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Sims 4 Voodoo Doll: How To Use It (Guide) 2024

sims 4 voodoo doll

In the quirky and often unpredictable world of “The Sims 4,” voodoo dolls add a dash of mystical mischief, granting players the power to tangibly affect their Sims’ emotions and interactions.

These enigmatic totems have been a staple since the franchise’s first expansion pack, “Livin’ Large,” in 2000, and continue to serve as a tool for players to weave complex narratives or simply to indulge in the game’s darker humour.

How to Obtain a Voodoo Doll

How to Obtain a Voodoo Doll

Securing a voodoo doll in “The Sims 4” is a feat that requires a bit of mischief—or luck. Sims must hone their mischievous antics to reach level three in the mischief skill, at which point they can order a doll online or In “The Sims 4,” finding a voodoo doll is an adventure filled with playful mischief and a hint of the supernatural. Here’s how your Sim can get their hands on one:

Fishing for Trouble

At the tranquil spots of Oasis Springs, Forgotten Grotto, and Sylvian Glades, your Sim can fish out more than just bass and trout. With a bit of luck, they might snag a voodoo doll from the depths!

Treasure Hunting

Who knew that the local rock or that unassuming dirt patch could hide treasures? With the Cats & Dogs expansion, your Sim’s next dig could unearth a voodoo doll.

Pranks Pay Off

Sims who love a good prank can put their mischief skills to use. At level three mischief, gained from playful pranks or online trolling, they can magically add a voodoo doll to their collection.

Eco Crafting

Eco-conscious Sims can use their mischief for good. With the Eco Lifestyle pack, they can craft their own voodoo doll, combining fun with environmental friendliness.

Easy Shopping

Sometimes, the easiest way is the best way. Your Sim can simply buy a voodoo doll on the computer for 950 simoleons or find one at San Myshuno’s Sunday flea markets.

Festival Fun

Join the Humor & Hijinks Festival in San Myshuno. Compete in fun events, and your Sim could win a voodoo doll, adding a playful spin to their magical collection.

Through these varied and entertaining methods, every Sim has a chance to dabble in a bit of voodoo magic.

How to Bind a Voodoo Doll?

How to Bind a Voodoo Doll?

The art of voodoo in “The Sims 4” isn’t merely about possession of the doll—it’s about creating a mystical connection with another Sim.

Binding a voodoo doll requires the doll owner to have another Sim in close proximity and can result in a range of outcomes, from the empowerment of the owner to the discomfort or sadness of a failed attempt.

The process, intriguingly, mirrors the complexities of real relationships, where efforts to influence can lead to various unpredictable results.

In “The Sims 4,” casting voodoo spells comes with varying degrees of success and a corresponding emotional rollercoaster for your Sim:

Successful Voodoo

When your Sim nails the binding, it’s like hitting a bullseye in the game of fate. The result? A boost of confidence, as if they’ve just aced a tough exam or nailed a job interview. They walk away feeling like they can conquer the world, or at least the neighbourhood.

Backfire Voodoo

The risk of playing with mystical forces is real. A misstep in the process can backfire, leaving your Sim feeling uncomfortable. It’s akin to the unease of walking into a room where you’re not welcome, a subtle cosmic punishment for tampering with the unseen.

Failed Voodoo

Failure in binding is a deflating experience. Your Sim becomes sad, the kind of blue that follows a missed opportunity or a lost connection. It’s a moment of reflection, perhaps even a lesson in humility as they grapple with their limitations in the arcane arts.

Each attempt to bind a voodoo doll is a dance with destiny, and the moodlets that follow are the music to which your Sim’s emotions ebb and flow.

What are the Interactions and Effects of Voodoo Dolls

What are the Interactions and Effects of Voodoo Dolls

Once a voodoo doll is bound to a Sim, the puppeteer can unleash a myriad of effects on their unsuspecting target. When a Sim successfully binds a voodoo doll in “The Sims 4,” an array of intriguing interactions unlocks, each with a distinct impact on the target:


Your Sim can call the bound Sim to their current location, much like sending a bat-signal that’s impossible to ignore—unless the bound Sim is caught up in the responsibilities of their job.


