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15+ Best Skyrim Faster Levelling Mods (Download) 2024

Skyrim Faster Levelling Mod

Skyrim has allowed many players to reach beyond the boundaries of medieval fiction and make some good memories in the game. Combat, character creation, and everything else is seamless, but sometimes the hard-level giants and trolls taking your lives can get annoying. A stronger level, more experience, and skills to use.

For that exclusive reason, we are bringing you a skyrim faster leveling mod that can help you reach the level caps faster without unhinging the game’s balance. We will not be looking at just one but many leveling mods which will help you ease the course of the game. 

How to level up fast without using mods in Skyrim?

1. Buy Skill Points

Yes, this sounds a little tedious but buying skill point packages without spending time to download mods are more straightforward way if you are still new to modding. It is essential to spend time learning the different skill point packages that are available in the game.

2. Diversifying 

Whether it is investing or gaming, it is essential to diversify your skill trees without just spending your points on destructions spells, although it is an excellent idea. Spread out your skills over cooking, destruction, restoration, and more. 

3. Guardian Stones

The guardian stones can be your savior in more ways than one. Whether you are a warrior, mage, or thief, it does not matter. You should make sure you take advantage of them. If you choose one class, you can expect a 20% increase in skill leveling. Plus, you can switch between your class whenever you encounter one of these guardian stones. 

4. Fighting Giants

It is not easy fighting 10-foot monsters, but this game has a solution for everything if you know where to look. Plus, it is a surefire way to test your new weapons and level up using one-hand, two-hand, and archery techniques. The lower-level folks will definitely have a problem, but just keep dodging and weaving, and you will be fine. 

Best Fast Leveling Mods in Skyrim

1. Experience


Experience is simply a faster way to get more XP points without compromising any efforts you put into leveling up. This special edition experience mod will make your exp leveling in such a way that you wouldn’t have to worry about advancing the wrong skill set anymore. Looking at the features will help you determine what this mod is.

Firstly, it helps you get bonus XP from kills, exploring dungeons, completing quests, and discovering new locations. This is one of the best ways to get XP, as most games do not implore players to go on explorations and reward XP for that.

Additionally, the XP bar and Experience meter have been fully integrated, so you do not need to fret too much about how you will know where you stand. Although, you will get varying XP based on the type of quests you complete.

Let us see what kind of quests, exploration, and killing you can do and the XP you get for each in this exp mod.


  • Main Quests – 75 XP
  • College Quests – 50 XP
  • Thieves Quests – 50 XP
  • Brotherhood Quests – 50 XP
  • Companions Quests – 50 XP
  • Daedric Quests – 75 XP
  • Side Quests – 50 XP
  • CivilWar Quests – 75 XP
  • Dawnguard Quests – 50 XP
  • Dragonborn Quests – 75 XP
  • Quest Objectives – 10 XP


  • Fort – 15 XP
  • Nordic Ruin – 15 XP
  • Dwemer Ruin – 20 XP
  • Shipwreck – 20 XP
  • Dragon Lair – 30 XP
  • Doomstone – 20 XP
  • Imperial Tower – 15 XP
  • Orc Stronghold – 15 XP
  • Giant Camp – 20 XP
  • Nordic Tower – 20 XP
  • Nordic Dwelling – 20 XP
  • Daedric Shrine – 30 XP
  • Default – 10 XP


  • There is a complicated formula used to collect information based on the skill level of other NPCs, plus calculating if they are in a group or not. Click the mod link to learn more about it.


  • Cave – 40 XP
  • Fort – 60 XP
  • Nordic Ruin – 100 XP
  • Dwemer Ruin – 100 XP
  • Dragon Lair – 100 XP
  • Imperial Tower – 50 XP
  • Giant Camp – 60 XP
  • Nordic Tower – 50 XP
  • Default – 30 XP


  • The player is rewarded for reading books that do not have to do anything with spells or experience.

Skill Caps

  • The skill caps, too, have a formula you need to know to determine how you can advance in the cap; again, click on the mod link and check the description to learn more.

