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Sims 4 Snowy Escape (Guide) 2023

Sims 4 Snowy Escape
Sims 4 Snowy Escape

Sims 4 has many things to do in the base game itself, but the DLC expansion packs bring much more to the game than usual. After completing the story mode, there is not much the players can do besides raise their sims. But with the expansion packs, there are more storylines, gameplay changes, clothing, and events.

That is why today we will be looking at the Sims 4 off to snow paradise DLC that allows the people to access a whole new world of snow and fun. We will be looking at the unique gameplay aspects the pack introduces and going through many things you can do with it. So without further ado, let us see what the Snowy Escape DLC brings us.

What can you do in Sims 4 snow paradise?

In this new expansion pack, we receive snowy weather courtesy of Mt. Komorebi, inspired by Japanese culture and has its world design. You can do many things in this pack; we will be discussing activities, the new collectibles, and much more that we get with this expansion pack. 

There are a total of three neighborhoods in this pack, out of which there are 14 residential properties that also feature community and holiday estates. The neighborhoods present in this pack are:

  • Wakaba – This neighborhood has a vast lake where your sims can swim; it also has a small parkland that offers a playing area and a city center. This area is located in the south of the world and has Japanese-inspired architecture.
  • Yukimatsu – This is where Mt.Komorebi is located; Yukimatsu is near the mountain’s base. It is always snowy around the mountain, and this is where you can do everything like sledding, snowboarding, and more. In traditional Japanese style, you can hop inside the bathhouse to warm up after the snow is fun.
  • Sembamachi – This area also contains many Japanese-style houses lined in a compact neighborhood with many cherry trees. There is also a bamboo forest where you can take extensive hiking tours.

Now we will look at the list of activities and what you can do with this expansion pack. We also cover the lifestyle and many other changes that it brings with this update.

Sims 4 Off to Snow Paradise

What is the name of the world from Ab ins Schneeparadies?

The name of the world is Mt Komorebi, and in the upcoming sections, we will be covering the various things you can do in this world, like hiking, snowboarding, skiing, and more. The developers have created a brand new experience that the players can be a part of to increase their traits. There are also new aspirations that the players can gain doing certain activities, and new objects are added.

Sentiment and Lifestyle Panel

Off to snow paradise in sims 4; with the integration of this expansion pack, there are many lifestyles and sentiment changes in the game. There is a Sentiment panel that players can access. This panel allows the sims to have a memory bank, which keeps their good and bad memories. This might seem like a small addition, but it is essential and makes everything three-dimensional and lifelike.

With this integration of the Sentiment panel, your sims will remember bad interactions with other sims and think fondly of the ones they like.  With the Lifestyle panel, you can modify your gameplay and how your sims live. The Lifestyles of Sims are described as an expression of a Sim’s behavior over time. Adrenaline Seeker and Workaholic are examples of the lifestyle changes the sims can lead.

You can aim to be this kind of a sim or achieve a particular lifestyle by doing activities that fall into the category of that lifestyle. For example, if you want your sim to be a Workaholic, you have to keep them engaged in work half of the time, and for the Adrenaline Seeker, make them participate in extreme sports.

Fully unlocking a sim’s lifestyle unlocks multiple performance boosts and perks your sim can use in their daily lives. 

Thrill-Seeking Activities

Moving onto an essential part of the update, snowboarding, skiing, and skating. Considering the area is loaded with beautiful Japanese landscape and the addition of snow, it is pretty easy to forget that the pack has the integration of snow sports. 

The sims can learn a lot about snowboarding and skiing by practicing them. You can go to the mountain to rent out skis, but we suggest not to do that. It is better just to buy equipment and keep it stored with you, rather than renting it every time you go out for the sport. You can buy skis from a knick-knack machine by going to Build mode. You can learn how to ski from books as well.

To do that, go to your PC and Orders; from there, you can order skiing books by clicking on Books and then Skills. In Yakimatsu, you can use a practice hill to make your sim accustomed to the sport; if you get injured, your sim becomes sad so make sure you go for injury-free training before going up the enormous mountain slopes.

Once your sim max out the ski skill, they can also offer to teach other sims in your household. For skiing on the big mountains, make sure you equip the Pistenmaster 3000 because it provides better quality than other standard skis. 

You can also film a video of your sim performing snowboarding tricks. You can earn money for doing those. To do this, first, you need to max out your snowboarding skill and then record a video while snowboarding; after that, you can put it on the internet.

First, click on the “Record Snowboarding Video from FPP” option. It takes multiple departures until the video is done, and once it is finished, you will find it in the inventory. Once the video is ready, click on it and select Upload Snowboard Video to put it on the internet. 


You can hike with the addition of this expansion pack. You can also use the hike as a bonding activity by involving multiple sims in the activity. You can also take your pets on the hike, but you must own the Cats and Dogs expansion pack. 

