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How To Stand Still In CAS In The Sims 4? (Guide) 2023

How To Stand Still In CAS In The Sims 4
Stand Still In CAS

Creating and customizing your sims is the sims franchise’s most exciting and rewarding aspect. In simulation games, character customization holds a lot of potential since making your character can mean seeing how they look and giving them various traits. However, you can’t do much if your character keeps moving around.

The Sims 4 stand still in cas mods will help keep your character in a fixed position, so they do not go rampant and move around. This will ease your customization process, and you can look at the accessories you put on them. This article will look at how these tools work and their downloading process.

How do these tools work?

Well, in simple words, this no moving in CAS tool will ensure your sim does not move around in the CAS window and stands completely still. Doing things like looking at downloaded mods in detail and looking at face paint, makeup, accessories, and more is simplified. You can now notice the insane detailing that went into each mod.

You can also see how increasing and decreasing their weight affects how their body looks, since before, you could not gauge them based on their movements. Two versions of this mod have been created; the first makes the sims stand entirely still while the second has a bunch of other utilities thrown in. We will discuss both of them in detail in the sections given below.

Sims 4 Stand Still In CAS

Shimrod Stand

This is the first stand still mod published way back in 2019. This mod prevents idle swaying of your sims and makes it so that the sims do not give reactions in CAS.  Basically, your sims will not react to everything that you do in the editing section. Therefore, it will be easier for you if your sims stay still while you change their weight, height, earrings, caps, tops, skirts, and many more.

Standing still gives you leeway to utilize your creative freedom and have complete control over what is happening. There are a few things you should be wary of, however, since there are some traits and changes which will not be affected by this mod. For easier reference, we will list them down below.

  • The walking styles will not be affected since they REQUIRE animation to display.
  • This mod will also not affect the Editing Traits and Aspirations window.
  • When you switch the age of a sim, the animation will take over.
  • This mod will also not affect the shifting and blinking of the eyes.
  • The mouth of a sim will move when the voice slider moves.

A few other animation pieces still require a fix and have not been looked at to this day by the mod creator. The first is leaning back of the animation, and the other is where male sims shift their feet while switching styles.

Note: We will provide the link to both mods in a single link, so do not worry if you do not find the link for the Shimrod Stand mod in this section


Shooksims is another creator who has made a mod that controls the sims in their CAS mode. This mod also differs from the previous ones in multiple factors.  Both of the mods have been created by the same creator which is MizoreYukii. This mod lets you select custom poses for your characters which adds another crisp layer of CAS and lets you see your accessories and mods from a newer angle.

By changing their pose when you are styling your sims or changing their body shape, you can observe how it affects their appearance in multiple ways and poses. This feature lets you look at your sims from a newer lens. In this one, your sims will not blink, but other things like walking, voice sliders, and more are present, the same as the Shimrod mod.

There is something about making the sims stand robotically; still, it does not feel natural since humans have that innate tendency to keep moving and fidgeting. That is why people think this mod is slightly better than the Shimrod Stand because it feels more natural.

Although moving around too much is also an issue, we need a perfect balance that cannot be acquired in the base game without any mods. That is why we recommend downloading both mods to give you a concrete idea of what to expect in accounts of realism in the modding community. Now, let us look at how you can download this mod.

This stand still in CAS works for toddlers since many people have tried it, and it works.

How to download and install the Shooksims mod

First of all, you need to know that both mods have the same link, and when you click on the mod link we give you, there is a page full of the information you need to digest before knowing what to do with it. Apparently, you can only download one mod version; you can download the Shooksims version or the Shimrod stand one, according to your choices.

Here is the link to download either of those mods; links to both are on the same page:

First, through the link, you need to download the mod file; while that download is going on, make sure you also install an unpacking tool. You can either use WinRar or 7zip; skip this step if you already have an unpacker. After downloading the mod, open it in a folder and right-click it.

Now extract the file into your sims 4 mods folder; it will mostly be in your main drive’s documents folder. We need to do one more thing, and we are done. Open the game and go to settings and enable mods; after enabling mods, restart the game, and the mod you downloaded will be in effect. If you have already enabled mods, then skip this step.

There are no conflicts with this mod. However, it is recommended to clear your local thumb cache files so that your mod works correctly, but it also makes the game a little bit faster.


That is all you need to know about the sims 4 stand still in CAS mod. There are not many more options since it is a small quality of life game mod, and there is not much more you can do besides changing some of the code. However, it is a beneficial mod if you like changing the looks of your sims more often.

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