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11+ Best Sims 4 Funeral CC & Mods (Download) 2024

Sims 4 Funeral CC Mod

The Sims 4 is a life simulation game that has captivated players since its release. With its endless possibilities and customizable gameplay, players have been able to create and control their own virtual world. 

However, one aspect of life that the game has not explored in-depth is death. 

That is, until the introduction of the Sims 4 Funeral CC mod.

The Sims 4 Funeral CC mod is a groundbreaking addition to the game, and it highlights the potential for mods to enhance the gaming experience. It adds a new level of emotional depth and realism to the game and demonstrates the power of modding.

The Importance of Realism in a Life Simulator

Realism is a crucial aspect of any life simulator, and the Sims 4 Funeral CC mod brings a new level of realism to the game. The mod introduces a reliable “report a death” phone option that is always present, even if there isn’t a deceased Sim nearby. Players must call this option for a valid reason; otherwise, there will be consequences for their Sim.

A Closer Look at the Sims 4 Funeral CC Mod Features

The Sims 4 Funeral CC mod offers several new features that allow players to explore the full spectrum of life and its inevitable end.

One of the most significant changes is the addition of new options for handling Sims’ remains, such as choosing from a variety of burial objects and customising tombstones and urns. The mod also includes a new funeral service experience that is more than just a rabbit hole.

How the Mod Changes the Way We Think About Death in the Sims Universe

Death is a difficult topic to tackle, but the Sims 4 Funeral CC mod does so with tact and grace, allowing players to explore the grieving process and come to terms with the loss of a Sim. It adds a new way of thinking about death in the Sims universe and adds a new layer of depth to the game.

Exploring the Emotional Impact of Simulated Death and Grief

The Sims 4 Funeral CC mod acknowledges the emotional impact of death and grief by allowing players to give their Sims additional time off work to mourn and handle funeral arrangements.

Multiple Sim deaths will each have separate arrangements, adding another layer of realism and emotional depth to the game.

List of the best Sims 4 funeral CC

1. Funeral Deco Set

Funeral Deco Set

The latest addition to The Sims community is the Funeral Deco Sims Set, an expansion that offers a range of new objects and decorations for those who want to create a sombre and respectful environment for their Sims’ funerals.

With this new set, players can add a touch of realism to their Sim’s life cycle, allowing them to mourn the loss of their loved ones in style. The set includes a variety of decorations such as funeral wreaths, urns, caskets, and tombstones. These items can be used to create a tasteful and dignified funeral scene that pays tribute to the deceased.

One of the standout items in this set is the open casket, which allows players to display their deceased Sims for viewing before the funeral. This item can be customised with different colours and textures to match the style of the funeral. It’s a touching and heartfelt way to say goodbye to a Sim that has passed on.

Another notable item is the decorative coffin, which can be placed as an ornamental piece or used as a functional item in a mausoleum or graveyard. The coffin comes in a range of styles, including traditional wood, marble, and even gold.

With the ability to personalise and customise the design of the coffin, players can truly create a unique and meaningful tribute to their beloved Sims.

The Funeral Deco Sims Set also offers a range of floral arrangements, including wreaths, bouquets, and sprays, all of which add a touch of colour and beauty to an otherwise solemn occasion.

The addition of these flowers helps to soften the mood of the funeral and bring a sense of peace and closure to the grieving Sims.

2. Funeral Parlor CC

Funeral Parlor CC

Building Realistic Funeral Homes

Creating a realistic funeral home in the Sims 4 can be a challenge without the right tools. That’s where the Funeral Parlor Set by AroundTheSims4 comes in.

This set includes everything players need to build a funeral home that feels authentic and true to life. From coffins and urns to flower arrangements and memorial plaques, this set has it all.

What’s great about the Funeral Parlor Set is that it’s base-game compatible, meaning that players don’t need any additional expansion packs to use it. Plus, since all of the items are available for individual download, players can pick and choose the items they want to add to their game.

