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What do Origin Points do Updated (Guide) 2024

What do Origin Points do Updated (Guide)

Games have come very far since Super Mario was released quite a few decades ago. Gaming has become a cornerstone for all things pop culture, and the world has become a better place because of it. There is always competition in gaming, but all of that goes outside the window once the game is done.

But how do gamers calculate their prowess? Who’s better than whom? A way to do that is through achievements. And one of the leading developers, EA, calculates achievements through the use of origin points. Many gamers have wondered if there is any use in collecting these points in their inventory. 

That is why today, we will be looking at these origin points in detail to determine if there is a use to them or if they are just there for show.

Origin Points

Everything you need to know about Origin Points

What are Origin Points?

As we covered earlier, Origin points are something EA gives the players of the games they play as achievements. Think of them as a way to calculate the prowess of their skill; the more origin points you have, the more skilled you appear to be on your profile. That is why socially active players must segregate their points to display their skills. 

You can get these points by progressing in story mode or multiplayer of any game. Most players try to actively reach out for these points, which is fine too. Think of it as trophy hunting, similar to the PS center. 

What we know about these points is that you cannot use them as a currency to buy anything or purchase any DLC.  These are different from the Bioware points; Bioware points that you collect CAN be used to purchase DLC from the Bioware games, a system every game should integrate instead of microtransactions.

Think of these points as a feel-good factoring into your game progression. The more points you have, the better you will feel about your status and mechanical skill in the game. All this is positive reinforcement to make the people play the game more.

For the people who have not participated in the Origin system yet, we will look at how to sign up and how the gamers have responded to this origin points system throughout the years.

What do origin points do?

Well, the answer to these you know already. They practically increase your merit in the video game world, more so in the Origin space, since other origin members can only see your prowess; otherwise, the points you collect from the games are not helpful. Although, they can still be an excellent indicator of the hard work you put into the game.

How to subscribe to Origin?

If you haven’t already signed up for Origin, then here is a way to sign up for it. All you need to do is follow the steps we are about to show you.

  • Firstly, you must go to and register; if you have already made an account, skip this step.
  • Now, after logging in, click on the Origin Access Tab.
  • Select the basic sign-up plan, basic, monthly, or whatever option you prefer.
  • Select the payment method for the subscription.
  • Click the review order button and proceed.
  • This starts the subscription.

What do gamers think about these Origin Points?

It is not surprising that gamers have unique opinions about anything related to their favorite games. However, since they have been collecting a lot of origin points, their idea about this system involves a lot of creative utilization of this mod. The input makes sense, and Origin has not yet heard their pleas, even though it is 2022.

Most people say that EA has neglected the players by ignoring how they feel about their origin points. The players want the origin points to be of some use rather than the games just ignoring their existence altogether.

The players have said that collecting them takes a lot of time and effort, but there should be some kind of reward if they pour that much into a game.

This reward system has been incorporated in many games, yet it is still unknown why Origin refuses to give the players what they want. Due to Origin’s responsiveness, many people have stopped caring about how the points affect their gaming state in the first place. This is a terrible sign because if players lose interest in the game, it might be a problem for developers.

These origins points have been a subtle comparison to the Ubisoft points as well. The reason is that the company lets the players use those Ubisoft points to purchase in-game items, which is one of the best additions to any game. The reason being it more or less reduces the microtransactions the games have.

The Verdict

We do not think the origin points will have many uses going forward. That is why collecting these points has to be considered, more or less, an achievement tool and a judgment of prowess rather than them being used for anything else. Only time will tell what the games that use the Origin point system will incorporate. Have a nice day!

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