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Sims 4 Vet Clinic Skill Cheats (Complete Guide) 2024

Sims 4 Vet Clinic Cheats

The world of The Sims 4 is vast and dynamic, offering players countless opportunities to create and customise every aspect of their Sims’ lives.

With the introduction of the “Cats & Dogs” expansion pack, players were given the chance to delve into the world of veterinary science, opening and operating their own vet clinics.

For those who love a shortcut or want to bypass some of the grind, there’s a suite of cheats tailored specifically for the vet clinic gameplay. Let’s take a deeper dive into these cheats.

How to activate these cheats?

Every Sims 4 player should know the basics of cheat activation:

  • Press Ctrl + Shift + C on your PC keyboard (or Cmd + Shift + C on a Mac).
  • The cheat console—a white box—will pop up at the top of your screen.
  • Before any cheat can be used, you must type testingcheats true and press Enter. A message will confirm the activation, saying “Cheats are now enabled.”

With that done, the world of vet clinic cheats is now at your fingertips.

How does Veterinary Skill Enhancement work?

A Sim’s proficiency in the vet clinic is primarily determined by their vet skill. A higher skill means quicker diagnoses and more effective treatments.

  • Use the cheat stats.set_skill_level Major_Vet [number] replacing [number] with the desired level (1-10).

Vet Skill Levels Breakdown with Cheat Codes:

Vet Skill Levels Breakdown with Cheat Codes

Level 1: Novice Vet

  • Description: Your Sim has basic veterinary knowledge.
  • Cheat: stats.set_skill_level Major_Vet 1

Level 2: Familiar Veterinarian

  • Description: The Sim becomes slightly faster in diagnosing common ailments.
  • Cheat: stats.set_skill_level Major_Vet 2

Level 3: Competent Vet

  • Description: Your Sim can now craft wellness treats and perform basic surgeries.
  • Cheat: stats.set_skill_level Major_Vet 3

Level 4: Proficient Veterinarian

  • Description: Increased treatment effectiveness and more options are unlocked.
  • Cheat: stats.set_skill_level Major_Vet 4

Level 5: Skilled Vet

  • Description: Ability to soothe pets at the exam table, enhancing the treatment environment.
  • Cheat: stats.set_skill_level Major_Vet 5

Level 6: Advanced Veterinarian

  • Description: Mastery over crafting both age-down and age-up treats.
  • Cheat: stats.set_skill_level Major_Vet 6

Level 7: Expert Vet

  • Description: High efficiency in diagnoses and ability to craft ambrosia treats to resurrect ghost pets.
  • Cheat: stats.set_skill_level Major_Vet 7

Level 8: Masterful Veterinarian

  • Description: Enhanced ability to calm pets and access to advanced treatments.
  • Cheat: stats.set_skill_level Major_Vet 8

Level 9: Virtuoso Vet

  • Description: Fewer mistakes and higher success rates in treatments.
  • Cheat: stats.set_skill_level Major_Vet 9

Level 10: Legendary Veterinarian

  • Description: Peak of the vet career. Instant diagnoses, top-tier treatments, and highest quality treat crafting.
  • Cheat: stats.set_skill_level Major_Vet 10

The Dream Practice: Instant Vet Clinic Ownership

Instant Vet Clinic Ownership

Starting from scratch is not for everyone. If you want an instant vet clinic:

  • Visit your desired lot.
  • Input the cheat bucks.unlock_perk StoreBought true. Your Sim will now own a vet clinic without spending a single Simoleon.

What are the Vet Clinic Perks?

In “The Sims 4: Cats & Dogs” expansion pack, operating a vet clinic goes beyond just attending to sick pets. To truly thrive and make your veterinary clinic a renowned establishment, understanding and utilising vet clinic perks is essential.

These perks provide significant enhancements to your clinic’s operations, boosting both efficiency and client satisfaction.

How to Unlock Vet Clinic Perks:

To unlock the perks, you need to use specific cheat codes in the game. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  • Activate the cheat console by pressing Ctrl + Shift + C (or Cmd + Shift + C on a Mac).
  • Ensure that cheats are enabled by typing testingcheats true.
  • To unlock your desired perk, enter bucks.unlock_perk [PerkName] true 40961, making sure to replace [PerkName] with the specific tag associated with the perk you’re aiming for.

A Closer Look at Popular Vet Clinic Perks


  • Purpose: This perk allows you to increase your clinic’s staff size by hiring an additional vet. More hands on deck means better service and potentially faster treatment for the pets.
  • Cheat Code: bucks.unlock_perk AdditionalVet_1 true 40961


  • Purpose: Want to further expand your team? This perk gives you the capability to add yet another vet to your clinic. With more professionals attending to pets, you can handle a larger influx of patients.
  • Cheat Code: bucks.unlock_perk AdditionalVet_2 true 40961


  • Purpose: Training your employees is essential for a well-functioning clinic, but it can be expensive. With this perk, the cost of training gets significantly reduced, allowing you to invest in skill upgrades without breaking the bank.
  • Cheat Code: bucks.unlock_perk LowerEmployeeTrainingCosts true 40961


  • Purpose: Quality of supplies directly affects the quality of care. This perk ensures that the supplies you purchase for your clinic are of the highest quality. This not only aids in effective treatments but also boosts your clinic’s reputation.
  • Cheat Code: bucks.unlock_perk VetSupplyQuality true 40961

How does Instant Pet Recovery work?

