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Sims 4 Mod

Sims 4 Seasons Mod | Weather Mod – CC (Download) 2024

Sims 4 Seasons Mod
Sims 4 Seasons Mod

With the Sims 4 seasons mods, you can replicate real-life weather patterns in your virtual sims 4 world. From a dark rainy atmosphere to cheerful spring, anything is possible with these modifications.

Climate defines our mood, so getting these modules would mean that your perception would be affected according to the sims 4 seasons.

Sims 4 Seasons Mod
Sims 4 Seasons Mod

Sims 4 seasons cc

Four seasons are available in this sims 4 seasons expansion, spring, summer, fall, and winter. You can change their duration and alter their frequency. You will experience rain, thunderstorms, fog throughout the seasons.

No casualties will happen other than the lightning bolt roasting a tree or a sim. As you know, different seasons mean the arrival of various festivals, so your sims too can have fun in the festive season in the town center or a nearby park. Also, if you stack the leaves into a pile, you will get a new woohoo location.

Animated rain and snow feature

If you love playing with snow and feeling the rain on your face, this fantastic module is for you. It’s a functional modification, and you can place the snow and rain sheets anywhere in the game. Simmers can take a stroll in the snow or swim in the pool while it rains. Your SimSim won’t be affected by this feature.

Arctic and Desert weather:

If you’re all about chasing the extreme ends of a spectrum, then this one’s for you. Cold Weather translates to blizzards and snow year-long, whereas dog days weather heat waves and burning temperatures. Oasis spring, willow creek, and Windenburg are part of this module.

The Fall mod:

Next on the list of mods Sims 4 seasons is the fall mod. The Dani Paradise module is a paradise in the literal form in TS4 weather mods. Each mesh is designed separately for a holistic experience. The package includes flower textures, Windenburg saplings, Myshuno plants, and more.

Sims 4 rain or hurricane mod

This expansion pack provides all four seasons. But in this module, the rain and snow graphics are more realistic. You can also get an interaction where you gaze at the rain. Rainfall and snow can be searched in the build mode, under a fish fountain icon.

The summer vacation mod

This summer vacation mod allows summer vacays for children, adults, and teens. You can make alterations in the school holiday system set at 2% in the additional options. The sims would also get a ‘holiday buff,’ which gives your SimSim a chance to not go to school. You can try to deactivate it by using a cheat or Mod.

Seasons challenge Sims 4

The sims would have to face various adversities in the changing climate. You’d have to protect your SimSim by using umbrella or warm clothes during the rainy season, or else your SimSim would get caught the seasonal flu. To ensure that they don’t burn and turn to ash from the heat waves in summer, your SimSim can go for a shower, visit a nearby pool, or stay inside. For escaping the chills, wear warmer clothes.

Season’s expansion pack

This pack has introduced new features like –

  • Impactful Weather
  • Enjoyment of seasonal activities
  • Holiday celebration
  • Expanding your garden career.

Sims 4 Weather Overhaul Module

One of the best weather ccs is this weather overhaul. This modification guarantees you more realism in the game in terms of weather forecasting.

For example, if the forecast says it’s cloudy on a typical day, it will stay like that. However, in real life, weather patterns change naturally. This Mod is designed keeping the same thing in mind.

Sims 4 seasons cc download

  • Install the files
  • Withdraw them
  • Copy them to your S4 default mods folder
  • Default path: User\ (User’s Account name) \Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods\

Sul-Sul weather app

We all have quick access to different weather apps on our Phone, and we often check it before leaving our houses, so it’s time to add this element to your virtual reality as well.

With this modification, a weather app would be added to your game to “check” if it will be raining or be a bright sunny day.

How the Sims 4 weather Mod works

  • To check the weather on your sims 4 weather mod, click on your sims’ Phone and then on the “Sul Sul Weather App” (represented by a Sun Icon) in the Top Menu.
  • In the Pop-up, choose the world you want to know about.

Note: Magnolia Promenade is a region of Willow Creek, so those would have the same climate.

What else do you need to know about sul-sul

This module adds a hidden Buff to your Sim Sim (s) with a duration of 12hrs, and you’ll receive a notification of the “current Weather” in the world you searched.

When you reach that world within the 12hrs time frame, the hidden Buff will give you another hidden Loot which will “change” the atmosphere to the one that the app project.

Depending on your PC System Specs and the climate generated by ts4, it can take up to a few seconds until the app forecasted weather is active.

