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Sims 4 How To Fix Stuck On Loading Screen Error (Guide) 2024

Sims 4 Loading Screen Stuck

Ah, The Sims 4! A realm of infinite possibilities, where in the span of a few hours, one can craft architectural wonders, forge deep relationships, and even flirt with the extraterrestrial.

Yet, for some players, the magic dims when they’re confronted with an endlessly spinning plumbob – the loading screen that just won’t relent. Let’s deep dive into this quagmire and retrieve strategies to get back into the game.

Why possibly did my Sims 4 loading screen get stuck?

1. The Storage Crunch-A Vexing Conundrum:

Visualise your computer’s storage as a vast library. When the shelves are overloaded, locating that one specific book (or in this case, a game file) becomes a daunting task.

Expansive in-game worlds, coupled with dense save files, create a labyrinthine digital landscape. Traversing this intricate maze often results in slow loading times.

The Storage Crunch

2. The Mod OverwhelmAn Excess of Enthusiasm:

Mods are the seasoning that makes The Sims 4 stew more savoury. Yet, imagine pouring an entire jar of salt into the pot! A deluge of mods, particularly those that are obsolete or clash with others, can stifle the game’s efficiency, making it meander sluggishly during loading.

The Mod Overwhelm

3. Corrupted Files-The Silent Saboteurs:

Every software, regardless of its sophistication, has its Achilles’ heel. Occasionally, specific game files get tainted or misbehave. These pesky corrupted files, lurking unnoticed, can significantly impede game performance.

Corrupted Files

4. Hardware-Software Dance – Missing the Rhythm:

For a smooth waltz, both dancers must be perfectly synchronised. If The Sims 4 and your computer’s specifications aren’t harmonised, the dance falters, leading to drawn-out load times.

It’s not always about sheer power; sometimes, software updates and hardware intricacies just don’t gel.

Hardware-Software Dance

How do I fix this ?

Good old Reboot Rituals:

Every so often, even the most dedicated of us require a momentary pause, a brief hiatus to catch our breath and refresh our senses.

Machines, though devoid of emotions, are no different in this respect. Periodically granting your computer a well-deserved break by restarting can work wonders. 

Steps to perform the same :

  • Step 1: Save any ongoing work on other applications.
  • Step 2: Navigate to the ‘Start’ menu (or the equivalent on your OS).
  • Step 3: Choose ‘Restart’ and wait for the system to reboot.
  • Step 4: Once restarted, launch The Sims 4 and check for smoother gameplay.
Graphics Driver Updates:

In the realm of gaming, graphics drivers are akin to the maestros of an orchestra, ensuring every pixel, shade, and texture flows in harmony. They play a pivotal role in translating game code into stunning visuals that delight our senses.

Therefore, keeping them up-to-date is paramount. Just as a violinist would regularly tune their instrument to ensure optimal performance, gamers should be in sync with the latest driver updates. 

Steps to Update Drivers:

  • Step 1: Identify your graphics card model (NVIDIA, AMD, Intel, etc.).
  • Step 2: Visit the official website of your graphics card manufacturer.
  • Step 3: Navigate to the ‘Drivers’ or ‘Support’ section.
  • Step 4: Download the latest driver that’s compatible with your OS.
  • Step 5: Install the downloaded driver and restart your computer.
  • Step 6: Launch the game and enjoy enhanced visual performance.

Over time, digital spaces, much like physical ones, tend to accumulate clutter. This buildup of redundant files, outdated mods, and errant data can mire the game’s performance, leading to frustrating lags.

At such junctures, taking the bold step of reinstalling the game can be a game-changer. 

Steps to Reinstall The Sims 4:

  • Step 1: Backup your saved games to prevent any data loss.
  • Step 2: Navigate to the platform where you purchased/downloaded The Sims 4 (like Origin or Steam).
  • Step 3: Uninstall the game.
  • Step 4: Once uninstalled, restart your computer.
  • Step 5: Re-download and install The Sims 4 from the same platform.
  • Step 6: Restore your saved games from the backup.
  • Step 7: Launch the game and immerse yourself in a rejuvenated Sims world.

Game development is a meticulous process, with developers perpetually on the prowl, hunting down bugs and rectifying anomalies.

While it might be tempting to look for quick fixes when faced with a game issue, sometimes, exercising patience and awaiting official patches can be the wisest course of action.

These updates, crafted with precision and deep understanding of the game’s intricacies, are tailored to tackle known issues head-on. By aligning our gameplay with the rhythm of these updates, we ensure a smoother, more enriching Sims 4 experience.

How Can We Strategically Fortify Our Gameplay Against Pesky Delays?

Pesky Delays

1. Graphics Calibration:

Navigating the world of The Sims 4 is a feast for the eyes, with its vibrant colours, intricate designs, and lifelike animations. However, the mesmerising visuals require meticulous attention to ensure they match up with your computer’s capabilities.

By delving deep into the in-game graphics settings, players can find a harmonious sweet spot that aligns with their hardware’s strength.

This meticulous calibration not only maintains the game’s aesthetic charm but also ensures that the visual complexities don’t compromise the swift responsiveness of the game. It’s about striking that perfect equilibrium between captivating graphics and a seamless gaming experience.

2. CPU Utilisation:

The Central Processing Unit (CPU) is the heart and brain of your computer, tirelessly orchestrating the myriad processes that allow you to indulge in your favourite games. Much like an automobile’s engine, constantly redlining the CPU can result in performance hiccups and potential overheating.

A strategy that’s often overlooked but is of paramount importance is monitoring the CPU’s workload. By ensuring that the strain on this pivotal component remains below 60% during your Sims 4 sessions, you can significantly mitigate risks of lag or sudden game freezes. It’s a proactive approach to ensure that your gaming sessions are smooth and uninterrupted.

3. Sims Community – A Goldmine of Wisdom:

The Sims 4 isn’t just a game; it’s a global phenomenon with a dedicated and passionate community. This vast network of players, mod developers, and enthusiasts is an invaluable reservoir of knowledge.

By actively participating in forums, discussion boards, or even social media groups dedicated to The Sims 4, players can gain access to a plethora of tips, tricks, and solutions.

Whether it’s seeking advice on a particular mod, understanding how a recent game update might impact performance, or simply discovering innovative ways to enhance gameplay, tapping into this collective wisdom can preemptively address potential issues, ensuring that your Sims 4 experience remains pristine.


The Sims 4, with its enchanting appeal, can occasionally throw a spanner in the works with protracted load times. However, with the right blend of understanding, action, and a smidgen of patience, these obstacles can be surmounted. This guide seeks to be your trusty companion in ensuring that your Sim stories unfold with minimal interruptions.


Is there a mod golden number for optimal performance?

While no fixed number exists, periodic audits of your mod library to remove outdated or redundant ones are invaluable.

How do DLC packs weigh in on loading times?

New content packs, although they enrich gameplay, add layers of complexity. Ensuring that your hardware matches or surpasses the recommended specs for these additions can preempt potential lags.

Are third-party optimization tools trustworthy?

While some tools might provide incremental performance enhancements, it’s paramount to proceed with caution and source only from reputable platforms.

What in-game mechanisms exist to combat performance issues?

Platforms such as Origin offer a ‘repair game’ utility. It’s a diagnostic tool that identifies and rectifies file discrepancies, ensuring the game runs without hitches.

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