Sims 4 Succubus | Demon Mod & Occult mod (Download) 2020

This article is all about demons and angels, zombies and monsters, fairies and werewolves. Your sim will never die with Sims 4 Succubus Mod as it can reduce your age from elders to adults to even young adults.

This mod describes various features and traits of the succubus and incubus. Keep scrolling your screen to find more about the installation process, whims of the demons and angels, buffs and relationship features of succubuses and answers to the most frequently asked questions about this mod.

Sims 4 Occult Mod

Sims 4 occult mod gives you breathtaking experience of getting under the skin of a zombie, fairy, werewolf and even superheroes. We are not mentioning the life state mods that are officially added in the game like vampires, mermaids and witches.

Let the games begin –

  • Zombies – The Sacrificial Mods created the zombie apocalypse mod. You have to get bitten by a zombie or drink a potion to turn into one. You can also initiate a zombie invasion social event in your locality. Prep yourself with repellent sprays and weapons to fight and then head over to the zombie pie menu.
  • Fairies – Fairies are as famous in the sim world as they were in Disney childhood movies. Which means a lot. This mod was created by Nyx who is currently working on a brand new update for all the sim fanatics. You will have to plead to a pink tree, and if you get lucky, you will be blessed with fairy powers, your own wings and elf ears.
  • Superheroes– Superheroes occults are extremely popular amongst the boy crowd of passionate simmers. This mod is also known as Armageddon. You have to choose from two options which are superhero or villain. You will protect the simverse from unforeseen dangers if you choose to be superhero forex- an impending helicopter crash or maybe a serial killer on the loose. You can turn off the automatically initiated quests by going to the pie menu. A supervillain will only wreak havoc and disaster on innocent sims. It will get busy in doing evil things such as igniting a fire, scare the sims away or even have an epic battle with a superhero in downtown.
  • Werewolves – Nyx also created this mod. You must purchase a map portrait known as ‘Special treasure map’. Click on the map to gain access to its interaction menu then click on ‘inspect the map’. Now tap on your sim and select the option called ‘travel to the deep dark woods’. After 24 hrs your sim will turn into a werewolf. As you keep on progressing with the game, you will be allowed to use interactions and traits such as spreading the curse, howling and summoning your own pack of wolves.
Sims 4 Succubus	| Demon Mod & Occult mod (Download)
Sims 4 Succubus

Sims 4 Demon Mod

The word succubus means male demons who would engage in intercourse with the prey in their sleep. They are known for sucking blood from the neck and gaining energy by lechery and seduction. Dracula and vampires are the most common example. Female demons of the same kind are known as an incubus.

And as you might have guessed already, the cambions are offsprings of succubus and incubus parents. These little devils are troubled individuals who neither obtain there parent’s powers or weaknesses.

Sims 4 demon mod is one of the most exciting mod that is available out there. Here are the steps that you need to follow in order to turn into a succubus –

  • The first step is to make sure that your sim is going through a challenging phase. It must always be sad or discomforted at all times.
  • Next step is to purchase a mirror which is known as ‘Lillith’s Gaze’. You can find this mirror in the buy mode when you search in the mirror section.
  • The third step is to click on the mirror and select the option of ‘Talk to Lilith’ mode. You will receive two options after talking to her.
  • Again click on the ‘Talk to Lillith’ and accept or decline the gift that she offers.
  • If you will accept her gift, your character will get converted into a succubus or incubus (depending on the gender of your sim)
  • In case you select the decline option, you will have to restart the game from level 3 in order to receive the reward again.
  • Keep in mind that once you turn into a succubus or an incubus, you cannot turn back into the previous sim.

In the latest version of sims 4 demon mod, i.e. v 0.7, all the mirrors will have Lillith interaction, and you will no longer have to buy ‘Lillith Gaze Mirror’.

All these unbelievable features and interactions of Sims 4 succubus Mod is the perfect Halloween gift for every sim lover out there. These sims are dipped in romance from head to toe. They have that touch that makes all the female sims go Wohoo.

Sims 4 Occult Mod – WHIMS

We have listed some of the whims from many of the Sims 4 demonic powers mod-

  • You will gain strength from kissing other sims. They are allowed to kiss whoever they fancy.
  • Their seduction skills will make anyone fall in love with them, which makes it easier to schedule dates with other sims.
  • Their demonic powers render them the advantage of engaging in Wohoo with anyone.
  • If you download Sims 4 Sauna Wohoo, you can have Wohoo in a hot shower room with steam and sweat of your sims.
  • You may also avail hot-tub Wohoo with your sim partner.

You can also increase buffs and relationships with Sims 4 Occult mod as described below –

  • When the focused target develops feeling for the possessed sims, then you are rewarded with +2 buffs.
  • Getting into a wohoo with the target sims also gives you a reward of +2 buffs.
  • You get rewarded with 2 more buffs while trying to have a baby. A little baby cambion will put so much joy in their hearts.
  • Being near a succubus or incubus will give them an incredible feeling of attraction which will increase the number of buffs by 4.
  • Their relationship compatibility is 2.5× faster.

Succubus Mods: TRAITS

By now you must know the difference between a succubus, incubus and a champion. Now let’s talk about succubus traits and features –

  • These sims have no thirst it bladder decays.
  • They don’t crave for food anymore as it is something else that they look for now. Something thicker than water.
  • Although their physical appearance doesn’t change at all, their body shape will remain the same as the previous one.
  • They increase or decrease their age by consuming other sims.

These are some characteristics that sims of demon mod sims 4 display when the buffs are triggered-

  • Cambions have no social decay.
  • They are quicker and more efficient while learning new skills.
  • They get bored quickly and always suffer from restlessness.
  • Their body shape remains the same. No significant changes over the course of time.
  • They receive 100 points for their ambition each time their buff amount gets higher.

Succubus Mod: Skills

  • Blink – Sims in succubus mod can transport themselves wherever they want with the blink of an eye. They don’t have to cover that distance physically.
  • Seductive Touch – They have the superpower to turn on the flirty mod with a single touch on other sims.
  • Drain Energy – These sims suck the energy out of other sims to sustain themselves.
  • Drain Life Force – These sims are known for killing other sims to keep themselves alive, young and healthy.
  • Age – They can be adults, young adults or elders just by clicking on other characters.

Sims 4 Angel Mod

As suggested by the name, these sims are utterly opposite from the demon cc of evil sims. Their buffs are more related to the doctor or vet career as everyone perceives an angel as a healer, protector of lives and saviour of your spirit. Your sim will be the nicest one in the entire neighbourhood. It will be easier for them to make friends, they would love going to charity events and giving back to society.

They will acquire gardening or musical skills pretty quickly. The experience is quite opposite with Sims 4 angel mod bit equally exciting.


Enjoy the demonic powers mentioned above with the Sims 4 Succubus mod. You will indeed have a great time putting your little devil ears on or angel halo too if you want.

Do you like the idea of a raven or an owl accompanying your devil sim wherever they go? Then you need to download playable pets for your sim.

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