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Sims 4 Ui Cheats & Extension | Review – Updated (2024)

Sims 4 Ui Cheats & Extension
Ui Cheats & Extension

The Sims 4 game is a completely open-source platform that is loved and adored by many. The UI or User-Interface in the game adds in a sense of convenience to the play.

However, this enhanced user interaction can only come with the addition of the Sims 4 UI Extension Mod. With the use of the UI Extension Mod, you can easily change the game’s UI all by yourself. 

However, the use of the Sims 4 UI extension mod is fairly limited. This is where the UI cheats Sims 4 comes into play.

UI Cheats extension mod Sims 4

With the help of the UI Cheats Sims 4, you can enhance the way the UI Extension Mod works. Just as you work on this cheat, you will get to experience some amazing and interesting features or cheats just like the explore mod sims 4.

How can you enable the UI Cheats Sims 4?

In order to enable the workings of the sims 4 UI cheats extension mod, you need to charge up the likes and requirements of this cheat mod. First, download the UI Cheats Sims 4 from the official website and add it to your Sims 4 game folder in the system. Open your game and click on the enable option for your sims 4 UI Cheats extension mod.

Next, you need to click on the cheats in the game or type-in the command for reflection of the new UI effects. With a simplistic dragging feature, one can easily apply the latest UI themes. Using the left-click or right-click values, you can easily set a particular value for your cheat to obtain certain rewards within the game. 

Ui cheats sims 4
Ui cheats sims 4

UI Cheats Extension

In this section for sims 4 UI Cheats Extension, we will discuss all the releases one by one to ensure that you know all about the changes brought together for the UI Cheats extension Sims 4.

  • The very first update for the sims 4 UI Cheats Extension mod came on June 4 followed by August. Both of these updates brought in similar UI cheat changes except for a few different ones. With these updates, more Sims 4 columns are added to The Sims 4 game mod.
  • Later updates removed the random form of trait cheats as the EA announced officially that it is going to release the randomization button.
  • Several goal cheats for the events were also introduced, such as dates, parties, as well as active careers.
  • Sims 4 fixed issues related to the viewing of the pack trailer within the game’s main menu. The patch also reworked time cheat to ensure the needs of the Sims characters do not drop once the time is skipped.
  • The next update for Sims 4 UI extension came in the month of September that added new perks to unlock cheats for the retail shops, vet clinics, restaurants, vampires, celebrities, as well as spellcasters.
  • In December another major update was issued, which fixed the glitches related to career and sinology panel, along with various other issues. Apart from this, this update brought in the progress cheat.
  • You could re-lock the previously unlocked Sims perks with the use of the cheat for perk unlocking.
  • There were also significant improvements in the freelancer career section.
  • The year 2022 started with an update in the month of January that fixed several glitches related to the build mode along with various other issues that popped every now and then.
  • Plus, the issue related to traveling was also corrected, given the fact that it was displayed in an incorrect manner while showing the previously cheated objectives as an incomplete task.
  • The latest update to the cheat UI came on January 18, 2022, that was aimed at fixing the aspiration related cheat on the Sims characters. It used to corrupt the saved game data & the game failed to save any longer. With this update, this issue was promptly fixed.

Sims 4 UI Cheats Extension mod: Not Working

Is your Sims 4 UI Cheats Extension failing to work in your game? This error might occur due to small yet significant reasons in the gameplay. However, with some handy tricks by your side, you can easily avoid this non-functionality of the game and run things in a better way in terms of UI interactions. 

To get things back on track, you need to delete the file downloaded for Sims 4 UI Cheats Extension. This will ensure that the broken files or similar issues are removed from your system. Now visit the official website and download the freshly updated mods. After you have extracted the files from the downloaded zip folders, you need to place the extracted files into the Sims 4 folder. 

Follow the pathway:

Sims 4>EA>Mods

Now, restart your game and enable this cheat mod within the game. Once you do this, your game automatically starts showing all the associated features with this mod.

Sims 4 UI Cheats Weerbesu

The Sims 4 UI Cheats by Weerbesu allows you a direct use of the UI Cheats extension mod as opposed to command typing protocol. In order to download this particular mod, you need to opt for the MTS registration.

Keep in mind that this mod might not be compatible with certain updates. So, make sure you check on the maker’s website on a regular basis to ensure you have the latest version which is compatible with the latest Sims 4 game updates.

How to install the UI cheats Extension Sims 4?

In order to install the UI Extension Sims 4, you need to first download the UI file from the official maker of the extension mod. After the downloading procedure has been completed, you need to place the downloaded and extracted files into the mods folder. This includes files in the .package as well as .ts4script format.

Check whether the UI extension Sims 4 has been enabled within the game to function properly. Keep in mind that the files need to be placed just one subfolder deep. Also, check if the files are downloaded and placed just one in your system as opposed to being present in several other folders of your system.

But, how can multiple files affect your gameplay?

To simplify it, the Sims 4 game tends to get confused when there are several files of a similar kind present in the system. This could lead to the non-functioning of the mod or glitches during the gameplay. So, if you have multiple files, make sure you delete them all and keep only the latest ones in your system.

When the cheat windows in the game appear and even though after you have entered the file, nothing actually happens, it could mean that the .package file has been installed correctly bit not the .script file. So, keep this in mind when getting things done. Now, if the thing that only works is a left clicking based money trick, it could be the reason that your script file hasn’t been installed in a correct manner.

Sims 4 Cheat Mod: Features

With the UI_Cheats_Extension, you get access to several detailed features which include:

  • Draggable and clickable needs cheat
  • You can right click over your needs bar for the sim to take it from -100 all the way to 100
  • You can left click over the counter for money in order to gain a whopping $1000
  • The UI_Cheats_Extension also allows you to right click over your money counters in order to set the household funds
  • Additionally, you can right click over the Sim and drag the character’s relationship panel in order to set the romance/friendship values starting from -100 all the way to 100
  • In order to remove your Sims moodlet, you can follow the right click protocol
  • The same right-click option is applicable for the aspiration goal for immediate fulfilment
  • To set the skill bar, you can right-click and drag it ranging from 1 all the way to 10
  • You can set the game within the clock starting from 0 all the way to 23
  • Set your character’s value meter from -100 to the 100 points value
  • You can also right-click over the school/work’s performance bar and set the value from a negative 100 to the positive 10
  • Over the Sim’s career panel, you can demote or promote the Sim by using the right click method
  • The Reputation or Fame meter present within Simology panel can be set via right-click
  • You can right-click over the event goal in order to set the dates, parties, as well as active careers in order to complete the tasks immediately

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