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61+ Best Sims 4 Mermaid CC & Mods (Download) 2024

Sims 4 Mermaid Mods

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Sims 4 has introduced numerous fantasy worlds for their simmers, and Island Living is one of them where you can turn your sims into mermaids and enjoy life as a mer-sim. However, you might become bored of the way your sim looks or the other features that the game offers, so we have a solution for that. 

Sims 4 Mermaid Mods offer custom content to players, so the game can become more exciting and engrossing. You can now add several features, such as recolored tails, blush, hair, and much more. Read this article about all the mods that you can download. 

Sims 4 Mermaid Mods

There are several modders who create custom contents to make your mermaid occult better and attractive. So let’s take a look at these CCs. 

1. Mermaid Tail CC

Mermaid Tail CC

Mermaids are beautiful sea creatures, but the Sims 4 doesn’t offer a lot of variety when it comes to their tails. So this mod allows you to recolor your sim’s tail, with 20 different colours and patterns to choose from.

2. Wavy Mermaid Hair

Wavy Mermaid Hair

You don’t want your sim to look all flushed after a swim, right? These wavy mermaid hair CC and braids is all you need for your mer-sim to look flawless all day. It comes in 24 EA swatches along with 2 custom swatches by the creator.

3. Default Eyes

Default Eyes

Your mer-sims leave every other sim awestruck with their appearance, and these default glassy eyes would add to that because of its mesmerising effect. There are 9 colors to choose from, and even normal sims can use this mod as a non-default option.

4. Siren Ears

Siren Ears

Mermaids aren’t normal sims; therefore, their appearance is also slightly odd, which gives them an otherworldly quality. These custom siren ears do just that, and are perfect for male, female and child mermaids as well. It matches the colour of your mermaid’s skin, whatever it may be.

5. Mermaid Tail Recolors

Mermaid Tail Recolors

If you’re not a fan of the tail colours available with this pack, then try this recolor mod that offers 76 swatches of bright and vibrant sorbet colours, but you must have The Island Living pack to enjoy the benefits of this mod.

6. Bedroom Set

Bedroom Set

Even your mer-sims require a bedroom to relax after sunbathing and serenading sailors. So this mod brings forth a gorgeous CC bedroom with 15 items and all of them are available in different colour swatches. So you can decorate the bedroom the way you like.

7. Gill Overlay Skin CC

Gill Overlay Skin CC

To give your sims a realistic appearance as a mermaid, then you need these gills to add depth to your look and to help your sims breathe underwater. There are 3 swatches, so you can keep switching it up.

8. Mermaid Top

Mermaid Top

This shimmering top is designed especially for mermaids to offer them a beautiful look, and you can find them in 12 swatches. There’s no compulsion to download the mermaid tail cc for this mod to work.

9. Mermaid Pose Pack

Mermaid Pose Pack

Your mermaids aren’t concerned with their outfits because they only have to change half of their outfit, what they care about are their poses. So this mermaid pose pack would help your sim try out different poses and post on their simstagram.

10. Hair CC with Seashells

Hair CC with Seashells

If you’re looking for a hairstyle that suits every sim, then try this excellent hair bun CC that looks amazing on toddlers, kids and adults as well. They’ll be perfect for your mer-sims, so try them out.

11. Mermaid Eyelashes

Mermaid Eyelashes

These colorful eyelashes scream PERFECTION, and we are here for it. There are 12 swatches, and their graphics are absolutely mesmerising. You’d want to get your hands on all the colors, trust me!

12. Mermaid CC Clothes Pack

Mermaid CC Clothes Pack

We’ve already talked about one clothing CC, but here’s another one with several custom contents that offer sea-inspired outfits. You’ll come across 27 different downloads with variations of the same item at times.

13. Mermaid Gloves

Mermaid Gloves

These Maxis Match gloves are available in 21 EA swatches, and would complete your outfit. You can always choose between 3 different lengths, and the best part is that the Island Living Pack is not mandatory.

