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Sims 4 Mod

Sims 4 Sex Mod, Best Adult & Nsfw Mods – Download (2024)

Sims 4 Sex Mod, Best Adult & Nsfw Mods
Sims 4 Sex Mod

Sex is essential to facilitate the continuity of life on earth, and creators of the Sims 4 game have designed this game keeping such points in mind. But as gamers, we are always asking for more, and that is what Modules are for.

As they call it in-game, Woohoo is offered by several different and unique Modules, thus adding to this simulation game’s realism.

These Adult Mods take care of everything and not just sex specifically, from pregnancies to removing blur from nude scenes in-game, to make the bed shake while those virtual runts are having their Woohoo moments, they have got you covered.

These sex mods are developed only for Adult gamers and are here only to cater to their needs. So if you are an adult, who wants to add to his\her experience of the Sims 4 game, then you should indeed check out this list of various Sims 4 Sex Mods that follows.

The Sims 4 Woohoo Mods And More

No mosaic/no censor or all visible Mod

Censorship is what I despise in any game. It annoys me to see this peculiar haze on my Sims whenever they are taking a shower, taking a dump, breastfeeding, having their Woohoo moments, or doing anything that’s mainly considered private. If you are like me and like things to be transparent, you will like this No Mosaic/ Censor Module by Moxiemason.

Although this Sims 4 uncensor mod doesn’t allow your Sims to be naked 24/7 or add nudity in the form of unclothing sims, don’t stress yourself if you want to have those too, as we have other mods for those purposes.

Sims 4 Sex Mod
Sims 4 Sex Mods

SimDa Dating App

Talking about modern-day dating and sexual relationships and excluding online dating apps is like running a car without any fuel; it won’t work. In this internet age, when dating has expanded to the smartphones in your pockets and Tinder has become a cohesive part of it, your Sims also deserve to have taste blood.

Created by LittleMsSam, this SimDa Dating app Mod is a replacement for Tinder in the virtual World. Your sims now have a choice to have a serious relationship, a casual relationship, or even one night stands with this Mod. To find love, feed your sims’ carnal instincts or fool around.


The Sims 4 Wicked whims Mod & Sims 4 NSFW Mods

You like wicked; then you will love wickedwhims Mod by turbodriver. This Module is most loved among the gamers; it includes all the sexy stuff for your sims to cavort to saucily; the game is a boss of NSFW Sims 4 cc like new sex-themed custom traits, reactions, moodlets, Wicked Woohoo, and several exclusive features like prostitution, consensual sex, menstrual cycle, and several other intimate interactions.

Even more, you can turn your sim into a pervert who walks shamelessly around the house naked, giving this game an even more realistic touch.

The base module has a few dozen positions, but the real kicker is the number of animations other modders have contributed. The ballpark number, according to TurboDriver, is over 6,000 different animations from various creators.

But lewd positions aren’t the only features added. This Mod also has the menstrual cycle for women, something that was always neglected by original creators. This Module is also sometimes referred to as NSFW Sims 4 mods.

A lot could be said about this Mod and its unique features, but nothing would be enough. One has to experience it to understand and appreciate the beauty of this sex Mods.

Risky Woohoo Mod

It is what you think it is; this PolarBearSims’ Mod allows your female sims to get accidentally pregnant, making it an incredibly amazing sex mod. By default, there are two types of woohooing that goes around in the Sims 4 game:

Woohoo: fooling around without repercussions in the sims 4.

Try for a baby: can get your sim pregnant in the sims 4.

This Mod takes a step forward and adds a risky woohoo mod that falls in between Woohoo and try for a baby mod. These sex mods also depend on your Sims’ character; for example, if your player is a lazy one, they will be less careful in using condoms or birth control pills. This Module is a must-have for all Sims lovers to spruce up their sex lives, so get this sex mod for download.

Pregnancy which is common to happen due to the function of this Mod could be a brutal scene to handle and one might need some extra assistance to get through it. So in that case we have got you covered.

Woohoo mod

The sims 4 Passionate Romance Mod

This Sims 4 sex Mod or passionate romance mod allows its users to make their sims goose their lovers or friends. You can pinch your desired players at the butt, and if you turn out to be in a positive relationship, the other won’t act negatively.

The receiver might accept it, kiss you, or even slap you, leaving a handprint on your face. This Mod provides you with different interplays like snuggles, hugs, kisses, woohoo, and several different animations like selfies, etc. The success of any romantic endeavor is directly linked to Sims’ relationships.

Passionate romancemod

Ghost Babies Mod

This Mod allows you to have real babies with the ghosts in your town. No matter how stupid or weird it may sound, but it is the case with this Mod. These ghosts also take care of their babies, who do not turn into devils.

Longer/shorter Pregnancy Mod

This Sims 4 sex Modification allows you to have your baby for full three trimesters instead of just three days. As the name suggests, you can alter the period for which you want to keep the baby(make it short or long) and also choose to have more kids like triplets, quintuplets, etc., with the help of ArtUrlWWW’s Pregnancy Mega Mod. In general, players prefer using this Mod for a whole nine months of pregnancy to make it feel more real.

Babies for Everyone Mod

Only fertile women can conceive and not anyone else in the real world, but that is not the case with the Sims 4 game. With the help of Tanja1986’s Babies for everyone Mod, everyone in the town can get pregnant and have the pleasure of having a baby. This Mod makes the virtual World so much better than the real World by vanishing some of the most significant sexuality traits differences between the species.

The Pillow Talk

The virtual world can sometimes be pretty annoying, considering that everything in it is pretty mechanical and works systemically, like at the end of Woohoo, the Sims will go back to doing their regular chores, making the whole thing romance ridden.

This pillow talk mod by Shimrod101 makes it a point that your players spend some time together after they are done with Woohoo, doing snuggling, kissing, tickling, and all kinds of cute and romantic stuff, making this Mod a must-have for all players in the sims 4,

Pillow talk mod

Some More Sex Cc And the Sims 4 naughty mods

ooOLala World’s Animations

Enter the World of high-quality animations and wide varieties of positions with this ooOLala World’s animation mod. The first set available for download is free and can be downloaded here. They are progressively creating more positions and animations, though, and you can become a Patreon patron for them to download the other two sets and keep up to date with new ones.

Glory hole

This Mod from the Sims 4 game is specially designed to serve some of the players’ kinky desires and is not recommended for all. This Mod adds a glory hole device in your game for your players to have some anonymous fun.

Make love, not Woohoo

Get this Sims 4 Sex Mod and allow yourself to have a choice between just having sex or making love.


Masturbating visuals are present in this Sex CC in three different ways, and they are:

  • Orgy:- Allows you to have a lot more animations and orgies and threesomes.
  • Strap On:-The wicked whims mod brings you a brand new custom content that is strap on visuals.
  • Prostitution:– Well, not fully fleshed, but prostitution as a career mod is under expansion and is in its raw form(calling for the demand of the Sims 4 STD Mod for better gameplay).
  • Polygamy:- Allow yourself to have a polygamous family by having multiple wives with the help of this Mod, its advisable to download NO JEALOUSY Mod to avoid complications.
  • Be naked Everywhere:- Roam around the house fully naked without any inhibitions.
  • Strip club:- This Module can help you go to the strip club for fun.
  • Naughty Help / Naughty Mod:– This custom content can help you deliver sex-related services, thus functioning like a naughty mod.
  • Kinky:- Add more lingerie and corsets to the game and increase the sexual traits of the game.

NOTE: All these Modules mentioned above are Adult content only Mods or sex mods.

I am damn sure that you liked these Sims 4 Sex Mods and couldn’t wait to go check them out now, So do it.

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