MC Settings Profiler: Different Setup And protocol

This particular program allows the defining of any profile while linking the same with the mc_settings.cfg file. This feature allows multiple users a chance to play the Sims 4 using the very same computer but with different configurations of MC Command Center.

Whenever any profile is opted by a user followed by the launch of the game, the feature will place that pre-defined profile settings into the mod folder of MC Command Center. It shall be used by the user further in the game until replaced by any other profile setting and the Sims game is then launched using new profile. This states that once Sims 4 game has been launched using a said profile, the user can close down the MC Settings Profiler while the settings continue to get used. The users only need to re-launch the MC Settings Profiler if a change is needed to the Sims 4 with different profile.

Initial MC Settings Profiler Setup:

When initially launching the MC Settings Profiler, users need to opt for the very first thing that is the configuration of deciding a location for the MC Command Center mod in the computer. This is normally done by using the “>>” button just next to field “MC Command Center Mod Folder”. After navigating through the right folder, followed by clicking over “OK” button, folder location for the mod shall be displayed over a line that is left to “>>” button.

After this, the settings for Sims 4 Exe need to be defined. Again, “>>” button should be clicked for the proper procession of the step. Also, a TS4 EXE file that is required to run a specific computer needs to be found & selected. After the launch button gets clicked, selected file of the EXE format shall be executed with the use of a specific setting file for the profile.

Profile Setup:

When initially running the MC Settings Profiler, there shall be no defined profiles already existing. After this, drop-down menu that is next to the “Choose a Profile” option shall be disabled. This particular thing shall change when there is a need for creating more than one profile. This allows the user to choose between various profiles. The profile that is selected from this drop-down after clicking on the launch button determines the settings file that becomes the game’s mc_settings.cfg file.

Add a New Profile

Clicking over this button allows the creation of a whole new profile. Any setting that is currently placed in the mc_settings.cfg shall eventually become the profile’s settings. A file shall be created in the mod folder for MCCC for a particular profile of interest. The name shall be similar with “mcpr_xxxxxx_settings.json”. In this case, the “xxxxxx” stands as a profile name (the spaces here are converted to the underscores). Json files actually serve as the text files found in specific format. The best example of Json file is mc_settings.cfg. This comes with an extension “cfg” as opposed to “json”.

Edit Profile

Clicking on this button allows for the changing of the profile’s name. The old file mcpr_xxxxxx_settings.json shall effectively be renamed to the newly decided profile name.

Refresh Profile

Clicking on this button will extract the current settings for mc_settings.cfg and then save the same for any selected profile.

This process is initiated for updating the settings on the basis of changes seen in the game. If the settings are moved from computer onto the Sim Lot in-game, these settings are then saved in mc_settings.cfg as opposed to the profile. So as to ensure that the user settings make it to profile too, the option “Refresh Profile”s needs to be run right before switching to different profile while the existing one changes in the mc_settings.cfg and is lost when new profile gets selected.

Delete Profile

Clicking on this button deletes the selected profile as well as “mcpr_xxxxxx_settings.json” which is related to it.