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Sims 4 Wheatley: The Invention Constructor (How To Use It) – Guide 2024

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The world of The Sims 4 is a vast and vibrant universe, constantly expanding to include exciting new features and experiences for players. One such groundbreaking addition came with the “Get To Work” expansion pack, which introduced Artificial Intelligence (AI) into the lives of our virtual avatars.

Among the many intriguing features of this expansion pack was the Invention Constructor Mod, lovingly known as Wheatley, an AI-powered invention machine that added a whole new layer of creativity and fun to the game.

How to Use Wheatley: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Use Wheatley

Using Wheatley, the Invention Constructor Mod, is a breeze once you’ve unlocked the scientist career in The Sims 4. Here’s a step-by-step guide to harnessing the full potential of this fascinating AI-powered invention machine:

  • Choose the Scientist Career: To gain access to Wheatley, your Sim must join the scientist career. Head to the career panel, find the scientist career, and click “Join” to set your Sim on the path of invention and discovery.
  • Build the Invention Constructor: Once your Sim becomes a scientist, it’s time to construct Wheatley. Simply purchase and place the Invention Constructor on your Sim’s lot. You can find it under the “Electronics” category in the Build/Buy mode.
  • Experiment and Invent: Interacting with Wheatley will reveal various invention options. Select an invention project and begin experimenting. As your Sim gains more experience, they will unlock additional inventions and upgrades for the devices.
  • Upgrade Devices: Wheatley allows you to upgrade the devices you invent, enhancing their capabilities. Experiment with different combinations to discover new features and functionalities for your gadgets.

With the “Get To Work” expansion, players gained access to new professions, including scientist, detective, and doctor. It was within the scientist’s career that the marvel of invention, Wheatley, was unveiled. This nifty gadget allowed players to invent and upgrade multiple devices, each with its own unique and extraordinary abilities.

Momentum Conserver – The Focused Buff

One of Wheatley’s early creations was the Momentum Conserver, a device that provided Sims with a +1 Focused Buff. With this newfound focus, Sims were better equipped to excel in their daily tasks, making them more productive and efficient in their endeavours.

SimRay – A Powerful Tool of Transformation

Perhaps the most versatile invention to come out of Wheatley’s workshop was the SimRay. This multifunctional device could be upgraded to perform an array of mind-boggling tasks.

Initially, it granted Sims the ability to freeze other Sims in their tracks momentarily, but with some upgrades, it could do so much more. From transforming Sims and objects to even taking control of a subject’s mind, the SimRay was a tool of immense power and amusement.

Hover Lamp – Shedding Light on Creativity

The Hover Lamp was not only a source of illuminating light but also a quirky decoration that granted +2 Focus. Its alien-like appearance added a touch of otherworldly charm to any room, and its ability to enhance a Sim’s focus made it a valuable addition for those who sought to maximise their productivity.

Satellite Dish – Reaching for the Stars

For players who craved a taste of the extraterrestrial, Wheatley offered the Satellite Dish. This invention allowed Sims to affect the mood of entire neighbourhoods, communicate with aliens, and even tune into a special extraterrestrial TV station.

With the Satellite Dish, the Sims’ world expanded beyond the boundaries of Earth, providing them with a cosmic connection.

Cloning Machine – Doubling the Fun

The Cloning Machine was a fascinating invention that allowed Sims to duplicate collectibles, food, and even other Sims! The possibilities were endless;

Sims could now have clones of themselves to handle their daily responsibilities or experiment with replicating valuable items for personal gain. The Cloning Machine opened up new avenues of creativity and hilarity for players to explore.

Electroflux Wormhole Generator – A Journey Beyond

The crown jewel of Wheatley’s inventions was the Electroflux Wormhole Generator, a device that enabled Sims to contact aliens, test the environment of distant planets, and even travel to the mysterious and exotic Planet SixAm.

The Wormhole Generator took Sim adventurers on thrilling intergalactic journeys, allowing them to explore the unknown and experience wonders beyond their imagination.

Challenges and Quirks of Wheatley

Challenges and Quirks of Wheatley

While Wheatley opens up a world of possibilities, it’s not without its challenges and quirks. Here are some common issues you might encounter while using the Invention Constructor Mod:

Malfunctioning Inventions:

In the early stages, your inventions may not always turn out as expected. Some devices might malfunction, leading to unintended consequences. This unpredictability adds an element of surprise and excitement to the gameplay.

Limited Invention Slots:

Your Sim can only work on a limited number of inventions at once. With multiple devices to choose from, you’ll need to prioritise which projects to undertake, adding a strategic element to your gameplay.