14. Starfish Top

Starfish Top

Like I said, your sims only change half of their outfits, and this starfish top adds a touch of vibrancy and mystical vibe to their entire costume, and you can even keep changing it as there are 24 swatches available.

15. Mermaid Eyes for Island Living

Mermaid Eyes for Island Living

Unlike the CC eyes mentioned above, this mod offers irregular pupil shapes and varied eye colours. You can select any eye shape from the 8 options, which includes an all-black eye as well.

16. Mermaid Tails and Tops Recolors CC

Mermaid Tails and Tops Recolors CC

Now you can recolor your mer-sims tops and tails as much as you want with these 36 color swatches. However, it doesn’t offer the feature of changing the patterns. But recoloring is fun and would change your sim’s entire appearance.

17. Mermaid Eyelashes

Mermaid Eyelashes

These eyelashes are the absolute favorite of simmers, but you’ll also need the original mesh linked to the downloads to use this mod. There are two packages, one for male and the other for female sims and you can enjoy them in 76 swatches, known as the Sandwich Palette, including white.

18. Mermaid Pearl Lip Gloss

Mermaid Pearl Lip Gloss

Your mer-sims can’t do without the perfect shade of lip gloss, and this mermaid custom content lip gloss comes in bold shades and looks too good to be true. There are 60 different glittery shades available with natural and colourful colors.

19. Colored Hair

Colored Hair

When everything from your outfit to your sim’s makeup is colourful, then why not get matching wavy hair as well? This mermaid CC comes in 75 colors, but you’ll need to download the original mesh beforehand and you don’t need Island Living for it.

20. Colorful Blush

Colorful Blush

Wish for your character to look otherworldly and majestic? Well, download this mod right away because the shiny, colorful blush is all that your sim needs to play their part as a mermaid, part of an occult. Enjoy 3 varied designs and 20 shades of this blush CC.

21. Luminous Mermaid Ears

Luminous Mermaid Ears

What if I told you that your mermaid sims can have luminous ears? Unlike normal ear CCs, this one offers your sims much more attributes, such as the ability to glow in the dark, and the ears match your sim’s skin color as well. However, the membranes between the spikes are available in several colors.

22. Mermaid Hangout Sims 4 Lot

Mermaid Hangout Sims 4 Lot

Your sims also need a hangout spot, and this is the perfect location for that. The serene and picturesque view with the seaside resort is all your sim would need after a tiring day.

23. Mermaid Scales CC

Mermaid Scales CC

Did someone say recolored scales? Yes, this mod is all about recoloring your sim’s scales in 56 swatches, making them look like real aquatic creatures, such as a fish or a reptile.

24. Little Mermaid Pose Pack

Little Mermaid Pose Pack

If you’re a fan of the Little Mermaid or any other princess movie, then you’d love these pose packs that recreate romantic scenes from when Ariel and Prince Eric met for the first time. There are 3 poses to reenact the entire scene till the price opens his eyes. Your mer-sim can have a love story of their own. Isn’t that cute?

25. Siren Ears and Gills CC

Siren Ears and Gills CC

Those who don’t want any flashy features on their sims can opt for these ears and gills CC mod to add more dimension to your character. Also, these features are separate, so you can download either of them or both.

Don’t forget to shrink your sim’s normal ear when using these siren ones to prevent them from poking out. In addition, your sim can also wear earrings, necklaces and other accessories with it.

26. Mermaid Model Poses

Mermaid Model Poses

Enjoy 14 poses through this mod that even use the lifeguard chair as a prop. You now have a chance to click pictures of your model mermaid and they might get a chance to be on the cover of a Mermay Issue, you never know!

27. Mermaid Top

Mermaid Top

We’ve always imagined mermaids as wearing a bikini or scales covering their body, but why limit yourself? With this mod, your sims can now have more clothing options, which are more conservative but varied and offer 16 swatches, but 8 colors. The second swatch has a flat bottom to fit with your mermaid’s tail.

28. Bedroom Furniture CC

Bedroom Furniture CC

Ever heard of a ready to move-in bedroom? Now with this mermaid mod, it’s possible. Once you download all the 28 custom contents listed on the website, all the furniture in your sim’s bedroom would be set and you wouldn’t even have to lift a finger.

