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Relationship Cheats (Friendship, Romance) – 2024

Relationship Cheats
Relationship Cheats

A very crucial role while playing The Sims 4 is maintaining a good relationship with other sims and growing your network by connecting with your family members and friends. There won’t be any fun in The Sims if you don’t have any friends or loved ones with whom you can share the moments of your life.

Therefore the Sims 4 relationship cheat helps you along the way to gain unlimited money and to skip the organic, tiresome process of developing relationships. Using these cheats, you can instantly change the relationship between any two sims, let it be for the better or worse.

Thus, these mccc relationship cheats work at two extremes; you can either maximize your relationship with someone or become mortal enemies. This article enlists all the relationship types.

Relationship cheat codes Sims 4

Managing relationships in the real life as well as in the game is really important. Now, maintaining this relationships can be very difficult and monotonous for some people, as stated earlier. Thus, you can find a quick fix called cheat code and use it to your advantage to improve your relationships and friendships.

To know “how do I change relationships in Sims 4? or “what is the romance cheat in Sims 4?” the first task is to enable the Sims 4 relationship cheats so, follow the steps mentioned below to do so –

  • Open the cheat dialogue box by pressing Ctrl + Shift + C on your keyboard if you’re using a PC and press all the four triggers/shoulder buttons at once on your Xbox or PS4.
  • Type “testingcheats true” cheat code.
  • Press the Enter key. This will enable cheats.

A message displaying “cheats are enabled” will appear once sims 4 relationship cheats are working.

sims 4 Relationship Cheats
sims 4 Relationship Cheats

How to cheat relationships through cheat codes?

If you’re in doubt that “Is there a cheat to improve relationships in Sims 4?” then to make things easier for yourself, remember this universal formula for Sims 4 edit relationships –

  • ModifyRelationship_[first name of sim1]_[last name of sim1]_[first name of sim2]_[last name of sim2]_[Amount of relationship strength]_[relationship type]

(“_” means there should be a blank space in the above cheat code) Now, this might seem a little confusing, So, see it this way – Modifyrelationship Tiara Jonas Luke Campbell 100 LTR_Romance_Main. Here, the first sim is Tiara Jonas, and this is the sim that you’ve been controlling. The second Sim here is Luke Campbell, this is the person you want Tiara to fall in love with. So, you use this cheat to make their relationship strong.

It’s worth mentioning that if you write a sim’s name, you should check the spelling twice as it would make the cheat ineffective. Secondly, you should add space between their names. In addition to this, adding a number like 100 will increase their romance points to 100 and not fill the bar to 100 percent.

While editing relationships, the amount of relationship strength will vary from -100 to +100, where -100 means when both the sims hate each other, 0 is the neutral case, and +100 means when both the sims have the best relationship between them.

The Relationship type will be:

  • LTR_Friendship_Main, is equal to the friendship between two sims. If you want your sims to be each other’s ride or die, then you can select their friendship to a maximum of 100, if you want them to turn into foes, you can reduce it to minus.
  • LTR_Romance_Main, is the romantic relationship between two sims. Add whatever number you like (positive or negative) to affect their romantic courtship.
  • LTR_SimtoPet_Friendship_Main, is the relationship between a sim and a pet. This can only happen if you have the sims 4 cats and dogs EP. Otherwise, you cannot access this cheat.

If you wish to let go of all this trouble, install the MC Controller Mod to achieve whatever relationship you want with any character. (Always enable cheats before entering any sims 4 relationship cheats)

Sims 4 friendship cheat codes

Friendships are really essential for us if we want to have a good social life. Not having any friends doesn’t do much good than harm. One should always opt for meeting new people, engaging in stimulating conversations and understanding different perspectives. The kind of friendships we have say a lot about us.

As social animals, we aren’t meant to wander alone. So, If you want to know “how to make friends for me?” then read this section.

What is the cheat to increase friendship in Sims 4?

To increase relationship between two sims and to make them Sims 4 best friends, use the code given below –

ModifyRelationship Sim1 Sim2 Amount LTR_Friendship_Main

Where Sim1 is the full name of Sim1,
              Sim2 means the full name of Sim2,
              Amount is equal to the numerical value of relationship strength

For example: You could increase Kat and Vicky’s friendship to a 100 by using this code – ModifyRelationship Kat Vicky 100_LTR_Friendship_main. I hope this example could make things clear for you.

Where Sim1 is the full name of Sim1,
              Sim2 means the full name of Sim2,
              Amount is equal to the numerical value of relationship strength

Let’s try to understand this MC Command Center sims 4 relationship cheats with an example. Consider my sim name is Amit Bakshi, and the target is YuktiWilson. For them to be friends, the amount of relationship between them is 80. So, the cheat is going to look like this –

  • ModifyRelationship Amit Bakshi Yukti Wilson 80 LTR_Friendship_Main

(Note – be cautious about the spelling of their names, and use space between the first name and the last name)

This way, you don’t have to worry about “how do I make my Sims 4 best friends?”