To hike, click on the Information Board in Yukimatsu or Sebamachi. It is advisable to look at the Wildlife Report to see what kind of wildlife resides in the areas you will hike to; there is a high chance that they could attack during your hike. This attack will also influence your sim’s behavior. 

To reduce the chances of attacks, you can buy repellents and Medications using the vending machine, which is green colored. You can order them online by going to your computer, clicking on Orders, Adventure Gear, and then buying them.

Kodama and forest spirits can also threaten your hike, but if you manage to catch one, you can get ghost doll decorations. If you do not catch one, you will be in a bad mood. You can also escape the animals by having a high fitness level.


Here we go, climbing off to snow paradise in sims 4! You can practice and climb walls with this expansion pack as well. A wall in Yukimatsu is perfect for beginners; you can find it near Mt. Komorebi information board. Climb the wall with the help of proper equipment, and order it using your PC and the Orders option. 

Using the equipment will increase your chances of success; however, bad weather can also lead to climbing failures, so check the weather before heading out. Your sim can also get injured while climbing, so it is better to be safe than sorry. Once you are at a high enough level, you can climb other walls, while at level 6, you can climb Mt. Komorebi. This is a lovely addition to the game and completes the list of thrill-seeking activities.

Festivals, Build Mode, and More

This section will cover whatever is left from the snowy escape expansion pack. There are three primary festivals you can take part in, those are:

  • Snow Festival – This snow festival features huge snow figures that light up the town of Yukimatsu
  • Festival of Lights – There is a Tanabata Tree, which various sims can use to make a wish. In Senbamachi, there are also lanterns and boats made of lights that will dazzle you
  • Youth Festival – There is a youth festival that allows your children to participate in a Void Creature Hunt that takes place in Wakaba

The festivals take place bi-weekly or once a week. There will be food stalls and souvenir shops in a traditional festival style. This is not the only way the developers have honored the Japanese culture in this update, as there are multitudes of things you can do with this expansion pack.

  • Your sims can bow together in a traditional Japanese greeting to each other
  • You can also put a sign on the entrance of any house which will request the guests or members of the household to remove their shoes outside
  • Using the Traditional Dutch Oven, you and your family members can enjoy dinner together and have conversations
  • There is also an option to work long hours as an office worker and then go to karaoke after work. This is quite similar to stuff we see in anime

We only looked at a couple of lifestyles before this; now, let us look at all of them in this section. The developers introduced 16 lifestyle changes with this expansion pack.  These lifestyles give the sims signature characteristics that sets them apart from others. 

Sims with a certain lifestyle will behave a certain way. That being said, the lifestyles that were introduced are sedentary, nature freak, couch potato, dynamic, sociable, close-knit community, junk food fan, happy single, adrenaline rush, love-hungry, technophile, technophobic, workaholic, frequent traveler, and health fanatic.

Some new sims profiles show how your sim has relationships with other sims, common experiences, or ties. These emotions get loaded in sims through experiences and the feelings and interactions accumulated through various means.

Build mode also has lots of new features the players can partake in.

  • Platforms that have different heights can be built on with this expansion pack; this feature is seen in many new neighborhoods that are present in the DLC
  • This patch brings us 130 new items in build mode to use, and make use of them to design and build new things
  • The new objects that come in the patch are either built-in Japanese or a classic city style, or a mix of both
  • A new table design lets your sim sit on a pillow while having food, like a traditional Japanese style
  • There are new heater designs present in the pack with variable designs too

Create-A-Sim mode also has new changes that you can use to customize your sim and give them unique traits.

  • Your sim can equip two new aspirations: an Mt Komorebi Sightseer, in which your sim can participate in various events in the neighborhood. With the mastery of this aspiration, you can unlock a trait that gives you knowledge of the world and the ability to negotiate prices at stalls
  • Another aspiration is to be an Extreme Sports Enthusiast; these kinds of sims look for things to do like snowboarding and skiing. With the mastery of this aspiration, a reward trait unlocks, which gives you the Survival Instinct trait. This trait makes you resistant to bad weather, allows you to avoid injury and more
  • Two new character traits are also available: The first one is Proper, which makes them a goody two shoes, and they disapprove of bad behaviour
  • The second is adventurous, in which they like high adrenaline sports
  • Various sets of new winter clothing are available, in which kimono is the most notable one to be added
  • Different hairstyles are also added, which are useful for both adults and children, such as accessories and headwear

There are also new objects added in this update, such as

  • Various new food stalls
  • Hot pots
  • Hot springs
  • Snowpals
  • Party Bushes
  • Kotatsu tables
  • Tents
  • Vending machines


As you guys can see, there are many things you can do with this expansion pack. Most notably, you can go snowboarding and upload your video. In sims 4 off to snow paradise DLC , there are many things to do that should not hamper your fun. However, people have noted that Japanese-inspired objects are better than extreme sports experiences. But it is up to the people playing to decide what suits them best.

Happy swimming!

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