The outside temperature changes after a certain amount of time. This is hard to decode. So, it will change after 12hrs.

Cheat codes

If the weather is not set according to your preferences or you want to fix it, a few cheat codes to do so are –

  • Start by entering testing cheats on, then open seasons.set_season X.
  • Change X to 0 for summertime, 1 for the fall season, 2 for winters, and 3 for spring. You can change the weather like this.
  • Weather.request_forecast (1-28) will show you the forecast for as many days as you’d like. But if you relocate to a new place, the entire calendar’s estimates will not be visible.

If any of the mods override these resources, the modifications face conflicts.

Overridden Resources

  • forecast_ChanceOfRain_Storm_Cool
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_CampingForest_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_CampingForest_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_CampingForest_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_CityLife_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_CityLife_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_CityLife_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_Jungle_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_Jungle_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_Jungle_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_Newcrest_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_Newcrest_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_Newcrest_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_NorthEurope_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_NorthEurope_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_NorthEurope_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_OasisSpring_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_OasisSpring_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_PetWorld_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_PetWorld_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_PetWorld_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_VampireWorld_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_VampireWorld_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_VampireWorld_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_Fameworld_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_Fameworld_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_Fameworld_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_Islandworld_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_Islandworld_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_Islandworld_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_WillowCreek_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_WillowCreek_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_WillowCreek_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_Strangetown_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_Strangetown_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_Strangetown_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_UniversityWorld_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_UniversityWorld_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_UniversityWorld_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_CampingForest_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_CampingForest_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_CampingForest_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_CityLife_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_CityLife_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_CityLife_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_Newcrest_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_Newcrest_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_NorthEurope_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_NorthEurope_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_NorthEurope_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_OasisSpring_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_OasisSpring_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_OasisSpring_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_PetWorld_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_PetWorld_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_PetWorld_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_VampireWorld_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_VampireWorld_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_VampireWorld_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_WillowCreek_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_WillowCreek_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_WillowCreek_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_Jungle_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_Jungle_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_Jungle_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_Fameworld_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_Fameworld_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_Fameworld_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_Islandworld_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_Islandworld_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_Islandworld_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_Strangetown_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_Strangetown_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_Strangetown_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_UniversityWorld_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_UniversityWorld_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_UniversityWorld_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_CampingForest_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_CampingForest_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_CampingForest_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_CityLife_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_CityLife_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_CityLife_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_Jungle_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_Jungle_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_Jungle_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_Newcrest_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_Newcrest_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_Newcrest_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_NorthEurope_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_NorthEurope_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_NorthEurope_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_OasisSpring_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_OasisSpring_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_PetWorld_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_PetWorld_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_PetWorld_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_VampireWorld_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_VampireWorld_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_VampireWorld_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_WillowCreek_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_WillowCreek_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_WillowCreek_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_Fameworld_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_Fameworld_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_Fameworld_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_Islandworld_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_Islandworld_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_Islandworld_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_Strangetown_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_Strangetown_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_Strangetown_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_UniversityWorld_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_UniversityWorld_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_UniversityWorld_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Summer_CampingForest_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Summer_CampingForest_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Summer_CampingForest_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Summer_CityLife_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Summer_CityLife_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Summer_CityLife_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Summer_Newcrest_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Summer_Newcrest_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Summer_Newcrest_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Summer_NorthEurope_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Summer_NorthEurope_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Summer_NorthEurope_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Summer_PetWorld_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Summer_PetWorld_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Summer_PetWorld_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Summer_VampireWorld_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Summer_VampireWorld_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Summer_VampireWorld_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Summer_WillowCreek_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Summer_WillowCreek_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Summer_WillowCreek_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Summer_Jungle_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Summer_Jungle_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Summer_Jungle_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Summer_Fameworld_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Summer_Fameworld_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Summer_Fameworld_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Summer_Islandworld_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Summer_Islandworld_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Summer_Islandworld_Late

How to stop raining all the time in your town?


Sims 3 weather mod

  • Download the Tempest mod from this site.
  • Click on City Hall or any device then:
  • NRaas > Tempest > Weather > Summer > Default > Weather:Rain
  • Change the value as you like. The range can go from 0 to 5, with 0 meaning no rain and five meaning lots of rain.

You can also adjust the extent of the rainfall. Usually, it takes forever to stop, or sometimes 3-6 hours.

How to adjust Sunrise and Sunset Settings?