You can even decrease the relationship and make two characters hate each other using a negative number instead of a positive one. For example, you want to reduce friendship between Amit Bakshi and Yukti Wilson by 40 points, follow the below cheat:

  • ModifyRelationship Amit Bakshi Yukti Wilson -40 LTR_Friendship_Main

Sims 4 marriage cheat: How to Cheat Romance

To enhance sim love between two characters, go through the steps mentioned for Sims 4 romance cheat –

  • ModifyRelationship Sim1 Sim2 Amount LTR_Romance_Main

Where Sim1 implies the full name of Sim1,
              Sim2 indicates the full name of Sim2,
              Amount implies the numerical value of relationship strength

(This cheat will work in the same manner as the friendship ploy. All you need to focus on is to use Romance in place of Friendship).

Let’s try it with an example. For instance, my persona’s name is Amit Bakshi, and the target is Yukti Wilson. The amount of romance between them is 70. So, the code would look like this –

  • ModifyRelationship Amit Bakshi Yukti Wilson 70 LTR_Romance_Main

In this way, you’re leading them towards a proposal, so it’s also an engagement cheat of sorts.

You can even reduce the level of romance between the two by using a negative number. For example, you want to decrease romance between Amit Bakshi and Yukti Wilson by 20 points, here is how to do it –

  • ModifyRelationship Amit Bakshi Yukti Wilson -20 LTR_Romance_Main

Ways to Cheat Pet Relationships

In case you have The Sims 4: Cats and Dogs, you can use the friendship cheat with your pets to modify the level of your relationship with them. There is a slight change in this trick, though.

  • ModifyRelationship SimName PetName Amount LTR_SimtoPet_Friendship_Main
  • Where SimName indicates the full name of the sim you are currently controlling,
  • PetName hints at the name of your pet,
  • Amount suggests the numerical value of relationship strength.

For example, my persona’s name is Mitsu Shane, and my dog’s name is Daisy. The sum of the relationship required is 60 points. So input –

  • ModifyRelationship Mitsu Shane Daisy 60 LTR_SimtoPet_Friendship_Main

You can even diminish the level of bonding between the two by applying for a negative number. For example, you want to lessen the bond between Mitsu Shane and Daisy by 15 points, here is how to do it –

  • ModifyRelationship Mitsu Shane Daisy -15 LTR_SimtoPet_Friendship_Main

How to increase relationship cheat

There are a few more sims 4 relationship cheats that you can go for.

  • Relationship.introduce_sim_to_all_others If you’re wondering, “how do I make my sim friends with everyone?” use this code if you wish to be everyone’s acquaintance. You can call it one of the social cheats also.
  • Relationships.create_friends_for_sim – A stranger would visit your lot to break the ice, and you’d have 50% friendship with them already.
  • Sims.get_sim_id_by_name (YourSimsFirstName) (YourSimsLastName) To know your id for a cheat, input this cheat code and you’d receive a long numeric string.
  • Relationship.destroy (YourSimID) (TargetSimID) – It’s a more destructive option wherein you end a relationship with someone in every possible way.
  • Relationship.add_bit (YourSimID) (TargetSimID) (RelationshipBit) – If you don’t want to stick to the general relationships, input this, and you’d gain status as –
  • Romantic-married
  • Family_husband_wife
  • Family_grandchild
  • Family_son_daughter
  • Family_brother_sister
  • Family_grandparent
  • Family_parent


Can Sims have polyamorous relationships?

Yes, Sims have the freedom to indulge in polyamorous relationships. They can be non-exclusive or in an open relationship as long as it’s mutual.

How do you modify relationships in Sims 4?

To modify relationships in Sims 4, press Control, Shift, and C simultaneously on PC or all four buttons at the same time on PS4 or Xbox One. Add a numerical value in the cheat code “# of relationship strength. Romance cheats can really come in handy when modifying relationships.

Is there a cheat to increase relationships in Sims 4?

Yes, there are a few cheats to increase relationships in S4; these are ModifyRelationship(Sim1name) (Sim2name) Amount and then LTR_Romance_Main/ LTR_Friendship_Main/ LTR_SimToPet_Friendship_Main. Make sure to enable cc first.

Can Sims have polyamorous relationships?

Yes, sims can have polyamorous relationships by opting for open relationships that won’t have that exclusivity.


These Sims 4 relationship cheat would bring about various emotions and feelings in your characters ranging from love to hatred. This will also make things a lot easier for you. Because now you don’t have to visit Tom from your neighborhood daily in order to form a good bond with him. You could just try different combinations of these cheat codes and enjoy the exciting results, which adds an extra flavor to your gaming experience.

Happy simming!

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