2. Max Skills and All Perks

Max Skills and All Perks

The simplicity of this mod is unparalleled; it allows you to max out all of your skills in all of the trees, along with the benefit of getting all the perks in the game. Basically, this mod will provide you with god mode. Although most people prefer to do things the old-fashioned way, it is good to let loose and let your enemies know who the boss is sometimes. 

But that is all you need to know precisely about what the mod does. Other than that, you should remember that it downloads manually, and any other mode of download will not work. There are instructions to download the mod given in the description itself.

3. More Perk Points Per Level

More Perk Points Per Level

If you prefer a more old-school method to your madness, then go for this one. The last mod we covered will give you unlimited perks, but this one will get you more perk points every time you level up. That is why you should prefer this one if you want to enjoy the game fairly without entering god mode.

This mod will keep a balance and motivate you to level up. The mod has been downloaded more than 100,000 times by the community. To activate this mod, you must activate the console and then set the amount manually to a whole number. The command you will type is ppl 3, 4, or whatever based on the number.

4. More Gold and Perk Points for Bounty Quests

More Gold and Perk Points for Bounty Quests

More gold and perk points for every bounty quest you complete is going to be very convenient because they are recurring and quite common in Skyrim. This mod completely alters the game’s script, so when you download it, the base rewards the game gives increase every bounty quest completed.

The changes are as follows: The bounty received for a Bandit and Forsworn is 300 gold and one perk point. The bounty received for a Giant is 500 gold and one perk point. The bounty you get for slaying a Dragon is two perks and 1000 gold. The mod is also available in German and Spanish translations.

5. Skyrim Unlimited Training

Skyrim Unlimited Training

The Skyrim unlimited training mod will allow you to train as much as possible without waiting to level up. It will take off the limit on trainers. This mod is faster than most trainer mods you will find online since it is integrated into the game mechanics. Every level you gain in a specific skill tree makes it harder to get the next perk through progression.

This mod removes that tedious progression system and lets you train in any skill you want, regardless of the skill tree, to get the 100 stat in that skill.

6. Skyrim Uncapper Mod

Skyrim Uncapper Mod

Sometimes getting to level up to 100 fully is not enough; that is why we bring you this level uncapper which will help you unleash your inner god among those mortal enemies. This mod unlocks the level of 100 and beyond; therefore, you will not be limited to the level 100 mark and go to level 199.

Yes, this mod is only for the dedicated Skyrim players who have the time to level up their characters to that extent, but there is not much use for this mod otherwise. However, it is just not to increase the level cap; you will get various benefits such as additional perks and enchantment bonuses. To know more, click on the mod link and read the description.

7. SkyTweak Mod

SkyTweak Mod

The game has many perks that can be considered next to useless since they do not provide as much value as most others. You can simply tweak the perks as you like by editing the game settings and removing/ adding the ones you want. Yes, the mod can add any perk you like, so do not hesitate to try various combinations to increase your DPS.

Specific compatibility issues will get in your way, but nothing you cannot solve on your own. To read all about the installation process and the compatibility issues, you need to go and visit the mod link.

8. Faster Levelling

Faster Levelling

This is the proper faster leveling mod you can get in the game, which can change the leveling speed. The skills can form a multiplier of more than 2x to 6x, so ensure you get an option that fits your taste and the way you want to level up. You can also adapt to a playstyle that suits you and how you want to advance in the game.

The better leveling mod also ensures the leveling-up process makes the game feel more natural and fluid. However, the best thing about this skyrim faster leveling mod is that it does not conflict with any other mod and gives us a fluent experience that combines well with any perk mods you have.

9. Easy Lockpicking

Easy Lockpicking

Sure lockpicking does not take that much effort, but that sweet spot requires a lot of time to be invested in it, and we find it too annoying to be using a stick to keep changing the direction until we hear that click sound. Plus, it doesn’t help much when the tool keeps breaking right in front of our eyes. That is why we bring you this easy lockpicking mod that will ease your burdens. 