It’s also worth noting that AroundTheSims4 offers an all-in-one download for those who want to support the creator with a donation.

Customizable Options for a Personal Touch

One of the most exciting features of the Funeral Parlor Set is the ability to customise tombstones and urns. Instead of all Sims getting the same basic tombstone, players can choose from a range of options to create a more personalised memorial.

Additionally, the set offers new options for handling a Sim’s remains, including burial objects like tombs and mausoleums. With these customizable options, players can create a funeral home that reflects their unique style and preferences.

3. Funeral Chapel Item Poses: Immersive Mourning

Funeral Chapel Item Poses

When it comes to immersive storytelling, the small details make all the difference. That’s where the Funeral Chapel Item Poses by Necrodog comes in.

These poses add depth and emotion to your Sims’ mourning process, with options to pray, grieve, and even kiss their loved one goodbye.

But be prepared for a bit of setup – you’ll need the Pose Player and Teleport Any Sim mods, as well as the furniture included in the pack.

4. Morgue Set: For the Dark Side of Death

Morgue Set

Enter the creepy world of death and mortality in The Sims with the SimCity 4 Morgue Set by Necrodog. This custom content pack adds a macabre twist to your Sims game, allowing you to create a realistic morgue in your virtual world.

With multiple items to choose from, from stackable body bags, body sheets, to decorative deceased Sims, a morgue slab, and fridge, this pack offers a range of eerie options for players to experiment with.

The high and low poly options make it easy for anyone to incorporate this CC into their game, regardless of their computer specs. The pack also includes multiple colour variations, allowing you to customise your morgue to your liking.

But be warned, It’s not for those who get easily spooked or feel uncomfortable with the idea of death. This pack is intended for players who are looking for a unique and darker twist in their Sims game.

If you’re brave enough to take on the challenge, the SimCity 4 Morgue Set might be the perfect addition to your collection.

Create a spooky atmosphere in your Sims’ virtual world and embrace the eerie world of death and mortality with this haunting custom content pack.

5. Royal Funerals and Grieving Couples

Royal Funerals and Grieving Couples

Step into the world of royalty and sombre occasions with the Royal Funeral Pose Pack by SunflowerPoses. This unique custom content pack offers multiple poses that cater specifically to the funeral scenarios of high-status couples.

The poses are primarily military/royal in nature, allowing players to realistically depict the grieving couple at a royal funeral.

Alongside, the pack includes an eight Sim pose for carrying a casket. This CC pack is perfect for players who enjoy playing historical or royal Sim families.

It adds a level of decorum and solemnity to funeral scenes, allowing players to fully immerse themselves in the world of royalty and high society. The flag used for the pictured casket is also available from the same creator, providing even more customization options for players.

Whether you’re looking to create a touching tribute to a beloved Sim or simply want to add an extra layer of realism to your royal family gameplay, the Royal Funeral Pose Pack is an excellent addition to your custom content collection.

6. Get into the Death Industry with the Mortician Career

Mortician Career

The Mortician Career by Midnite Tech might be something you need. This custom content pack allows your Sim to take on the role of a mortician, providing assistance to the deceased and their loved ones.

As your Sim progresses through the career levels, they can choose to specialise in either the Funeral Director or you know.. A Medical Examiner branch. This career mod offers a unique and lucrative gameplay experience that’s perfect for players who enjoy a challenge.

One of the best things about the Mortician Career is that it doesn’t require any special packs or extra downloads. You can simply jump right in and start your Sim’s journey in the death industry.

Whether you want to explore the darker side of The Sims or simply want to challenge your Sim’s abilities, the Mortician Career is an excellent addition to your custom content collection.

7. Dignity Funeral Parlour

Dignity Funeral Parlour

Looking to add a funeral parlour to your Sims 4 game? Consider adding Whatever’s Dignity Funeral Parlour to your custom content collection.

This lot offers embalming as well as cremation services for your dearly departed Sims, and its New Orleans-inspired design fits perfectly in the Willow Creek world.

