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Sims 4 How To Diagnose & Cure Sickness (Guide) 2024

Sims 4 Sick

In the sprawling and intricate universe of The Sims 4, players find themselves engrossed in the myriad facets of virtual life, from career pursuits and relationship building to interior designing and skill development.

But with the “Get To Work” expansion, the game introduces a profound dimension that adds depth and realism: the health and wellness of Sims. Just as in our tangible world, where well-being plays a pivotal role in our daily lives,

Sims too can now encounter health challenges and being sick. In this guide, we will explore the signs of sickness, delve into potential remedies, and equip players with the knowledge to ensure their Sims lead a life brimming with vitality and joy.

How to know if your Sim is sick?

How to know if your Sim is sick?

In the enthralling realm of “The Sims 4”, the well-being of your Sim can often be taken for granted, until they fall sick. As the game has evolved, so too have the details that make it so captivating, including the very health of our virtual beings.

The emergence of health issues, introduced in the “Get To Work” expansion, added a layer of realism that every dedicated player must navigate.

A frequent inquiry from players delving into this intricate world is: “How can I tell if my Sim is feeling under the weather?” Like a puzzle waiting to be solved, the clues are scattered throughout the game, beckoning the discerning eye.

1. Spotting Physical Changes

Just as in the real world, physical changes are often the most immediate and noticeable signs of an underlying health issue. When a Sim is not in the pink of health, the game designers have made sure that this manifests visibly.

One such manifestation is rashes. If your Sim, who was perfectly fine a day before, suddenly sports a rash, it’s a clear sign that all’s not well.

Rashes in “The Sims 4” are illustrated with red blotches or spots, often accompanied by your Sim showing signs of discomfort. 

2. Observing Behavioural Changes

Beyond the evident physical signs, the game brilliantly portrays health issues through behavioural anomalies. It’s these subtleties that make “The Sims 4” such an immersive experience.

A Sim might suddenly appear dizzy, clutching their head and looking disoriented. This dizziness isn’t just a random event; it’s an indicator of a potential ailment.

Another tell-tale sign is the random and uncontrollable bouts of giggling. 

Moodlets: The Clear Indicators

When a Sim is unwell, a moodlet indicating their ailment will usually appear. Whether it’s a depiction of a thermometer indicating fever or a swirling head suggesting dizziness, these moodlets offer direct insight into your Sim’s health.

By hovering over or clicking on these moodlets, players can access detailed descriptions, providing a clearer understanding of their Sim’s condition.

A Glimpse into the Illnesses of The Sims World

The Sims world is fascinating, with its quirky illnesses that bear whimsical names. Here’s a rundown:

  • Triple Threat: As ominous as it sounds, it’s more of a nuisance than a threat.
  • Itchy Plumbob: Your Sim might seem restless and, well, itchy.
  • Burning Belly: Digestive issues that make your Sim uncomfortable.
  • Starry Eyes: Not as dreamy as it sounds, but more of a visual ailment.
  • Llama Flu: A rather common illness, akin to our world’s flu.
  • Bloaty Head: Sounds funny, but the symptoms can be quite troublesome.
  • Sweaty Shivers: Cold one moment, hot the next.
  • Gas and Giggles: A combination of digestive gas and inexplicable laughter.

How to Cure Your Sick Sim? 

While it’s distressing to watch your Sim suffer, there are remedies available. Depending on the severity of the illness and your Sim’s resources, here are the options:

1. Medicine: The Instant Panacea


Medicine stands out as the most direct and expedient solution to combat any Sim ailment. For players keen on an instantaneous remedy, this should be the go-to:

Access and Purchase:

Initiating the process is simple. Players need to direct their Sim to any computer within their household. Under the ‘Order’ menu, one finds the ‘Purchase Medicine’ option.

The game’s design prides itself on simplicity, especially when it comes to health. There isn’t a myriad of medicines to choose from; there’s a singular, universal remedy that fits the bill for every illness. This eliminates any confusion and ensures a swift purchasing process.

Usage and Recovery:

Once the medicine is acquired, the next step is administration. Give the medicine to the unwell Sim, and the transformation is almost immediate. Their discomfort dissipates, their energy returns, and they are back to their usual, vivacious self.

