all the restrictions in a job. Your score will be determined by how many days you take to complete this challenge. (The lesser the days, the better is the score.)

Your sim will have to move to an empty lot and start a new life with a new career to start this challenge.

Another zombie mod

If you’re looking to customize your zombie sims, this modification is what you need.

With this cc, you can alter a zombie sims’ appearance. This includes its skin, eyes, other bodily details, and outfit.


Getting the sims 4 zombie apocalypse mod is a fantastic way to change the game’s narrative if you find the existing one dull. Battling with the hungry zombies, running for your life, or being on the other side of this story and infecting others, whatever role you choose its bound to make your gameplay interesting.

Happy simming!

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