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How to Get Abducted to Have an Alien Baby (Alien abduction) 2024

How to Get Abducted to Have an Alien Baby
Alien Abduction Mod

The Sims 4 offers many different themes and characters to make the gameplay interesting, ranging from vampires to aliens!

Now, there exists an exciting phenomenon in TS4 called the sims 4 alien abductions where an unidentified floating object (UFO) appears in the sky and takes away your sim along with it.

Even though this might sound scary, there’s nothing to worry about because they do not wish to accept them forever.

Instead, they abduct them for a while, experiment with them like a new toy, eventually get bored with them and leave them back, which is just a matter of few hours. Also, if you are lucky, they might even bless your male sim by impregnating them with an alien child.

So, to help you understand this phenomenon better, this article contains all the information on getting abducted by aliens naturally or through cheats and how to handle alien pregnancies. Read till the end.

Sims 4 Alien Abduction

The abduction has been happening since the sims. The ways of reaching out to aliens, however, have been changing in every sims’ version. For instance, in the sims 2 alien abduction, your character is only kidnapped by aliens if they use the Farstar e3 telescope.

Now, in the sims 4: get to work expansion, the legacy of abduction continues. It can happen anytime at night between 10 pm to 4 am. When this event begins, your sim will go in search of a weird light (“investigate weird light”). They’ll leave all their work behind. Then, on the streets, they’ll be taken up in the UFO by a bright blue light and will be flown away.

When the “investigate weird light” interaction pops up, all other tasks are put behind. This means that your character would do this interplay on a priority basis, and the only way to stop them is to close all your house’s doors! Furthermore, anybody can get kidnapped by extraterrestrials, be it males, females, or aliens themselves. However, only males will have a 25 percent chance of getting pregnant with an alien baby; females will only get a moodlet.

sims 4 alien abduction

How to get abducted in Sims 4

Now, abductions are random and rare, and you cannot actually predict when one happens. But you can increase the chances of being kidnapped for your sim. This can be done by engaging him in certain activities that give him a buff for around 24 hours. Other than this, here are a few ways more to shoot up your chances of being a part of this rare occurrence:

Being a scientist

Scientists in the get-to-work EP have a higher chance of interacting with aliens or getting kidnapped by them. They are also provided with certain tools that help them in this process. For instance, the “out of the world desktop” (electronics> computer) that is unlocked at the last level of this career and “satellite dish” that is found at level 4 can both increase the odds via the “contact aliens” option. Moreover, this option stays active for the next 24h and renders you with a max abduction bar.

Even if you aren’t in this profession, you can get the scientific objects for reaching out to your extraterrestrial buddies. All you need are some cheat codes!

Sims 4 alien abduction cheat

So, press CTRL + Shift + C on your pc, or command instead of CTRL on your mac. This will open up a dialogue box wherein you’ll have to type “testingcheats on.” Then, you can opt for the “bb.ignoregameplayunlocksentitlement” cheat to get an alien desktop. Plus, “bb.showhiddenobjects” will help you get the satellite dish. However, you need to switch to the live mode from the build/buy mode to operate them.

Advance in logic

If you don’t want to be a scientist or opt for cheats, you can advance in logic (up to level 7), This will get you closer to being abducted.

Sims that are at level 7 logic can use the observatory’s telescope to “search for the truth.” This, however, can only be done at night and will fairly rocket the abduction bar.

Alien pregnancy

As previously discussed, only males have a fair chance of being pregnant with an alien child. So, when your male sim comes back from his interstellar trip and experiences a tummy ache, then get ready to host a baby shower because an alien baby is just 72 hours and three moodlets away! Your baby will be a full-fledged alien with all the powers.

However, if you do not wish to keep the child, then you can send him to his world. Also, there is a chance that you might be blessed with twins too.

Alien pregnancy cheat

This involves save-scumming and can be done as follows:

  1. First, save your game around 9 pm if they abduct. Meter is maximized.
  2. If you aren’t kidnapped by 3-4 am, exit the main menu without saving your game.
  3. Reload.
  4. Now, save your game immediately after the alien craft kidnaps the character.
  5. So, when you reload the game, the kidnapping will initiate again. If you save the scum now, you can carry on, and within 24 hours after the kidnapping, your sim will get a stomach ache to signify their pregnancy.

Sims 4 alien abduction female pregnancy

Now, if you’ve been playing around with the satellite or telescope at the observatory trying to contact aliens, then chances are they’ll pay you a visit.

They will come in a group. And then you can befriend them or make your female sim share a romantic bond with them to “try for baby.” This will bless the couple with a hybrid child (Half human-half alien.)

Note: Hybrids are devoid of their superpowers; only male-alien child or alien-alien pureblood child will have its powers.


The sims 4 alien abduction is an exciting event and has some really invigorating results too. Just remember that even after maxing out your abduction meter, the chances are that you might not be able to get an opportunity to witness this rare event. But don’t be disheartened, because sometimes it can take up to few weeks for it to happen.

Happy swimming!

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