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Sims 4 Stuff Packs | CC Packs | Fan Made – Download | 2024

Sims 4 Stuff Packs
Sims 4 Stuff Packs

Stuff packs aid you in your desire to make the storyline more realistic and include fun and quirky elements. SPs are synonymous with living a king-size life; therefore, we are here to help you check the best Sims 4 stuff pack out there without any hassle. Scroll further down to go through the list and finalize all the stuff packs you’re interested in.

Sims 4 best stuff pack

The list mentioned below provides a detailed description of the DLC-ranked SPs, so here we go.

Sims 4 Stuff Packs
sims 4 stuff packs

Laundry Day

This stuff pack came into existence when a poll was organized by the SimGurus asking the sim community to propose ideas for SPs, and this stuff pack won the vote. As the name suggests, it revolves around laundry, and Boho-themed CAS items, and house items for an eco-friendly lifestyle. Every member of the game contributed to making this SP a success. 

Kids room

In the earlier versions, kids weren’t top on the priority list for the creators, which led to a not-so-good representation of the childhood stages. However, the introduction of this stuff pack in June 2016-2019 transformed the entire gameplay. You can get various new CAS features along with numerous build/buy things plus a new game. You’d no longer have to deal with average graphics since your child’s personality would be more refined.

Vintage glamour

For those who can’t let go of the earlier period’s charm with vintage and timeless attributes, this SP just for you. You can revel in that era with vintage build/buy items and things in the CAS inspired by old Hollywood. This stuff pack was released in December 2016 and offers make-up as one of its characteristics for adults and kids; however, they might create a mess, so beware! There are infinite style options to choose from, and you can even hire a butler who would be at your beck and call for any and every work. 

Movie hangout

Want to watch a movie? Just download this package to enjoy one hour of movie time and receive moodlets depending on your character’s reaction to the movie. They can even discuss the film through a unique dialogue option. It can also work in an outdoor setting as it comes with two projectors and the popcorn maker is the cherry on top. You have the perfect vibe for chilling out with your friends or family. 


Similar to real life, your persona’s weight can fluctuate depending on their eating habits and lifestyle. But worry not; this package adds a few extra pieces of equipment such as a climbing game to enhance your rock climbing skills. You’d even acquire sportswear and earbuds that you can either buy or someone can gift you. You don’t have to worry about being in shape. Phew!

Cool kitchen

You already have a kitchen in the base game, but this SP offers you new appliances and cabinets to select from and modify your kitchen as per your preference. Unlike the cabinets, the appliances compliment any existing furniture and come with swatches to make it easier to mix and match. 


There’s isn’t much you can do with a toddler, so even though they were a free addition to the base game, their benefit is negligible. However, this stuff package includes adorable clothes and toys and a playground set to make it wholesome. The graphics might not be up to the mark, but it’s still much better than the previous one. 

Tiny living

Everything available in this package is tiny, but don’t undermine it just yet. The selection of clothing and furniture would leave you awestruck, and the new lot type with a small living residential area would complete the look. There are three sizes of the house available, 32, 64 and 100 tiles. Each house has its unique quality, such as space-saving furniture, which might surprise you.

Sims 4 cc pack download


It’s one of the most detailed SP you’ll ever find; thus, you can consider it like the Sims 4 best stuff pack without any doubt. The furniture items are distinct and everything is compatible with other collections as well. The new haunted house lot adds eeriness to the storyline, and your medium skill and career as a paranormal investigator is a welcome addition. More than an SP, it’s more of a game pack. Don’t have a lot of expectations from the clothing collection, though. 

Nifty knitting

If you’re into minimalism and simple things, you will enjoy this package immensely. As your knitting skills improve, you’d unlock numerous knitted clothing options and décor. Moreover, the furniture is comfortable and thoughtful such as the crafting table or sofas. You’ll also find a rocking chair with a little upgrade, and all this knitting won’t go to waste as you can sell those items on Plopsy. 


All the clothes, outdoor furniture, waterslides, and bird feeders in the package scream Summer. Everything would be bright and lively, adding unusual energy to the atmosphere. You can sit in the warm sun, sipping lemonade with the wind chimes playing a tune of their own. All this makes this one of the best Sims 4 stuff packs. 

Perfect patio

Every piece of item in this SP is valuable to you in some or the other way. It has all the materials to create a perfect outdoor setting for you, such as grills. However, the main attraction is the hot tub, which can accommodate up to eight sims at once, or a couple can turn on the heat by woohooing in it if they are alone. 

Worst Sims 4 stuff packs ranked

There are some SPs that crush your expectation of a decent update. Here is the stuff packs list of the worst packages you should stay away from.

My First Pet

This pet-themed SP with cats, dogs, hamsters, and so on isn’t worth downloading because the Cats and Dogs expansion is a prerequisite for it to work. Moreover, the pets aren’t similar in depth to the Cats and Dogs EP, which makes it the worst stuff pack you’d come across. 


This package was a part of The Sims collaboration inspired by the real-life fashion brand Moschino. Its capsule collection, freelance photography career, and build/buy items to create a studio are part of the CAS items. The industrial-themed build/buy objects are for those who enjoy Del Sol Valley and San Myshuno. However, contain your excitement because it doesn’t deliver as per your expectations. 

Bowling Night

It’s all about bowling, as the name suggests, and includes bowling shirts, shoes and Rockabilly inspired outfits with retro-themed furniture and decor. You can even create your own bowling hangouts through build/buy options. However, it’s far from our expectations as it’s the least interactive activity wherein your character is only concerned with their bowling.


Another worst stuff pack review is for this one wherein you’d receive CAS things based on Halloween for every age group, except babies and toddlers. It’d also include fake cobwebs and scary decorations to complete the costume party. But, it’s not compatible with the seasons, and the graphics aren’t realistic. They have a cartoonish appearance and don’t appear scary. So think twice before getting this SP.

Luxury Party

This package was supposed to present luxury and finesse, but it did the opposite of it. It incorporates luxurious items such as tabletop fountains for drinks and fondue, but it doesn’t have the grandeur or magnificence you’d expect. The clothes are distasteful and don’t match the high-class, fancy parties. Therefore, it’s part of this list. 

Romantic Garden

According to me, this is an entirely useless package with garden ornaments that are only for decorative purposes and nothing else. Moreover, the items such as a fountain, wishing well, etc., are best suited for parks instead of lots. It also comes with clothing, but it mainly focuses on furniture and plants. So, the ones who are interested in garden stuff can go ahead with this pack.  


These worst and best Sims 4 stuff packs would help you make the right choice and add all the features you want in the game to modify it according to your whims and fancies. You can peruse them yourself to make an informed decision by clicking on the links given. You can also add Sims 3 All in One to explore more SPs and EPs.

Happy gaming!

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