A beautifully decorated room would be all yours and it’s up to you whether to use items individually, or use some of the items in the room.

29. Mermaid Couples Pose Pack

Mermaid Couples Pose Pack

We’ve already covered various pose CCs, but this one is specifically for couple mer-sims with 16 poses for both mermaids and mer-men. Your sims can now display their love through these poses.

30. Mermaid Cave Residential Lot

Mermaid Cave Residential Lot

This residential lot isn’t what it looks like from the outside because once you step in, you’ll be teleported to a mystical world. You do need a CC for it to work, but it’s a must-have mod if you want your sims to live in luxury.

31. Mermaid Scales and Tail Recolors

Mermaid Scales and Tail Recolors

And we have some more recolor scales and tails options that offer bright pastel color options, including 6 solid color swatches and 5 patterned swatches. You can try out all of these one by one.

32. Magic Poses

Magic Poses

Your sims can now pose solo as well in 9 different poses and 2 poses for pictures with friends. Take as many screenshots of your mer-sims as you want using these playful poses.

33. Mermaid Tail CC and Bra

Mermaid Tail CC and Bra

These bras and tail CCs are all that other sims would keep staring at because they’d demand all their attention. Their pearly appearance in 25 color swatches, including both bright and dark shades is everything the sims would talk about.

34. Toddler Mermaid Tail

Toddler Mermaid Tail

Simmers can’t have a toddler mermaid, but this mod allows them to have one resembling a mermaid by giving them a CC tail. But before that, you’d have to download the “no feet” mod and then install the tail CC, so it’d appear in your CAS.

35. Tropical Island Living Mermaid Tail

Tropical Island Living Mermaid Tail

This creation by Radea makes use of the original mermaid tail, but offers more color options to the simmers. So now you can enjoy the benefits of the original mermaid, but also modify it a little, a win-win.

36. Mermaid Blush

Mermaid Blush

This article has already covered several mermaid blush CC, but here’s one more because you can never have enough options. This shiny, mystical blush gives your sims a scaly look, and also comes in metallic as well as tropical colors. With this universal look, every mermaid would look like the princess of the underwater kingdom.

37. Mermaid Hairstyle

Mermaid Hairstyle

Long, beach wavy hair is your sim’s go-to hairstyle, and this CC offers that and much more. You can modify your sim’s hair texture and choose from the 18 color shades available. These hair looks great with hats as well.

38. Expanded Mermaid

Expanded Mermaid

This mod by SpinningPlumbobs isn’t about your sim’s appearance, but about the various mermaidic items they can use. Now you can enjoy custom content, such as sea witches, kelpies, and new ocean interactions that would add so much more excitement in your gameplay. Also, these features are constantly updated.

39. Mermaid Tiles

Mermaid Tiles

If you’re getting a house for your mermaid, then the interiors should also match their vibe, right? These mermaid tiles would make your home look beachy and would be the best addition to your mer-sim’s bathroom.

40. All Mermaids Can Change Weather

All Mermaids Can Change Weather

Those with the Seasons Expansion Pack are aware that their mermaids can change weather, but there are some weathers can change only by specific personality traits. However, this mod allows every mermaid to change the weather, irrespective of their personality traits.

41. Mermaid Bassinet Mod

Mermaid Bassinet Mod

Mermaids can have babies as well in Sims 4, but they don’t have a bassinet for mer-babies, which was a big issue; not anymore. This mod offers a bassinet for your mermaid’s baby, and those who love creating families in the game would know the importance of this mod.

42. Mythos Skin (Female)

Mythos Skin (Female)

Your sim’s can’t have normal skin like the regular sims, right? So to make your mermaid fantasy-like, try out this mod that offers a whole skin package with 50 colors. Choose any of them, and create a mer-sim of your fantasies.