Time Management:

Inventing and upgrading devices takes time, and your Sim’s work-life balance may be affected. Balancing career responsibilities with invention projects can be a juggling act, requiring careful planning and time management.

Skill Development:

As your Sim gains experience and improves their skill in the scientist career, they’ll unlock new inventions and upgrades. However, reaching higher levels of expertise may take time and effort.

Alien Encounters:

While the Satellite Dish and Wormhole Generator offer thrilling encounters with extraterrestrial beings, Sims may not always be prepared for the unexpected. Alien interactions can lead to humorous or challenging situations that require quick thinking.

Player Tips and Tricks

To make the most of Wheatley and ensure a smooth experience, here are some helpful tips:

Experiment Freely:

Don’t be afraid to try different combinations and upgrades. Some of the most interesting and unexpected results come from daring experimentation.

Plan Your Inventions:

Prioritise the devices that align with your Sims’ goals and aspirations. This will help you focus on inventions that suit your gameplay style.

Build the Perfect Lab:

Create a dedicated workspace for your Sim’s inventions. A well-equipped lab with essential tools and equipment can speed up the invention process.

Stay on Top of Upgrades:

Keep track of your devices and their available upgrades. Upgrading existing inventions can lead to groundbreaking discoveries.


Wheatley, the Invention Constructor Mod, became a cherished addition to The Sims 4 universe. With its futuristic gadgets and AI-powered creativity, it brought a new dimension of excitement to the gameplay experience. From transforming Sims with the SimRay to exploring alien worlds with the Wormhole Generator, Wheatley enriched the lives of Sims and players alike.

So, if you’re a Sims 4 enthusiast looking to dive into the realm of sci-fi and invention, Wheatley awaits your command! Whether you wish to freeze, clone, or explore distant planets, this AI-powered invention constructor will undoubtedly take your gameplay to thrilling heights.

Are you ready to unleash your Sims’ potential with Wheatley? The universe of possibilities beckons, so get ready to embark on an extraordinary adventure with the Invention Constructor Mod!

Frequently Asked Questions about The Invention Constructor Mod

What is The Invention Constructor, and how do I access it in The Sims 4?

The Invention Constructor is an AI-powered invention machine introduced in The Sims 4 with the “Get To Work” expansion pack. To access The Invention Constructor, your Sim must join the scientist career, which allows them to experiment and invent various devices using this fascinating mod.

How do I build The Invention Constructor in my Sims’ home?

To construct The Invention Constructor, simply purchase it from the “Electronics” category in the Build/Buy mode and place it on your Sim’s lot. Once you’ve done this, your Sim can start experimenting with inventions.

Can my Sim’s inventions fail or malfunction?

Yes, especially in the early stages of experimentation, your Sim’s inventions may not always work as intended. Some devices might malfunction, leading to humorous or unexpected consequences. Don’t worry; failure is all part of the inventive process!

How can I upgrade the devices my Sim invents?

As your Sim gains experience and levels up in the scientist career, they’ll unlock new inventions and upgrades for existing devices. Keep working on your Sim’s career and skills to unlock more powerful upgrades for your inventions.

Can Wheatley’s inventions have unexpected effects on my Sims’ lives?

Absolutely! Some inventions, like the SimRay and the Wormhole Generator, can lead to unexpected and sometimes amusing interactions with other Sims and even alien encounters. Be prepared for exciting surprises!

Can I use The Invention Constructor to interact with aliens or visit other planets?

Yes! The Satellite Dish and the Electroflux Wormhole Generator provide avenues for your Sims to communicate with aliens, affect the mood of neighbourhoods, and travel to the intriguing Planet SixAm for exciting intergalactic adventures.

Can I sell the inventions my Sims create with The Invention Constructor?

No, the devices invented with The Invention Constructor are not for sale. However, they offer unique and beneficial functionalities that can greatly enhance your Sims’ lives and gameplay experience.

Is The Invention Constructor available on all platforms where The Sims 4 is available?

Yes, as long as you have The Sims 4 “Get To Work” expansion pack installed, The Invention Constructor Mod is accessible on all platforms where The Sims 4 is available.

Can I uninstall or disable The Invention Constructor once I’ve built it?

Yes, if you decide you no longer want to use The Invention Constructor, you can remove it from your Sim’s lot like any other object. This will deactivate its functionality.

Are there any cheat codes or tricks related to The Invention Constructor?

While cheat codes are available for The Sims 4, using them may alter your gameplay experience. It’s recommended to play the game organically and embrace the challenges and surprises that come with The Invention Constructor’s inventions.

Where can I find more information or support for The Invention Constructor Mod?

For additional information, updates, or support for The Invention Constructor Mod, you can visit the official mod page at

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