  • Re-tuner is required.
  • From City Hall or a computer:
  • >NRaas>Retuner>Settings>General>ByTunable XML>Sims3GamplaySeasons>Seasons Manager>Sunrise/Sunset Offsets
  • The game’s default time for sunrise is 6 AM and sunset 6 PM.
  • The setting in the season’s manager is 0=Sunrise and 1=Sunset.
  • To adjust this setting, add or subtract time by adding or subtracting decimals: .25 = 15 minutes – .5 = 30 minutes, and 1 = an hour.
  • Example:
  • For a 5:30 sunrise and a 7:30 sunset, do this:
  • 0. -.5
  • 1. 1.5

How to get meteors?

  • Install Re-tuner first.
  • Then, from the city Hall or a computer:

NRaas>Retuner>Settings>General>ByTunable XML>Sims3.Gameplay.Objects.Miscellaneous>Meteor>kRandomMeteorChance

  • Adjust Chance of Meteor using the telescope:
  • From the city Hall or a computer: NRaas>Retuner>Settings>General>ByTunable XML>Sims3.Gameplay.Objects.Miscellaneous>Meteor>



Sims 3 weather mod

This modification was a big hit when released, but it had some minor issues; there was only a slight change in the weather, and the thunderstorms were just a summer thing. So, the new alterations have made the Sims 4 weather perfect.

The expansion packs yield excellent features, and if you do not prefer a function, you can go for S4 cc seasons. In addition to this, you can checkout the towns and worlds meant for sims 3.

The improved weather module

  • Willow creek – This is near a swamp-like Louisiana and hence has hotter weather. Springtime would be more humid, whereas it’s torrid in autumn with the possibility of rainstorms.
  • Oasis spring – Oasis spring is burning throughout the year except for mid-winter. The temperature can rise in late spring and early-mid fall.
  • San myshuno – It is pretty cold here in late fall, winter, and early spring, like New York and San Francisco. Rain and thunderstorm can be expected in spring. There are lesser chances of rain in summer and no rain in mid-summer.
  • Windenburg – This place bears chilly air, often with blizzards in early and late winter with some snow in early spring.
  • Brindleton bay – There are showers throughout the year. The weather is cold and stormy, except in summer. It is hazy or partly cloudy with snowfall during late fall and early May.
  • Forgotten hollow – here, the weather is cooler comparatively with warm or cool summertime, except mid-summer. The autumntime is more freezing, with chances of snow in mid and late fall. Fewer blizzards are expected here and guaranteed snow than other worlds. There is a slight possibility of snow in spring with freezing cold until mid-spring. It is crisp and warm in late spring.
  • Granite falls – the summertime is hot and sunny. There is cool-weather in fall, but snow in late-fall is desirable. Snowfall and blizzards in winter are expected, whereas flowering begins with snow but ends by late spring.
  • Selvadorada – There would be a change in the climate since this place is near a jungle. The showers will begin in late spring and intensify during summer, with almost no rain in winter and mid-spring. More precipitation in early and mid-fall can be encountered. There are soaring temperatures from mid-springs to early-fall and chances of downpours from late spring to mid-fall.
  • Newcrest – there are fewer prospects of rain in spring and a slight possibility of thunders in early-spring, hot days in late spring. Thunderstorms appear in late harvest, with hot weather only in mid-summer. It has more limited rain in fall, more cloudy days with a slight chance of a thunderstorm in late fall. The blizzards occur in winter.
  • Del sol valley – The Weather is mostly fervor like in California and a mix of Los Angeles plus San Jose. In mid-fall and late autumn, the weather is warm and more relaxed by the end of the fall, with a slight rain chance. In December, the weather is chilly. The thunderstorms appear only in mid-spring.
  • Sultani – Mid-summer to early fall is the best time with no to less rainfall and warm temperature. The winters are hotter, and there are high chances of rain. In early and mid-spring, this place is on fire, but the weather stabilizes by the end of spring.
  • Strangeville – You will often find sunny days in strangeville except for mid-winter. The temperature is soaring in late spring and early mid-fall. You may expect abnormal weather conditions as reasonably since the name suggests its – strangeville.
  • Britechester – There are breezy days in spring, fall, and winter that resemble Britain and guaranteed snowfall in winter with no blizzards.


The sims 4 seasons mods are essential to give your simulation game a real-life touch and serve its purpose. Your SimSim would be able to enjoy all the beautiful seasons and climatic conditions while celebrating the festivities that come along with them. And don’t forget to install the sul-sul app to add more realism in TS4. For more such fun modules, check out the funeral mod.

Happy simming!

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