43. Mermaid Tail Phalaenopsis

Mermaid Tail Phalaenopsis

Here’s another CC by DSF, and it’s better than the previous one because it offers a chance to customize your mermaid’s tail with 50 color swatches, and 8 color designs to choose from. This creation is inspired by Phalaenopsis’ beauty and would leave other sims awestruck.

44. Anto-Daya Hairstyle

Anto-Daya Hairstyle

You might be wondering that all these hair CCs look the same, but they don’t. Every hair creation is different from the other in some or the other way. This dry wavy hair mod comes in hip length with 27 hair colors and 9 fantasy colors for a more mystical look. How cool is that?

45. Mermaid 5 Set

Mermaid 5 Set

Who wouldn’t want gorgeous shimmery top and tail sets for their sims? You can now download this mod to access 14 pastel colors and excellent styles for your sims outfits. It compliments their skin tone and gives them the ultimate water creature look.

46. DSF Accessories Mermaid Opalo

DSF Accessories Mermaid Opalo

You wouldn’t want to miss out on this CC pack because it contains all the accessories you’d need to make your sim look the best version of themselves. The pack includes Crown Opalo, forearm fins, and arm scales in various colors for that perfect transition.

47. Mermaid Shells NO1

Mermaid Shells NO1

The shell design with pearls and the “just covered” look of this shell bra is to die for. It’s available in 12 colors, so you can match them with your sim’s tails as well, and give that mystical look to them.

48. Britney Pastel Rainbow Hair

Britney Pastel Rainbow Hair

You can’t do without these pastel hair colors for your mermaids, because what are mermaids, if not a vibrant and gorgeous mystical creature. So imagine your sims wearing a beautiful colorful top with matching tail, and these wavy long rainbow hair to complete the look.

49. Fish Scales Tattoo

Fish Scales Tattoo

Looking for realistic fish scales for your mer-sims? Well, your search ends here because these fish scales tattoo covers your sim from head to toe giving them a scaly feature to fit in with the oceanic life.

50. Plantable Mermaidic Kelp

Plantable Mermaidic Kelp

As you’d already be aware about, mermaidic kelp is used to turn your sims into mermaids, but this custom creator has overridden the earlier mod and this plantable kelp can now be planted anywhere and harvested just like a regular plant, and it’d continue to do its original task of turning sims into mermaids. You do require Island Living for this mod to work, though.

51. Summon Ocean Threat

Summon Ocean Threat

Mermaids are harmless creatures, but what if you could turn them into sinister characters who can summon deadly things from the ocean, and anyone who crosses their path would regret it?

This mod allows you to modify your mermaid’s harmless nature and whenever they are in water, this mod is activated. Your mermaid can even invite a sim over and sing to them to the depths of the ocean.

52. Mermaid Lifestate 2.0

Mermaid Lifestate 2.0

Earlier mermaids weren’t a part of the Sims 4 base game, but now they are and to become a mermaid, your sims must study the mythology of mermaids. Once they do so, they can transform themselves using the Moonpool. Since this mod was released before Island Living, it would not be updated any further, but it’s still an exciting feature. 

53. Stronger Mermaid Buffs

Stronger Mermaid Buffs

Sims 4 has always emphasized the importance of buffs and how your sim’s emotions have an impact on them. With this mod, a mermaid’s song would increase the buffs to a +10 instead of +2, of the sim listening to the song.

However, the game would show an increase of +2 only, but it’ll work as a +10. The creator is working on this issue. Your mermaids can now help other sims through this mod. 

54. Mermaid Babies

Mermaid Babies

You’d have noticed that your mermaid sim’s baby is always wearing the same onesie, because there aren’t a lot of options for baby clothes. However, this modder has come up with a collection of Mermaid babies that offers the babies a onesie resembling fish scales.

There are 3 categories to choose from: alien babies are green, boys blue, girls pinky-purple. So now your mermaid baby can also have a wardrobe of their own.

55. Swim Around in Pools

Swim Around in Pools

Now your mer-sims can also swim in pools, instead of just oceans or other large water bodies. However, it’d be excellent if the pool has an irregular shape and isn’t small, giving your mermaid area to swim and to go wherever they want to. 