With a mere nudge at the doll, your Sim can send a sharp jolt of irritation to their target, manifesting as a “Pain” moodlet that leaves the bound Sim fuming with rage.


This whimsical interaction involves your Sim bouncing the doll around, which somehow translates to a burst of glee in the bound Sim, leaving them with a “Joy” moodlet and a desire to play.


A light tickling of the doll sends an uncomfortable shiver down the spine of the bound Sim, evoking an “Uneasy” moodlet that might make them question their very fabric of reality.


By pretending to douse the doll in water, your Sim can daze the bound Sim, leaving them with a “Dazed” moodlet, wandering in a state of soggy confusion.

Toy with Death:

In a grave turn of events, if the Grim Reaper comes for a Sim, your Sim can intervene with an unbound voodoo doll, desperately performing the “Toy With Death” interaction to barter for the Sim’s life.


The doll, when cuddled, sends a rush of romantic energy to the bound Sim, enveloping them in a “Flirty” moodlet that might just spark new relationships or flame existing passions.

These actions give your Sim an almost godlike control over the emotions and states of others, weaving a complex web of cause and effect that’s as unpredictable as it is entertaining.

Strategies and Ethical Considerations

Strategically, voodoo dolls offer a unique avenue for players to explore the boundaries of influence and control within “The Sims 4.” To use them effectively, players should consider their Sim’s overall goals and how these tools can shape relationships and life paths.

Ethically, the game reflects life’s moral complexities; while voodoo dolls can be used for benign pranks, they can also be wielded maliciously. Players are thus presented with a choice: to harm or to harangue in jest, mirroring the ethical decisions we face in reality.

Community and Gameplay Impact

The introduction of voodoo dolls has been met with fascination and delight within the “Sims” community. They add a layer of depth to the game, allowing players to interact with their Sims and others’ lives in a more direct and nuanced way.

While some players use them to craft intricate narratives of sabotage or romance, others delight in the sheer absurdity and humour they can bring to the Sims’ daily lives.

Their impact on gameplay is significant, offering a narrative device that is as versatile as it is entertaining.


Voodoo dolls in “The Sims 4” serve as more than just playthings; they are a medium through which the game deepens its exploration of interpersonal dynamics.

They allow for a tangible representation of the unseen forces at play in relationships—control, influence, and the consequences of our actions.

Their role extends beyond mere game mechanics, inviting players to contemplate the weight of their virtual actions and the ripple effects they create in their Sims’ lives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can any Sim use a voodoo doll?

Only Sims who have achieved at least level 3 in the mischief skill can use voodoo dolls. Children, toddlers, and babies cannot use or be bound to them.

Where can I find a voodoo doll in “The Sims 4”?

Voodoo dolls can be obtained by fishing, digging for treasures, reaching mischief level 3 and ordering from the computer, or purchasing at the Sunday flea market in San Myshuno.

How do you bind a voodoo doll to another Sim?

With the voodoo doll in your Sim’s inventory, you can bind it to another Sim by selecting the ‘Bind To’ interaction when the target Sim is nearby.

What interactions can you perform with a voodoo doll?

You can poke, frolic, tickle, soak, and cuddle with the doll, affecting the bound Sim with various moodlets. With a high enough mischief skill, you can even save a Sim from death.

Can binding a voodoo doll backfire?

Yes, if your Sim has a low mischief skill, there’s a risk the binding could backfire, resulting in negative moodlets for the doll owner.

How do you dispose of a voodoo doll?

Unbound voodoo dolls can be sold through the Sim’s inventory, gifted, or even burned in a bonfire for a dramatic effect.

Are voodoo dolls available in all versions of “The Sims 4”?

Voodoo dolls are a feature in the base game and can be accessed by all players, regardless of which expansions they own.

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