One of the best things about this custom lot is that it can also be used as a museum or residential lot. This makes it a versatile addition to any Sims player’s game.

While you will need most of the EA packs released from July 2018 and earlier to use this lot, you won’t need any additional custom content. This means it’s accessible to all players, regardless of their custom content collection.

8. Funeral and Enchant Veiled Hat

Funeral and Enchant Veiled Hat

This unique accessory features a black lace veil and roses, but this veiled hat isn’t just for funerals. The pointy tip of the hat also gives it a witchy vibe, making it a fun accessory to add a little magic to your Sims’ everyday outfits.

This CC pack comes in both black and white and features HQ meshes, ensuring that it looks great in-game. So, whether your Sim is mourning the loss of a loved one or just feeling a little theatrical, this CC is a must-have addition to your game.

So, download DivaDoom’s Funeral and Enchant Veiled Hat CC and let your Sims express their grief or their inner witch.

9. Funeral Mod

Funeral Mod

If you’re looking to give your Sims a more realistic funeral experience, then look no further than the Sims 4 Funeral Mod.

With this mod you can put a custom funeral event into your game. With specific items required, such as a microphone, bar, wreath, casket or urn, and a musical instrument, this event will provide you with the chance to properly say goodbye to your deceased Sims.

The mod also includes funeral objects, so you won’t need to download others unless you want some extra options.

Whether you’re looking for a more immersive funeral experience or just something new to add to your game, the Sims 4 Funeral Mod is definitely worth checking out.

10. Mortem for Sims 4

Sims 4 Funeral CC Mod

The Mortem mod by SimRealist completely changes the death dynamics in the game. With this mod, there’s no Grim Reaper to bargain with or death flowers to bring your Sim back to life. 

Instead, your deceased Sim will lie in a body bag until the medical examiner is called by a surviving Sim to collect them. Once collected, the medical examiner will examine the body, triggering an in-game wait before a funeral can be planned. 

This mod adds a level of realism to the game and can make for a more immersive and emotional experience.

Final Thoughts

It is definitely worth noting that the concept of death and mourning in The Sims 4 raises interesting questions about the intersection of gameplay and real-life emotions. 

While some may argue that the ability to mourn and say goodbye to Sims adds depth and emotional weight to the game, others may find it uncomfortable or even disturbing.

It is important for players to consider their own emotional boundaries and the potential impact on their gameplay experience before delving into more realistic depictions of death and mourning in the game.

The lack of official funeral options has not stopped players from creating their own unique and meaningful ways to say goodbye to their beloved Sims.

The numerous custom content options available showcase the creativity and dedication of The Sims 4 modding community, and add an emotional depth to the game that is unique to the player’s experience. 

Whether you choose to use custom content or not, it is clear that the concept of death and mourning in The Sims 4 adds an interesting layer to the game that challenges players to consider the emotional impact of their actions and choices.


Can Sims 4 have funerals?

Yes, with the help of mods and custom content, players can add funeral-related items, poses, and even create custom funeral events in their game.

How do you make your Sims mourn?

Sims will naturally mourn when a loved one passes away. They may cry, feel sad, and even wear black clothing. Players can also add mourning objects, such as gravestones or urns, to help Sims process their grief.

Where is the graveyard in Sims 4?

It’s located in the Willow Creek neighbourhood. It is a public lot where Sims can visit gravestones, mourn, and pay their respects to deceased Sims.

Can you have a funeral in the Sims 4?

Yes, with the help of custom content or mods, players can create custom funeral events for their Sims to say goodbye to their loved ones.

How do you get a funeral in Sims 4 Mortem?

Mortem is a mod that adds a realistic death system to the game, including the need for a funeral. After a Sim dies, a medical examiner NPC must be called to collect the body. Once the examination is over the Sim can be removed, just when a funeral can be planned for the begone Sim. The funeral can be planned using the custom funeral event feature in the game or with the help of custom content.

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