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Sims 4 Tea | Moods – 2024 (Changing Emotions with Tea)

Sims 4 Tea
Sims 4 Tea

People have loved tea for its soothing and revitalizing effect, peculiar taste, and aroma. It has recently been popularized in western countries despite its centuries of existence, so it needed to be included in the game.

So, in this article, we will focus on the Sims 4 tea, its origination, brewing, six types, effects, and mood changing capabilities.

Tea in the sims 4

Just like coffee, tea can give you different emotions too in the game.

It was first introduced to you in the Sim: Makin’ magic, and now, there are six types of teas in TS4 that give different tea moodlets and spoil in 10 hours if not refrigerated.

Origination and history

Before we begin talking about TS4, let us first briefly look at the history of tea from the start:

The Sims: Makin’ magic

It was initially featured in the makin’ magic with the “colonial duties tea set” bought at 300 simoleons in the buy mode.

However, this was only available to adults, and each cup made the characters lose 2 points in bladder control and gain 2 in energy.

Sims 4 Tea
Sims 4 Tea

Sims 4 tea moods and brewer guide

The purpose of teas in TS4 is to alter your emotions when drunk. It also works like coffee but lacks the power of replenishing your energy.

Furthermore, it comes in 6 flavors or types. However, additional variants will be added if you use the Cats & dogs, Seasons, spa day, and jungle adventure EP.

Now, to make a delicious cup for yourself, you’ll need a tea brewer called “Tea Magic Personal Brewer” that can be bought in build mode for 275 simoleons.

Each pot contains 3 cups that spoil after 10 hours (refrigerate to make it last longer.)

How to find the tea magic personal brewer?

Various ways to find the brewer are:

  • Room > Kitchen > Kitchen Appliances
  • Function > Appliances > Kitchen Appliances
  • Search for the magic brewer in the search bar
  • Function > Show All

Use these filters to find the different color tea magic personal brewer:

  • Styles > Basic
  • Colors > Gray
  • Colors > White
  • Colors > Black
  • Packs > Base Game

Steps to use the magical brewer

  • When you select the tea magic personal brewer, choose the option of “brew a pot of…”
  • Then, select the variant you want to make.
  • Wait for 15 sim minutes while it is brewed in your tea magic personal brewer.
  • When you hear a beep, choose the option of “grab a drink” and enjoy sipping your drink!

Tea emotions and buffs

  • Sims 4 inspired tea:Yerba Mate, which will cost around 15 simoleons, will +2 inspire your sim for 4 hours. Creative sims can then use this to their advantage.
  • Focused: Focus is an emotion in TS4 that can be used in fishing, programming, etc. It is also needed at the beginning of the sims career to climb up the ladder. The pitch-black, which again costs around 15 simoleons (all the flavors are of the same price), can give you +2 focus.

Others are:

Calming ChamomileNoneGet rid of anger and tension in your body.
Earl Gray, Hot+2 Confident Cup of Bold
It will fill you with so much confidence that you’ll be ready to seize the day.
Healthy Green+2 Happy Healthy Aura
Amazing Curative effects.
Run Oolong+2 Energized Heightened Metabolism
You’ll get a boost of energy.
Steamy Ginseng+2 Flirty Hot Tea
Your sim will suddenly turn into a flirtatious person.
Lemon honey ginger detox+2 FocusedGet focused and complete all your tasks perfectly in no time.

All of these emotions will last for just four hours.

Cure Illness

Healthy Green, Chamomile, Earl Grey Hot, and Drinking Oolong Tea will cure your sim’s malaise and illness.

Upgrading the Brewer

You can enjoy additional benefits if you upgrade your tea magic personal brewer.

Some of these are:

UpgradeHandiness LevelDescriptionUse
Add Stick-Free Pot5Uses - 3 Common Upgrade Parts
Cost: $30
As there will be no stick, the makes will not get dirty quickly.
Add Infuser7Uses - 3 Common Upgrade Parts and 2 Kitchen Upgrade Parts
Cost: $200
Simmers will receive a +2 inspired and few leaves of greatness if they make a cup with an infuser.
Self-Cleaning7Uses - 3 Com. Upgrade Parts and 2 Kitchen Upgrade Parts
Cost: $200
The brewer wouldn’t require frequent cleaning.

Another critical update that this maker could use will be unbreakable as the maker tends to break after few rounds of brewing.

Also, it isn’t essential to upgrade your device, but the “add stick-free pot” update can turn out to be very beneficial.

Know more about the tea magic personal brewer

Now that we’ve known all about the tea effects and buffs, let’s learn more about the maker:

  • Only teens and adults can use the maker.
  • It gives only 3 cups of tea in a single round.
  • DLC packs have alternative tea moodlets.
  • There are four quality options on the scale of spoiled to excellent.
  • The tea in the sims will be brewed in a regular mug which needs to be washed afterward.
  • If your sim has the “tormentor trait,” then they can destroy the magic brewer.
  • The different moodlets will not pile over one another, so if you wish to change your emotions, drink another cup, and you’re good to go, with the only catch being that the inspired moodlet will overpower others on an upgraded device.
  • This drink will make you hungry and pee fast.
  • If you sell the maker along with brewed tea inside, its selling price will include the cost of the tea.
  • Mugs cost around five simoleons and can be sold from your inventory or in build mode.

Issues with the brewer

  • Text and translation error – The description of the “Add Infuser” upgrade will say coffee instead of tea.
  • Bad quality tea –You’ll only get a poor quality drink.
  • The maker goes missing– you won’t find the maker in the save file.


What does the tea do in Sims 4?

The tea does many things in S4, like changing your emotions, moodlets, curing illnesses, etc. But it, unlike coffee, cannot replenish your energy.

Which tea makes Sims inspired?

The tea which makes sims inspired is Yerba mate. It will cost you 15 simoleons, and the inspiration will last for only four hours.

What tea makes you angry, Sims 4?

No tea makes you angry in S4; instead, calming chamomile tea helps you blow off the steam and relax.

How do you inspire a Moodlet in Sims 4?

To inspire a moodlet in S4, make sure that your sim is highly elated. Activities that can do this job are A nice shower, playing guitar or violin, seeking mentorship to build a creative skill, etc.


The sims 4 tea is a great add-on because it adds another choice in the game. Also, seeing the growing popularity of teas, a life simulation game like TS4 must have a feature of savoring a cup of tea.

So, get a magic brewer and sip away the blues!

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