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Sims 4 Satisfaction Points Cheat For PC – Latest – 2024

Sims 4 Satisfaction Points Cheat
Satisfaction Points Cheat

The Sims 4 satisfaction points cheat would save you from the trouble of running around completing aspirations and whims of your characters to earn a reward.

You can do it now with just a few clicks, so read the article further to know how it works.

Ways to earn Sims 4 satisfaction points

There are three ways to add satisfaction points to your character’s progress, and they are –

Sims 4 Aspirations

You need to choose an ambition. If you are going ahead with charisma, select a social aspiration, or choose a goal that suits them such as paining or collecting.

There’s no compulsion to follow the ambition you chose initially; you can switch and go back and forth as you can check off the tasks you’ve done already.

You’d gain almost 3000-5000 Sims 4 satisfaction points by accomplishing one goal, which would get you an excellent prize, but don’t be satisfied with it because finishing off more of such targets would get you an even better reward.

For instance, if you go ahead with the bodybuilder aspiration, after completing an 8-hour workout, you’d earn 50 satisfaction points.

Sims 4 Satisfaction Points Cheat For
Sims 4 Satisfaction Cheat


Whims help you to gain 200-300 satisfaction points and fill that gap to earn a prize.

Since these whims are baseless at times, the gameplay disables them by default. If you wish to enable them, follow these steps –

  • Click ESC to reach the sims 4 menu and navigate to Gameplay in the Games Option menu.
  • Now, enable “Show Whims.”

Whims are basically a way of earning free points, so you don’t have to concentrate on them, but you can pin them to receive a reward later on.

Another way is to have a baby with Father Winter and carry out the whims to yield its perks.

Sims 4 Seasons holidays

You can even earn these gratification points by enjoying a custom themed holiday in the Sims 4 Seasons.

It might not make a huge impact, but it’d be helpful in the long run.

Sims 4 satisfaction points cheat pc

To add satisfaction points and enjoy the benefits without any hard work on your part, here’s what to do –

  • Press Ctrl+C+Shift or all four triggers together on the console.
  • Then type ‘testingcheats on’ and input ‘Sims.Give_Satisfaction_Points 5000’ to acquire 5000 satisfaction points. You can change the amount depending on your requirement, and don’t use commas.

If you wish to focus on a particular whim to receive rewards, the cheat codes are as follows –

  • fillmotive motive_energy – Refills sim energy
  • fillmotive motive_fun – Refuels their fun
  • fillmotive motive_hunger – Rejuvenates their energy
  • fillmotive motive_hygiene – Refills the hygiene
  • fillmotive motive_social – Replenishes the social gauge
  • sims.fill_all_commodities – Recheages all sim gauges

However, look at the bigger picture instead of focusing on the profit from the rewards store only; therefore, you must add aspiration points.

Sims 4 aspiration points cheat

Adhere to these instructions for aspiration point cheat Sims 4.

  • Click on Ctrl+C+Shift or all four triggers simultaneously on the console and type ‘testingcheats on.’
  • Input ‘Aspirations.Complete_Current_Milestone’ to directly reach the reward satisfaction points stage and get on with your new aim.

Each goal has 4 tasks to fulfill, but you can ignore all those levels and only earn the bonus if you press the up key.

Sims 4 aspiration rewards cheat

Since completing tasks would give satisfaction points to your character, you must know how and where to utilize it to the fullest. Follow the steps mentioned below –

  • Click on the aspiration tab provided in the top right-hand corner of the screen.
  • The small present icon available there is the satisfaction points reward store.

You can spend your sum on either potions or reward traits, whichever one you wish as both are useful in the long run. Winning these satisfaction points is easy, so don’t hold back while spending them in the store.

You can also earn these reward traits without even completing the aspirations. All you have to do is enter any of the following cheat codes that you want as your character’s reward trait.

  • Anglers Tranquility (Angling Ace Aspiration) – traits.equip_trait AnglersTranquility
  • Appraiser (The Curator Aspiration) – traits.equip_trait Appraiser
  • Beloved (Friend of the World Aspiration) – traits.equip_trait Legendary
  • Companion (Soul Mate Aspiration) – traits.equip_trait EternalBond
  • Expressionistic (Painter Extraordinaire Aspiration) – traits.equip_trait Expressionistic
  • Fresh Chef (Master Chef Aspiration) – traits.equip_trait FreshChef
  • Handy (Nerd Brain Aspiration) – traits.equip_trait TheKnack
  • Hero Of Strangerville (Strangerville Mystery) – traits.equip_trait HeroOfStrangerville
  • Hilarious (Joke Star Aspiration) – traits.equip_trait Hilarious
  • I Am The Master (Vampire Family Aspiration) – traits.equip_trait TheMaster
  • In The Know (City Native Aspiration) – traits.equip_trait InTheKnow
  • Long Lived (Body Builder Aspiration) – traits.equip_trait Longevity
  • Mastermind (Public Enemy Aspiration) – traits.equip_trait Mastermind
  • Melt Master (Grilled Cheese Aspiration) – traits.equip_trait MeltMaster
  • Natural Leader (Leader of the Park Aspiration) – traits.equip_trait ClubPresident
  • Naturalist (Freelance Botanist) – traits.equip_trait OneWithNature
  • Patriach/Matriach (Big Happy Family Aspiration) – traits.equip_trait PaMatriarch
  • Perfect Host (Party Animal Aspiration) – traits.equip_trait PerfectHost
  • Piper (Musical Genius Aspiration) – traits.equip_trait Piper
  • Player (Serial Romantic Aspiration) – traits.equip_trait Player
  • Poetic (Bestselling Author Aspiration) – traits.equip_trait EpicPoet
  • Potion Master (Master Mixologist Aspiration) – traits.equip_trait PotionMaster
  • Professorial (Renaissance Sim Aspiration) – traits.equip_trait Chronicler
  • Regained Humanity (Good Vampire Aspiration) – traits.equip_trait RegainedHumanity
  • Role Model (Super Parent Aspiration) – traits.equip_trait SuperParent_RoleModel
  • Shrewd (Fabulously Wealthy Aspiration) – traits.equip_trait Invested
  • Survivalist (Outdoor Enthusiast Aspiration) – traits.equip_trait Survivalist
  • Thrifty (Mansion Baron Aspiration) – traits.equip_trait ValuedCustomer
  • Tormentor (Chief of Mischief) – traits.equip_trait Bane
  • True Master (Master Vampire Aspiration) – traits.equip_trait TrueMaster
  • Unstoppable Fame (World Famous Celebrity Aspiration) – traits.equip_trait UnstoppableFame
  • Vicarious (Successful Lineage Aspiration) – traits.equip_trait LivingVicariously
  • Webmaster (Computer Whiz Aspiration) – traits.equip_trait Webmaster
  • World Renowned Actor (Master Actor/Actress Aspiration) – traits.equip_trait WorldRenownedActor


So here is all you should know about the Sims 4 satisfaction points cheat.

The idea of earning gratification through reward points cheat is a whole new fun experience, so you should definitely check it out and get ahead of other simmers in the game.

There’s a long list of tricks for every mod and one of them is money cheat, which is quite related to this module.

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