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Sims 4 Notebook | Police | Detective (Latest) 2024

Sims 4 Notebook
Sims 4 Notebook

The sims 4 notebook is another excellent update by the game creators who leave no chance on making this more life-like.

In real life, you don’t go around memorizing stuff like grocery lists or recipes (unless you have an impeccable memory); instead, you write it down in a notebook or your notes app, for instance.

So, this is the reason why a notebook feature is added for the simmers. They can use it to write down notes in a crime scene, make a list of their plants, and keep a record of the rare fished that they catch.

Furthermore, they can also get a journal to pour in their thoughts or make some cute doodles.

Let us look at what all you can do with the journals and notebooks.

Sims 4 journal

If you have Sims 4: Parenthood, your sims can have journals to write in, which can be found and bought under the ‘Activities and Skills’ menu.

You can buy this sims 4 notebook for honing their creativity through writing letters, poems, or simply maintaining a private journal of thoughts.


There are various interplays that you can have with this journal; these are:

  • Write in a Journal: Your sims can start jotting down stuff in their journal, unlike a notebook.
  • Hide it: Characters can choose to hide their precious journal from the world.
  • Scribble Furiously: They can perform this action if they are angry.
  • Locate it: Locate the journal while being in bed.
  • Put in Inventory: The journal would be stored in the inventory.
  • Rant about Stress: If your character is stressed out and tensed, they can only perform this action.
  • Snoop in Journal: For those who don’t own one can use this interplay.
  • Relive Memories: The sim can get emotional and teary eyes while randomly reading their journal.
  • Put Away: This will keep the diary away for some time.
  • Confess Embarrassing Moments: If the character is embarrassed, then they can do this.
  • Express Melancholy Thoughts: You need to be sad first to do this.


Let us look at the moodlets you’ll acquire while writing in the journal,

  • Happy: Your characters will get the moodlet “Another day: another entry” if they write in the diary continuously for 4 hours.
  • Angry: If your sim notices a snoopy sim hovering around his journal, then he will get flushed with anger.
  • Embarrassed: If the rage-filled sim catches another one reading his journal, then he’ll get the embarrassed moodlet.
  • Confident: A sim that reaches out to find somebody’s journal and be prompt to read it will get confident and less empathetic.

Notebook /Journal update

This is an updated notebook mod that is base game friendly and can be used for writing letters, creative pieces, etc. Furthermore, this also has a French translation.

It costs around 60 simoleons and can be found under the functions’ menu. Some of its interactions are:

  • Write a resume.
  • For writing jokes, letters, love letters, excuse notes, feelings (sad), a genre book, skill book, and dollhouse Story (for children only.)
  • Use it as a Scrap Book.
  • Analyze (bookworms).
  • Read.

Where is the notebook in Sims 4?

The notebook can be found at the bottom-left of the game window, where a little house and a phone icon are visible. Now, the phone icon gives you access to the sim’s phone.

Once you open the phone, you’ll find two options on the top-middle of the sim’s phone. So, the icon on the left side that looks like a tablet is your notebook icon.

How to open the notebook?

You can choose to open the NB either through your computer or your phone icon.

The option of finding NB on the phone is discussed above, and, on the computer, you can find this notebook icon on the main screen.

In the NB, there will be designated folders for different activities (like gardening) that you can go through to add data.

Fishing notebook

As mentioned earlier, the notebook can be used for recording and writing multiple stuff. So, if you are a fan of fishing, you can utilize this NB feature for this activity.

All of the fish you’ll catch in the game will automatically be visible in your notebook’s “fishing” folder, which can be found once you open the NB.

Now, not only the names of the fishes you catch will be mentioned, but the bait you used to lure them will also be noted so that you can use the same bait to catch the same fish later. Furthermore, they will also specify the number of items you need for the bait and if you have them in your inventory or not.

Sims 4 detective notebook

In TS4 get to work EP, there are many dynamic careers to choose from, like a doctor or detective. If you wish to become a detective, you will have to begin your journey as a cadet first and then climb your way through the police station to become the chief of police.

When you reach the police station, you’ll have many opportunities to work on real-time cases by interrogating suspects and crime scenes. Furthermore, at a crime scene, you can get your hands on several pieces of evidence and clues by searching for them, taking photos, and looking at fingerprints. Now, not all of these will come in handy in your current case, but they can, for some reason, be used in the investigation of the following case.

Every hint will be stored in the inventory and can be used to analyze to find the criminal.

In the detective’s NB folder, you’ll find all the clues that you’ve collected till now listed systematically. Since there will be many clues that you might encounter through your journey as a detective, it is imperative to have a log. Additionally, if you’re a detective, you have to have all the clues with you; otherwise, your career might be at stake.

How to use this to find a criminal?

The detective NB will give you a lot of information like the suspect’s age, sex, appearance, and character traits to help you identify them. Ensure you keep having a pleasant conversation with the suspect to correctly match his characteristics and behavioral patterns with the clues you’ve noted.

When you are hundred percent sure that this sim is your culprit, use the “arrest” interplay to bring him to the police station for further interrogation.

How to find this sims 4 police notebook?

This can be found under the notebook icon present on your sim’s computer screen or the top-left side of your phone.

This will be labeled as the “detective” folder in the NB.

How do I write in my notebook Sims 4?

Unlike the journal, which lets you write your thoughts, the notebook is updated automatically, and you don’t have to worry about writing anything in it.


The sims 4 notebook feature is well-thought-out, which not only adds to the realism of the game but ensures that you and your sim don’t have to clutter yourselves with a lot of information. In addition to this, the journal feature lets your sim pour their thoughts and feelings on a piece of paper. All of this makes it worth your time!

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