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Sims 4 Mod

Sims 4 Drug Mod | Download – 2024

Sims 4 Drug Mod
Drug Mod

Take a plunge into the world of hard drugs like Cocaine, MDMA, and weed with the Sims 4 drugs mod.

While these activities lure people by giving them short periods of “fun,” they come with a fair share of grim consequences like altered walk styles, mood fluctuations, throbbing headaches, and whatnot.

This is what is portrayed in this modification. In addition to this, you’ll be able to deal with and grow weed.

Basemental drugs mod sims 4

This modification provides a set of operational drugs and substances for the users in this life-simulation game. The purpose of this game is quite simple– To add more realism. Hence, the modification displays everything in the most authentic way.

It highlights drug abuse, trivial fun, overdoses, peaks, withdrawal symptoms, altered moodlets, dealing, and other intricacies surrounding this destructive addiction.

The module is compatible with the latest patch and in no way promotes or encourages substance abuse.


Basemental drugs download

Follow these guidelines for a smooth installation process of the basemental drugs :

  • Browse through this website.
  • Tap on “BM Drugs” and choose the “Download” option.
  • Then, save it in the download’s folder.
  • Next, unzip by right pressing on the folder, then follow this step: Documents>Electronic Arts>Sims4>Mods folder>Basemental Drugs.
  • Have fun with this new update!

NOTE: To enable the script mods.

How to use this drugs mod?

This drug mod gives you an option to be in a fully operational illegal drug store where you can sell, buy, and later consume these drugs.

The mod also adds unique animations, buffs, actions, emotions, and needs for your sims. So, be ready to witness a more unhinged version of them!

Now, below mentioned are the drugs that your sims can experience through this mod:

  1. Cannabis: Initially if there are no dealers than growing cannabis (weed) is the only option in the game. There are in total 8 varieties namely Purple AK-47, OG Kush, AK-47, Sour Diesel, Purple Haze, Northern Lights, Trainwreck, and Sour OG. Once there’s a dealer in the hood, then you can buy it from there and whenever your sim consumes cannabis they will be assigned the “disoriented” moodlet. Your dealer if reaches the level 3 in dealing skills will unlock the potential to sell on the dark web. 
  1. Cocaine: Sims can buy bricks of cocaine from the dealer and then snort it in lines from that brick by breaking it on a surface. These bricks will cost a fortune and give your sim a “confident” mood. 
  1. Amphetamine: You can receive it in buy mod and can again snort it in lines on a surface. They will give your sims an “energetic moodlet.
  1. MDMA: You will find these pills in a flask in buy mod and then eventually get a very unique and rollercoaster experience starting with a “fun” moodlet and then finishing with an “uncomfortable” moodlet. 
  1. Ayahuasca: You need to contact a shaman via your mobile phone to recieve this drug. The shaman will then narrate the entire experience for you which may render your sim confused and very trippy. You can also choose to “close your eyes and sleep” and your sim will doze off after taking the pill and then have trippy dreams. 
  1. Xanax: You can buy it through the dark web or a seller or even get it prescribed by your doctor if you go to him with an awful attitude. This will momentarily give them a joy moodlet but if the doses are not monitored can lead to OD and addiction. 
  1. Lean: Expect your sims to have a “disoriented” mood after taking lean aka the prescription cough syrup that can be found only with certain dealers. 
  1. Adderall: This one is perfect for sims that are found to have extra energetic or active trait or struggle with ADHD. The drug dealer can provide this or the doctor. Your sims will feel more neutral and focused. 
  1. Lsd: You can browse this on the dark web or get it from a dealer. The lsd trips can be quite unexpected but the first one will be higher in intensity than the next ones. 
  1. Shrooms: You can buy it from a nearby vendor or grow them on your own. 

How to be a dealer and what to do if the shaman stops offering you substances?

  • Find a non-related NPC for the sims 4 drug cc.
  • Hover on that NPC and look for the dealer trait in this basemental drugs mod.
  • Get acquainted with him and interact in bona fide to receive better quality narcotics.
  • Next, look for other requests< drug dealing, then you’ll find each pill with new skill attached to it.
  • A seal the deal option would pop up after three interplays.
  • When you grow yourself as a shaman, a wide range of interplays will open up for you, like receiving woohoo as a payment and an option of growing weed.


How do you get the drug mod in Sims 4?

You get the drug mod in S4 by giving a sim a drug dealer trait and settling them in your neighborhood so that other players can buy substances from the drug dealer. These will then get stored in their inventory and can be used anytime.

Do Sims 4 Mods ruin your game?

Yes, sims4 mods ruin your game, but they won’t break it to the point that it will stop working.

How do I download basemental drgs mod?

To download basement drgs module, refer to the section above.

Why is Basementaldrugs Not Working?

Basementaldrugs might not work due to:
• The old version of TS4.
• CC and script mods unenabled.
• Files in the old basemental folder are kept undeleted.
• Script mods folder buried deep after the modifications folder.
• The localthumbcache. package located in the Documents / Electronic Arts / TS4 folder is stocked and undeleted.
Broken modules were hindering the functioning of the module.

Can you play as a drug dealer in sims 4?

Yes, you can play as a drug dealer in sims 4 if you have the drug mod.


This was your guide to sims 4 drug mod. Download it to take a “trip” into another universe. But stay away from drugs in your real life!

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