2. Natural Healing: The Charm of Tea and Orange Juice

While medicine offers a rapid solution, there’s a subset of players who lean towards organic, homely remedies. Here, the game introduces two popular solutions: tea and orange juice.


An epitome of warmth and comfort, tea in “The Sims 4” mirrors its real-life counterpart. It’s not just about the physical act of drinking; it’s about the entire experience.

Watching your Sim, perhaps seated by a window or wrapped in a blanket, sipping tea, is akin to witnessing a ritual of recuperation. The process might be slower than popping a pill, but it is steady and often just as effective.

Orange Juice:

Orange Juice

Another staple from the annals of home remedies, orange juice in the game signifies refreshment and vitality. Serving a glass to your ailing Sim not only aids in their recovery but also provides an energy boost. It’s a gentle nudge towards health, one sip at a time.

Rest: Nature’s Own Remedy


There’s an old adage that resonates both in our world and in “The Sims 4”: “Sleep is the best medicine.” When all else fails, or when resources are sparse, the healing power of rest cannot be overstated.

  • Napping and Sleeping: Directing your Sim to take short naps during the day can contribute to their healing process. For more severe ailments, a full night’s sleep might be the ideal remedy. 
  • Waking Up Renewed: After a substantial rest, it’s a joy to watch your Sim wake up, their energy replenished, their ailment a thing of the past. They’re ready to face another day in their virtual universe, their health hiccup just a fleeting memory.


With the release of the “Get To Work” expansion, The Sims 4 embarked on a journey of deepening its simulation mechanics, particularly through the introduction of health and sickness dynamics.

This addition elevated the gameplay experience, making it not just about managing a Sim’s daily activities or career ambitions, but also about navigating the complexities and intricacies of their well-being. 

So, the next time your Sim bursts into a giggle fit or looks a tad bit green, remember these tips and tricks to get them back on their feet. After all, a healthy Sim is a happy Sim!

Frequently Asked Questions (faqs)

How can I identify if my Sim is sick?

Sims display specific symptoms when they’re unwell. Look out for physical changes like rashes, behavioral alterations such as dizziness or uncontrollable giggling, and check moodlets on the lower-left side of the screen for any health-related icons and descriptions.

Are there different types of illnesses in The Sims 4?

Yes, there are various illnesses, including but not limited to Triple Threat, Itchy Plumbob, Burning Belly, Starry Eyes, Llama Flu, Bloaty Head, Sweaty Shivers, and Gas and Giggles.

What’s the fastest way to heal my sick Sim?

Medicine is the quickest remedy. Order it from any computer in your household under the ‘Order’ > ‘Purchase Medicine’ options, and administer it to your Sim.

Are there natural remedies available for sick Sims?

Absolutely! Tea and orange juice serve as holistic healing methods. While they work more gradually than medicine, they can be just as effective.

My Sim doesn’t have enough Simoleons to buy medicine. What should I do?

If resources are limited, consider using natural remedies like tea and orange juice. Alternatively, letting your Sim rest by taking naps or a full night’s sleep can also help in their recovery.

Will one type of medicine work for all illnesses?

Yes, The Sims 4 offers a universal medicine that’s effective for all sicknesses, eliminating the need to select specific medication for different ailments.

How can I ensure my Sim gets enough rest while sick?

Direct your Sim to their bed. You can choose either the “Nap” option for short-term rest or “Sleep” for a more extended, rejuvenating rest.

Can a Sim’s sickness get worse if not treated?

While the game generally ensures that Sims recover over time, it’s always best to address the ailment as soon as possible to ensure your Sim’s overall well-being and happiness.

How long does it typically take for a Sim to recover from an illness with natural remedies?

Recovery time can vary based on the severity of the illness and the specific remedy used. However, over a couple of in-game days, you should notice a significant improvement in your Sim’s health.

Is there a way to prevent my Sims from getting sick?

While there’s no guaranteed way to prevent sickness, ensuring a good environment, regular meals, and maintaining hygiene can help in reducing the chances.

We hope this FAQ section addresses your queries about managing health in The Sims 4. Remember, the key is to be observant and responsive to your Sim’s needs, ensuring they lead a happy and healthy virtual life.

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