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100 Baby Challenge Rules | Sims 4 (2024) Latest

Baby Challenge Rules

This challenge is about a female sim that gives birth to 100 babies as quickly as possible. The venture comes to an end when you give birth to the 100th baby, or you might not reach the finish line for breaking the 100 baby challenge rules. To gain more clarity regarding them, read the article further.

Sims 4 100 baby challenge rules

The release of this sims 4 update was on April 7, 2015 along with the expansion pack rules which were launched on November 24, 2018. The objective remains the same.  

100 Baby Challenge Rules | Sims 4
sims 4 100 baby challenge

Take a look at the sims 4 challenge rules mentioned below –

  • Create an avatar of a female, young adult sim who’d be the matriarch and give birth.
  • The matriarch should be the only person in the household in the beginning.
  • Their appearance and traits can be whatever you choose.
  • The lot of the matriarch should not cost more than §20,000 starter fund.
  • You can change the lot but without the use of cheats. However, you can’t share the active household with another family.
  • You can also choose lots from the gallery if the active house can afford it.
  • Auto-aging must be enabled so that the donors are generated automatically for your matron and adjust their lifespan to normal.
  • You can receive rewards by accomplishing aspirations and social events, but not the ones that extend your persona’s lifespan or prevent their death.
  • Simmers can also play in more than one sims 4 household, but the aging should be disabled for the matriarch’s home.
  • You can’t use any mods or CC that might benefit you unfairly (for example, a module that permits you to have more than 8 sims in the house.)
  • Cheats are strictly prohibited except bb.moveobjects on. Although if your game faces a glitch that affects the save file, you can use any possible means to retrieve the data.
  • The task reaches its conclusion once the 100th baby is born, or you might fail due to the lack of following rules.
  • Sims who have turned into ghosts can’t be in the same active household.
  •  Your babies can be aged only when a notification regarding their birthday pops up.
  • As for toddlers, they can grow when they are at level 3 of toddler skills.
  • Children and teens need to receive an A in school to age up.
  • Young adults should move out of the house to make room, but you can’t invite them back.
  • Once the matriarch becomes an elder, her daughter must become the next matriarch. The predecessor can’t leave the household until the next in line becomes a young adult.
  • You can’t make space by killing underage sims or letting them be taken away by social services. For the child to contribute to the game, he/she needs to turn to a young adult.
  • The matriarch can’t have a job that requires her to leave the house. The teenagers can get a part-time job, though.
  • You can hire sims 4 NPC’s, but not the caterers, as the matriarch needs to provide food for the children herself.
  • The mother cannot marry or get engaged to someone when she is pregnant.
  • She can’t get impregnated by the same male sim twice. It’s more like the Forbidden mod Sims 4, to be honest.The father can’t be a member of the house or help in any way. You can’t use the deaderpool’s MCCC child support feature also.
  • You can adopt children, but they won’t contribute to the challenge.
  • You aren’t allowed to influence the gender of the baby by eating strawberries or listening to pop music, etc.
  • You can’t choose the children’s traits or aspirations; they’d be randomized.


  • Patch 34 doesn’t restrict the child-bearer to a specific gender. They can be of any gender as long as they can give birth.
  • Patch 17 enables you to affect the gender of the babies, but you can’t use it in this mission.

Other rules of sims 4 100 baby challenge

  • Your matron can manage a retail business, vet clinic, or restaurant if you have the Get to Work expansion, and their teenagers can help out in there instead of hiring employees.
  • If you own the sims 4 City Living expansion, you can choose any career provided in the pack as long as it’s work from home.
  • She can either join or create clubs and participate in the activities as long as the challenge rules remain intact.
  • You can also enjoy holidays and even create new ones if they don’t affect the rules. To stick to the norms, edit the existing traditions.
  • The matron could relish in fame and build her reputation if she earned it without having a career.
  • Your matriarch can have sims 4 vampire donors, but she can’t be a vampire herself. Also, you can’t turn a female vampire child into a matriarch; therefore, you’d have to cure them.

Other versions of 100 baby challenge

This mission isn’t limited to Sims 4 only. Here are the sims 4 100 babies task rules for Sims 2 and 3 as well.