56. Leg Scales for Mermaids and Chest Scales for Merman

Leg Scales for Mermaids and Chest Scales for Merman

Unlike Sims 3, this version of the game doesn’t offer the feature of leg scales on your mermaids, but you can still download this mod to get that feature. There are 22 swatches and both the leg and chest scales can be used for males or females, it’s up to you. You can even match them to your sim’s tail.

57. Merfolk Cove Lot Trait

Merfolk Cove Lot Trait

If you’ve played with Vampires, then you’d know about the Vampire Nexus and how all the vampires gather on that particular lot. Well, this mod is similar to that, but instead of vampires, mermaids come together on this cove lot.

This place would feel like home and give your sims a chance to gain the other mer-sims’ trust. It’ll also have an effect on their mood buffs.

58. Three Mermaid Aspirations

Three Mermaid Aspirations

Your mermaid sims can now enjoy three new aspirations: Ariel, Mermaid Experience, and Siren with this mermaid mod. The Siren Aspiration would make your sims deviant and their reward trait would be “hypnotizing.” Siren mermaid are the ones who lure other unfateful sims to their doom.

The Ariel Aspiration follows the Little Mermaid story and allows your sim to be a mermaid as well as a regular sim. The Mermaid Experience Aspiration is all about gaining more knowledge about being a mermaid. As soon as this aspiration is complete, they’ll become part of nature.

59. IL – Tweaks and Fixes

IL - Tweaks and Fixes

This CC pack includes various small mods that improve Island Living, but you’d have to download the XML injector for some of these mods. Features, such as Cryogenesis, Full Weather Control, Powerful Siren Song, and Toggle Mermaid form are available in it.

60. Mermaid Bloodlines

Mermaid Bloodlines

Till now, Sims 4 only had bloodlines feature for spellcaster sims, but this wonderful modders has come up with bloodlines for mermaids as well. But, you’d need MAL22’s Trait Tracker for the mod to function, and City Living for the singing skill.

Your mermaid families would have weak, strong, and ancient bloodlines and it affects their singing, fitness, hydration decay, and hydration drop.

So a sim with a weak bloodline would have 10% of each feature, while the one with strong bloodline would enjoy 20% of this and the ancient bloodline sims have 30% of these features, except hydration drop. Hydration drop would become 50% slower in their case.

61. IL – Sirens

IL - Sirens

Sirens are the opposites of mermaids, but in Sims 4 you’d need this mod to enable their deadly side. It’s essential to have XML Injector and Death Interactions for this mod.

For transforming your mermaid into a siren, purchase the Siren Kelp from your sim’s PC and once they consume it, their blood thirst would increase. Sirens can seduce other sims to drink their blood or eat them whole, and they can also drink from vampires.


These are all the Sims 4 mermaid mods that offer custom creations related to appearance, traits, build/buy mode and much more. No aspect of your mer-sim’s life would be left untouched if you download these mods.

All of them contribute to the gameplay in some or the other way, and it’d be a tough decision to decide which one to select. So good luck!


  • How do you become a mermaid in the Sims 4 mod?

There are four ways to become a mermaid, by using CAS, eating Mermadic Kelp, using cheats, or by having kids with a Mermaid. In the CAS, players can click on the “+” icon to add an occult. 

  • Can a regular sim turn into a mermaid?

Yes, a regular sim can transform into a mermaid by eating mermaidic kelp, which the sims can acquire by becoming a mermaid’s friend and using the “Ask About Fish Parts” interaction when both the sims are underwater, or by using their 25000 lifetime happiness points to buy mermaidic kelp lifetime reward.

  • Can mermaids get pregnant in Sims 4?

Mermaid babies, toddler, or children can’t be created using CAS, but a mer-sim can give birth to a child who might have their mermaid traits. Once the child becomes a teenager, their powers will activate. 

  • Which townies are mermaids Sims 4?

Nalani Mahi’ai is a pre-made mermaid who resides in the town of Sulani in The Island Living Sims 4.

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