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Sims 4 Teleport Any Sim & Mod – (Download) Updated – 2024

Sims 4 Teleport Any Sim
Teleport Any Sim Mod

This article is a user-friendly guide for the process of downloading the latest  Sims 4 Teleport mod and installation in your system. It also focuses on the issues that a player might face while downloading the latest updates.

Sims 4 Teleport any sim has proven to be very useful to protect your character on a hard day of work when a vampire is hovering close to suck on sim’s blood.

So before installing the latest mods and upgrades, go through the article below to learn more about the nuisances of the mts Teleport any sim.

Sims 4 Teleport Any Sim

As we know in all the versions of sims, the player is the god for our little sim’s life. Taking this one step further you can allow the player to summon other household member as per their wish and command, using this update.

Very much like your own Aladdin’s lamp with the only difference that you are calling a sim instead of genie. We also fixed several errors related to this patch and the earlier one for the game to work smoothly.

Some of the features that were broken in 03/23/17 patch are also fully updated in this sims 4 teleport any sim mod.

Sims 4 Teleport Mod | Teleport Any Sim
Sims 4 Teleport Mod

How to install Sims 4 Teleport mod ?

  • Unzip the 2 files and place them in your cc folder.
  • Make sure that you have both the .package and .ts4script .

So this is the answer to your question of “how do you use the teleport mod.” With the new patch in the Sims 4 teleport update, there might be a case where the updates tend to switch off your script mods. So, you’d have to make sure that they are turned on. In case they are in the off state, you need to turn them on and restart the game to see the effects.

How to use the Sims 4 Teleport any sim mod 2022?

If you wish to know “how do you teleport a sim in Sims 4?” read the steps given below. Also, note that this mod works with the sims 4 poses pack, So, you should have it too.

  • To teleport a sims character in ts4 Teleport, first, you have to buy a teleport statue object.
  • You can place this statue on the location to which you want the character to be teleported.
  • If it is already present in the area, you can conveniently use the teleport option.
  • In case your sim is not present around that particular area then use a summon option to bring the sim to that location.
  • Now, after you are done with the above steps, it will appear in the place of the statue in this mod.
  • Whenever you want the sim that you summoned to leave or disappear, you can click on the same and opt for  ‘just go away’ option.

And this is how you summon or send away the sim in the latest the Sims 4 Teleporter mod.

What to do when Sims 4 Teleporter not working ?

  • If your cc isn’t working – Firstly, make sure that script mods are enabled in your game.
  • Delete any old versions of .package and .ts4script from your system.
  • After this, make sure to patch your he with EA patch.
  • In ts4 Teleport if you placed the .package and .ts4script in a sub-folder in your system, try moving them to your main Mods folder. This trick helped various players who were facing problems in the new update.
  • Now the last step is to take everything out of the Mods folder except for one teleport package and the .ts4script file in Teleporter mod.

After going through all the above mentioned steps, you should be teleporting one or more characters smoothly using the teleportation mod.

The effects of teleporter mod bug

If your module has a bug, then it’d look like your characters are teleporting, but they aren’t. This is known as the pose statue teleportation which happens when they change position while sitting or pulling the chair. They’d only jump a few distance, which doesn’t make much of a difference.

For instance, in a normal scenario, if you want your sim to take a shower then they’d teleport directly to the shower. However, in the case of bugs, they’d teleport only to the bathroom and walk to the shower by themselves. They might sometimes change angles during interactions.

To fix this issue, delete all the CC and download them again. Afterwards put телепорт для симс 4 mods in their usual place. Restart the game to check its functioning.

A game wouldn’t have errors or bugs if –

  • It’s entirely patched.
  • Script mods are downloaded for the Andrew teleport.
  • They aren’t placed in the sub-folder of the mods folder.
  • There aren’t any extra copies of the module in the mods folder.

Sims 4 pose Teleport mod

In this update, you’ll find the option to play poses and add animations to your teleport sim. This mod is called Pose By Name and Pose By Pack. But to understand how it works, read the article on how to pose Player and then move ahead.

How to add the option of pose player telportation ?

  • First, click on your sim.
  • Then click on the Pose By Name option.
  • Enter the name of the animation you want the sim to perform and your sim will do that animation until you cancel the interaction.
  • To stop a sim from posing, just click on them again and you will have an option to stop the pose.

Sims 4 Just Go Away –

Sims 4 Just Go Away mod is useful when your sim is drained out of energy and is simply lying down. As the vampire approaches close to suck the blood out of your Sims character, you can quickly teleport him/her to another safe place of your choice. The Just Go Away command makes the vampires leave the area without sucking your blood. Hence ultimately saving your sim’s life. So, Sims 4 Just Go Away can be a beneficial mod to download.

What to do when Andrew’s Pose Player not working?

  • First, enable the scripts mode within the script.
  • Make sure that character is in a standing posture for Andrew’s Pose Player Teleporter to work correctly.
  • If the character is not in standing pose, the animations or Andrew’s pose pack won’t work.

What to do when Pose Player is not working ?

  • This can happen to Sims 4 pose player teleporter when you haven’t played the game for a very long time.
  • Update the game with the latest patches.

If you still face issues with interaction Teleportation, then it can always be re-downloaded. In this case, you should make sure to get a new version of телепорт для симс 4.

Latest updates and revises & Download

If you were looking to gee up your gameplay, then you came to the right place. We have attached links to the latest updates to teleport and add poses to your character.

Check out the link below You’ll find easy answers to all the frequently asked queries in the article above. Download and install Sims 4 Teleport any sim mods and enjoy an improved gaming experience. Happy simming!


What happened to Scumbumbo?

Scumbumbo who was behind some of the best mods including Scumbumbo teleport any sim passed away. He left behind his legacy for other modders to continue by updating his work for the future generations.

How do you teleport any SIM?

You can teleport any sim by using cheats. Once the cheats are enabled, click on the ground and an option “teleport Sims” would appear which would take them to that exact spot.

How do I enable cheats in Sims 4?

For enabling cheats in Sims 4, click Ctrl+Shift+C. Choose he box that appears on the top half of the screen, then input the command “testingcheats true” and press enter.

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