Instant Pet Recovery

Nothing is more heartbreaking than a sick pet. If you want an instant cure:

  • With the cheat bar active, shift-click on the sick pet.
  • Choose “Make Happy” from the contextual menu. This will not only boost the pet’s mood but also cure any ailment they might have.

Quick Rewards: Accelerated Vet Clinic Rewards

The game offers various rewards based on clinic performance and accomplishments. If you’re the impatient type:

  • Enter bucks.unlock_all_perks_for_bucks_category 40962. This grants instant access to all vet clinic rewards.

How to Manage Reputation? : Clinic Ratings

A clinic’s success is often judged by its rating. To manually set your clinic’s rating:

  • Type bucks.set_customers [number], where [number] is any value between 1 and 5, corresponding to the star rating you want.

Clinic Ratings Breakdown with Cheat Codes:

1-Star Rating: Beginning Clinic

  • Description: The starting point for most clinics. There’s room for improvement.
  • Cheat: bucks.set_customers 1

2-Star Rating: Developing Clinic

  • Description: You’re gaining some traction, but there’s more work to be done.
  • Cheat: bucks.set_customers 2

3-Star Rating: Established Clinic

  • Description: Your clinic has become a known entity, with a growing base of satisfied customers.
  • Cheat: bucks.set_customers 3

4-Star Rating: Renowned Clinic

  • Description: Close to the top. Your clinic is well-respected and frequented by many.
  • Cheat: bucks.set_customers 4

5-Star Rating: Top-tier Clinic

  • Description: The pinnacle of success. Your clinic is the talk of the town, known for its excellent service and high success rate in treatments.
  • Cheat: bucks.set_customers 5

By understanding and managing clinic ratings, players can strategically build the reputation of their vet clinic, ensuring it thrives in the bustling world of “The Sims 4: Cats & Dogs”.

Whether you choose to climb the ladder organically or use cheats, achieving a high clinic rating is both a challenge and a reward in the game.

Extra Tips for a Seamless Experience

Extra Tips for a Seamless Experience
  • Remember to save your game before dabbling in cheats. This ensures your original game progress is safe.
  • Some cheats might deactivate in-game achievements. If achievements matter to you, consider running a separate save for your cheat-filled escapades.
  • Cheats can be a fun way to experiment, but they can also reduce the game’s challenge. Strive for a balance to keep the gameplay rewarding.

Wrapping Up

The Sims 4’s vet clinic cheats offer an intriguing mix of gameplay customizations for the aspiring virtual veterinarian.

While they allow for a more curated experience, remember that the essence of The Sims series lies in the stories you can create, the challenges faced, and the unexpected turns life can take.

Use these cheats as tools to enhance your narrative, not replace it. Happy Simming!

Frequently Asked Questions: The Sims 4 Vet Clinic Cheats

What expansion pack do I need to access the vet clinic features?

You’ll need “The Sims 4: Cats & Dogs” expansion pack to access the vet clinic features and the related cheats.

Can I use the vet clinic cheats without activating ‘testingcheats true’?

No. Before using any vet clinic cheats, you must first activate cheats by entering testingcheats true in the cheat console.

I tried entering a cheat, but it’s not working. What might be the issue?

Ensure you’ve activated cheats with testingcheats true. Also, game updates or patches may sometimes modify or disable cheats. It’s recommended to check updated forums or resources for any changes.

Will using these cheats disable achievements for my game?

Some cheats can disable achievements for the duration of your gaming session. To regain achievements, you’ll need to restart your game without activating cheats.

I’ve maxed out my Sim’s vet skill, but they’re still struggling. Why?

While the vet skill is crucial, other factors like your clinic’s equipment, staff efficiency, and your Sim’s mood can also affect performance. It’s a balance of various elements.

Can I own more than one vet clinic?

Yes, your Sim can own multiple vet clinics. Use the same cheat for each lot where you want a clinic.

How do I demote my vet clinic rating if I set it too high using cheats?

Use the same bucks.set_customers [number] cheat but input a lower number to set your clinic to a lower rating.

What happens if I set my vet skill to a number higher than 10?

The skill level in The Sims 4 typically maxes out at 10. Setting it to a value higher than this might have no additional effect or could potentially cause in-game issues.

Do these cheats work on all platforms, including console versions of the game?

While many of the cheats are consistent across platforms, there might be differences in how they’re activated or used, especially on consoles. Always refer to platform-specific guides for the best results.

Can I undo a cheat after I’ve used it?

In many cases, you can undo the effects of a cheat by setting a value back to its original state or by reloading a previously saved game. However, always save your game before using cheats to ensure you have a backup.

Remember, while cheats can enhance your gameplay experience, they can also alter the natural progression and challenge of the game. Use them wisely and enjoy your Sim’s veterinary journey!

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