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Sims 4 School Uniforms | CC – Mods – Download – 2024

Sims 4 School Uniforms
School Uniforms & CC

Wearing a uniform creates a sense of belongingness or explains that you are just heading for your school.

While we all have dreamt of studying in those fancy American high schools where you can wear anything to school, and indeed nobody objects.

It is undeniable that uniforms help create this feeling of belongingness in people, and being a part of something more prominent is an extraordinary inclination.

You must also have the education mod  to use this module effectively.

As it is an inevitable part of our real lives, it would have been inconsiderate of the game’s creators if they have not pressed on the importance of variations in sims 4 school uniform in the game.

So, without further ado, look below to learn about the best Sims 4 school uniform mods.

Sims 4 School Uniforms | CC - Mods - Download
Sims 4 school uniforms

Ideal Magic School outfit

Available in 30 different swatches, Ideal magic school uniforms will add to your school girl sims’ wondrous look.

Now, you may or may not receive your letter for Hogwarts, but you will surely be able to carry its uniform with all pride and grace.

These uniforms genuinely bring out a novel look in 30 custom shading variations. These uniforms are available for sims of all ages.

Ouran club cosplay Uniform

This Ouran Highschool outfit by NgSims 3 (which also made sims 3 school girl outfit)will unquestionably win your heart.

It is coming in two different shades, blue and purple. This set of blazers, ties, and shirt brings out the true gentleman in the guy wearing them.

Pants for A School Uniform

Well, you see, you can’t move out without your pants on. No matter how lovely the top you are wearing, it would only look creepy if you don’t wear them with pants.

Thanks to Bukovka, who realized this better late than never and developed an add-on especially providing these custom content school uniform pants, making uniforms look complete.

School Uniform Jacket

Are you an admirer of those classic anime school uniforms, then you will adore this perky kiss module?

The transparent white shirt and stripe skirt, along with the cool earthy color jacket and gold and red tie, will give your sim a cult classic look.

Alluring yet straightforward, this sims 4 cc school uniform is a must for all. Also, if you want to experiment with anime inspired hairdos then check this article too.

Perfect S4 School Uniform for Teen Females

With over 90,000 downloads and counting, this mod created by Margeh-75 has become the figure of immaculate garb that one must wear to become a part of the union.

Most perfectly planned, this mod has everything set at the correct position. The lattice or mesh in this mod has everything coordinating the other.

Perfect S4 School Uniform for Teen Males

I’m not too fond of it when creators consider some specific sexes and avoid or neglect the rest. Such an act could very easily conflict with the color scheme of the game, creating a ruckus.

But Margeh-75 is well aware of this fact, and to stay away from this contention, they have created a male version of perfect sims 4 school uniform mod.

Even with pants instead of skirts, this mod is as handsome as always. Several color variants bring out the aesthetic look of your sims.

Plaid Skirt for School Uniform

If you are exclusively fond of picking up your own uniform set, you will love this standalone mod that offers you an exquisite skirt that is apt for breaking out any outfit’s dreariness in this game.

This plaid skirt design is genuinely remarkable, and you will love it on your sims’ body.

School Days (Fifi Dress RECOLOR)

Sometimes what you need is just a small break from the monotony rather than changing the whole scheme of something.

This mod from kitty.e will undoubtedly help you figure that out for your kids’formal attire.

Recolor their dress and woala they look as fresh as new.

Sexy School attire – BD99

Want to flaunt those sexy legs and butter skin. Nothing better than the BD99 school uniform sims 4 mod developed by Busra-tr.

Reveal little yet nothing and tempt the viewers to grab on the best career opportunities with these garbs.

Available in 10 different shades, these skirts are suitable for any female sim in your gang.

Gentle School Dress

This is a pretty decent one. A white shirt and a go-to skirt may be proof of beauty in simplicity.

The best attribute of this mod is the beguile bow appended in the middle of the sims chest.

Coming in 5 custom variants, this mod by CherryBerrySims is a fine add-on to your favorite uniforms lot.

Persona 4 – Yaso Female Uniform Skirt

Created by CilanceYourButt, this mod has pleased our long-held desire for seeing the sims in stockings.

The mod comes packed with a white shirt, black leggings, and bat caricatures imprinted on the skirts. The unique look of this attire will help your sims to standout at school.

Stormy School Uniform

Talk about sexy and missout on those old-school movie outfits with a red tie, white shirts, and short skirts.

Storm the corridor and make all the heads turn when your jaunty sim enters a space. Created by Sstormyy, this mod is essential for all simmers.

If you like to do some crazy stuff in the virtual world, you must be interested in sims 4 woohoo mods and sex mods that allow you to see your sims with all transparency and make nudity familiar for the game.

If this is what you are interested in, we have got you covered.

School uniform set T.D.

Wearing short skirts and tight shirts might make you look attractive, but they aren’t the ideal choice for the comfort and mobility of the person wearing them.

Equipped with a white shirt, sleeveless overcoat, and pretty skirts, Sylvanus brings you this classic school girl outfit. That will give your female sims an angelic look.

Ideal Uniform Set for Boys And Girls

Crossdressing always seemed like a bullshit dumb idea to me. But this cc by Bukovka proved me wrong on this one.

The cc gives you access to formal pieces of sweaters, shirts, pants, ties, and so on for both men and women and allows you to put these on them interchangeably.

Plain Skirt for A School Uniform

A plain skirt is always an excellent accessory to have, basically because you can wear it with nearly anything!

This specific one comes in 4 more obscure shades, yet even those are all that anyone could need to discover it, an incredible counterpart for the remainder of the outfit.

Child Athletic Collection

Sports help to build character. And besides that, we all love it. This feature by ArtgeekAj is here to serve that love of yours for your athletic self.

The child school uniform module has several color variants that you can pick for your kiddo. The feature provides you with a pair of T-shirts and shorts with a number printed on them.

Teen School Uniforms With Skirt

Send your sims to their schools wearing this compact yet classy attire. With over 47,000 downloads, this mod by Zitarossouw has made its unique place in the gaming world.

This school uniform mod accesses you to a vest, a striped tie, a skirt, a white shirt, and the rest, available in several flamboyant colors. This feature fits all kinds of ambiance, and every sims lover must have it in his/her lot.

Audrey Outfit

And here’s a massive blow to those who say that you need to show your something to look attractive. Created by Sifix, it comes with a shirt for the top and a long skirt for the bottom.

Blurring and killing the demarcation line between cute and attractive this dress brings out the best of a woman’s features.

Never falling short in terms of variations, the school uniform mod offers its users over 15 or more different color schemes to pick from for their juniors.

One must have this sims 4 school uniform mod to highlight the aesthetic beauty of their sims.

Resting Views

These were some of the sims 4 school uniform mods that one must have if he/she is planning to send their sims to school.

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