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Sims 4 Faster Eating & Drinking Mod (Download) 2023

Sims 4 Faster Eating & Drinking Mod
Sims 4 Faster Eating

When you’ve been playing the game for too long, some things that initially looked interesting lose their charm. Two such activities that, after a while, simmers report to be extremely boring and unnecessary are eating and drinking.

Sims take more time than usual to devour food; they eat at such a slow pace that it makes you want to doze off. In addition to this, when you’ve watched them do this a hundred times, it really doesn’t excite you anymore, and you just want to get done with it. Now, this isn’t possible unless you get the sims 4 faster eating mods.

So, read this till the end to know all about the faster eating and drinking modifications and how you can use them to alleviate your suffering (or boredom, whatever you’d like to call it.)

Top faster eating and drinking mods

Getting these mods may not be the most life-altering decision that you make for your sims, but it sure makes things less boring for you. So, below are our top picks in fast eating mods:

Sims Eat and Drink Faster and Optional Version: Prefer to eat at Tables

This module by the custom content creator Bijnicol is a blessing for you if you want to save some time by making your sims eat at a faster pace. And by the faster pace, we don’t mean unusually fast! Let’s look at this in more detail.

Features of this mod

Once you install this modification, you’ll see that all those unnecessary animations like humming or looking around (which can be a bummer if you are in a hurry) will be scrapped off from your game. While the purpose of the animations is to make the game more immersive, they tend to do the opposite once you start playing the game regularly. So, with this alteration, your character will just sit and focus on finishing the food on his plate.

While this might seem a bit mechanical, when you actually download the module, you’ll realize that it looks way more natural than before. Also, your sim won’t be eating fast, but as the animations would be out of the equation, your character will finish his meal earlier than the supposed time.

The same principle goes for when your sims are in a social setting and having a gala time will their friends. However, here they’ll not devour the food the same way they do when alone, but instead, they’ll chat in between bites like real people while still maintaining a natural speed of eating.


This mod is base game compatible, which means it won’t clash with any other mod packs, expansion files, or versions of the game.

Sims Eat and Drink Faster and Optional Version: Prefer to eat at Tables

Sims 4 eat faster or QuickEats mod by Mikya

This module by cc creator Mikya is similar to the mod mentioned above; however, it gives you more control by providing you options that entail different degrees of focus that your character can choose to exercise while eating delicious food.

Let’s dive into the details.

Features of this cc

This module comes in 4 “flavors” or settings that you can select based on how much focus your character has on their meal. So, the less the focus, the more the eating time and vice versa.

The four flavors are:


Just as the name suggests, your sim will be a relatively slow-eater compared to the other flavors. You can call this the first level of faster devouring. Here, the “base_weight of passive consumption” is switched from 1 to 200. This calls for some distractions and more food consumption time. However, food will still be your character’s priority. Thus, they’ll eat their food without any long breaks but some short moments of distraction veiled by animations and other interactions.


This flavor is faster than the last one, with brief pauses for animations and other social interactions. Here, “base_weight of passive consumption” is again altered from 1 to 400. In addition to this, your sim will prioritize his food more than he did in the last favor and will be distracted very less.


This flavor gives high priority to food and would make your character pretty serious about eating. The “base_weight of consumption” goes from 1 to 600, giving your character more focus than the last time. However, your sim will still find some time to chat and do other social interactions in between, but the frequency and time will be significantly less.


If you want your character to turn into a monster and eat food like tomorrow isn’t promised, then this flavor is what you should choose. It makes nutrition the only priority for your character. So, there’s no room for banter. The “base_weight of consumption” goes to 800, making them ultra-focused on devouring. Though your sim can still talk in between, it will be very minimal with zero other social interplays.


This module is most compatible with game patch 1.69.57.

Sims 4 eat faster or QuickEats mod by Mikya


The sims 4 faster-eating modifications are a big-time saver. They make the whole dull and prolonged eating and drinking activity much more bearable. So, getting these mods is a no-brainer!

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