MC Command Centre Update: latest version

What is MC Command Centre?

The MC Command Centre or Master Controller Command Center is actually a mod which was created by the user named Deaderpool. It flaunts an array of options as multiple modules which tackle the functionalities found in the Sims 4 game such as adjusting the bills, story progression, pregnancies, etc.

Latest MC Command Center Update 7.0.0

The latest public release of the MC Command Center was 7.7.0.

The latest MC Command Center update has been thoroughly tested to function properly with OR, GTW, Dine Out, Get Together, Vampires, Strangeville, City Life, Parenthood, Jungle Adventures, Cats & Dogs, Get Famous, Seasons, as well as the patch which was released on 19 th April 2019- Mac

This particular version has been thoroughly tested to function properly with but doesn’t actually require to gel with features such as OR, GTW, Dine Out, Get Together, City Life, Parenthood, Vampires, Jungle Adventures, Cats & Dogs, Seasons, Strangeville, Get Famous, Island Living, along with the patch which was released on 16th July 2019-Mac PC It shall also function with the releases after Sims 4 recent update unless the same is specified over Patreon or Tumblr via posts. The earlier version of the same shall not be compatible after the latest release.

MC Woohoo 7.7.0

This particular MC Woohoo release has same requirement versions as stated above for MC Command Center and requires the MC Command Center to function correctly for full-scale work capability.

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  1. Installed MCC for the first time yesterday. Keep getting the following script error “TypeError:post_route_clothing_change() got multiple values for argument ‘do spin'”. Any ideas as to how I fix it? Many thanks, Undinae

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