Sims 2

‘The Cheesecake Challenge’ was the older version of 100 baby, introduced on January 29, 2010 by AndreaCat of Mod The Sims.

In this, the female character had to birth 100 children in less than 50 deliveries by eating a cheesecake every time she got pregnant.

Its rules are as follows –

  • You can’t use cheats.
  • If the sim goes over 50 births, they lose. However, they can use the Triplets or Quads mod.
  • You have to solely look after the child until he/she is a teenager.
  • Children can’t come in contact with their fathers unless it’s by accident, such as a walk-by or a phone call.
  • You can’t get impregnated by the same sim twice.
  • You must send the teens to college if your household is full.
  • The matriarch cannot have the Family aspiration, but her Lifetime Want must be fulfilled.

Sims 3 100 babies challenge

On January 5, 2012, Amiisay of Mod The Sims transformed the cheesecake challenge to the 100 baby one.

The aim of this venture is similar to the earlier one, to give birth to 100 babies.

Here are the rules of the Sims 3 100 baby challenge –

  • The matriarch can’t have a job and can only get out of the house to meet men or complete tasks.
  • Your children can be aged up instantly. In the case of toddlers, as soon as they can walk, talk, and have potty training, they can be aged up; otherwise, you’d have to wait.
  • Children and teens must be A students, and the simmer should receive the message about their child acquiring the honor roll to age them up, or else they’d have to wait.
  • Teenagers can have a job to help the family.
  • Young adults can’t enjoy a full-time job as long as they are in the household. They have to move out ASAP.
  • You can have a maid, but they can’t take care of the toddlers.
  • You can’t use the watermelon or apple trick to guess the gender of the child.
  • The player has the power to choose the matriarch’s traits only.
  • The last female sim birthed by the matriarch would take the challenge forward.
  • As long as the matriarch’s living in the house, she can’t get married.
  • You need to move the matriarch out when she turns into an elder, but only if there’s another adult in the household.
  • You’d fail the mission if you don’t have a female child.
  • Cheats aren’t allowed except ‘resetsim.’
  • You can’t bear the child of the same sim more than once.
  • You can’t hire a babysitter. You’d just have to wait till the children are old enough to take care of themselves.
  • You cannot send your children to a boarding school either.

Additional expansion packs

To work with this edition, you must install the expansion packs required. The rules are as follows –

  • The players can select the lot traits of their choice if it doesn’t have one, but you can’t change them afterward. If the lot already has a feature, then you can’t change it or add another.
  • The matriarch can work from home.
  • You can keep pets; however, they’d take up space in the household.
  • If the matron decides to take a vacation, she must go with her entire household.
  • The teens must have a minimum of one character value (positive or negative) if you have the Parenthood pack.
  • The matron should focus on her children when they misbehave and leave everything else.
  • She must select one of the options in the teaching moment prompt.
  • A matron can make a wish in the wishing well, but you can’t wish for a child.
  • If you have the deaderpool’s MCCC, you can hire a butler, but their child care attribute must be disabled in the butler options.

Occult rules

Sims who are into witchcraft have some additional instructions to follow. They are –

  • If your children and teenagers leave the lot, they must be in their normal avatar. If a non-occult unveils your secret, you must wipe off their memory, and the members of the house can’t communicate with that character.
  • An occult or hybrid occult child would add the value of 2 to the total child count.
  • This advantage of adding two to the count vanishes if they wish for their baby to be an alien or a hybrid from them, and they must include another human matron. In the case of immortal occults, you can acquire a new human matriarch when the next in line, a human daughter, becomes a young adult.

Occult themed challenge

  • The mother should be a member of witchcraft, and their donors should be human sims.
  • However, human children won’t contribute to the child count, but you can’t move them out to make space until they are young adults.
  • Your matron and her children need to be in their human avatar whenever they leave home if their occult has a different form.
  • You can’t interact with the sims outside your household to prevent your secret.


If you don’t have any add-ons, then simply follow the 100 baby challenge rules, and you’d be good to go. I wouldn’t want any of my fellow simmers to fail this task because of their lack of knowledge about the rules, so here you go. Prepare yourself for a fun mission.

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