In essential terms, you can easily breach and pick any lock with this mod without passing too much time as we usually do in these situations.

10. Easy Gold

Easy Gold

It is pretty challenging to make easy money in real life, but Skyrim’s story is a little different. There are jobs that not only let you kill people for money but also mods that will reward you extra but find you a way to get bonuses every time. You can get free gold by finding a chest near Whiterun, the image of where the place is can also be found on the description of the download page.

Plus, it is free; additionally, you also get a bow. Who does not like free bows, am I right? Who wants to be a goblin?

11. Potion of Ultimate Leveling

Potion of Ultimate Leveling

We know potions in this game can be hit or miss depending on when you use them, but this one truly gives you god mode status. The basics of every potion are to enhance a skill or provide a passive effect, right? But this mod goes like ten extra steps to increase its benefit. You will need two things to make this post: a human heart and a Daedra heart.

Another good thing is that you do not require any DLC for this mod to function. You can easily find 11 human and Daedra hearts in the Sleeping Giant Inn.

12. Shelter for the Weak

Shelter for the Weak

There is a lot of need for saviors for many people in this game because there is tyranny going around. Do not worry, my friend; we have brought you a shelter that can be used to save people and keep them safe. But not just for the weak and needy, this mod places a lot of shelters around Tamriel, which will allow the MC to hide from the cold and recover strength.

The snow in this game can be ruthless, so it is essential always to stay aware of your surroundings and find a way to make it past the cold. These shelters will help you accomplish that pretty quickly since one is placed at short distances. The mod also works for Travellers, Bards, Hunters, and Outlaws.

13. Instant Mastery – Speed Level

Instant Mastery - Speed Level

Speed leveling is important. After all, that is what this article is all about, is it not? That is why we will be looking at another mod that will let you get many skills as soon as you level up. This mod is special since it does not require any console commands or bat files to set up or work. Your skills and level will advance quickly, along with the availability of perks and good things all around!

The best use of this mod would be to create a new save and quickly level up the character to safely and adequately advance through the story and enjoy the spectacle.

14. Enhanced High-Level Gameplay

Enhanced High-Level Gameplay

The game is brilliant, but once you reach high enough levels, the enemies start to taper off and become weaker. The fights feel like child’s play which can be entertaining for some people to go through, but if it holds on to you, it will feel very dull and tedious. That is why we are bringing you this mod to help you find high-level capped-off gameplay fun.

Basically, this skyrim faster leveling mod adds a large number of enemies, which are 25+ levels, giving the people what they want and adding a little spice to the gameplay. The after-story content won’t feel as one-sided and stuck up anymore.

15. Upgraded Level Items Spell

Upgraded Level Items Spell

Unique items are essential for the game’s overall progress, which is why we bring you a special upgraded items spell that will increase the level of your individual items. Knowing that your upgraded items will make your progress and playthrough much easier without sacrificing maintenance is essential. This mod just adds a simple spell to the game that will upgrade your unique items to the level your character is currently at.

You will have to find the special spell in the game first. To find it, you are going to the tribute chest of the High Hrothgar; it will be located on the left. To know more about the mod, you need to go and find the mod’s description by clicking on the link.

16. Master Bat File

Master Bat File

A master bat file is something that we discussed earlier. Now we will apply it on screen and show you its benefits. It might appear trivial at first, but it has a lot of benefits. If you thought the previous mods would give you god mode, then you were wrong; this mod is the one that will provide you with one. It will make your level go upto 100 while maxing out your skill trees and giving you all the perks.

It is a simple file that dramatically helps your character because it simplifies all your base combat fights.

The Verdict

We have highlighted a combination of skyrim faster leveling mod pieces along with ways you can use them without downloading them. It depends on how much time you have; if you want to experience the full game and the story without taking time to level up and enhance your skill tree, then it might be good to go for mods. Although, if you can play the game for longer, then definitely try the traditional way.

Good day!

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