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Sims 4 Mod

Sims 4 Royalty Mod | Monarchy – CC (Download) 2024

Sims 4 Royalty Mod
Sims 4 Royalty Mod

Only a few fortunate ones have Regality bequeath to them. To your aww and gratification, you can have it for yourself without putting in much effort in sims 4.

Whether it’s a colossal mansion you want for yourself or an Elephant that can play guitar, there’s nothing that a monarch title cannot buy. The Sims 4 Royalty mod will help you transform your sims’ world into a royal one.

The enticing features of this mod can convince anyone to try it out. So, let’s start this royal journey!

What Is It? And what can you do with it?

Have you ever envisioned possessing tremendous manors and grounds to the extent that the eye could see?

Have you ever queried about how it would feel to be a sovereign or a monarch, administering over your kin? Have you ever been charmed by the outwards governmental issues and the inward secrets of the royal families?

The Royalty Mod Sims 4 will give you the entirety of that, and that’s just the beginning!

This mod intends to improve the gameplay and player interactions of the simmers who appreciate keeping up generations of Sims. It is a splendidly evolved thought that concentrates around illustrious families for The Sims 4, allowing you a chance to play many ages of a respectable family unit.

That implies giving titles, tuning in to guides, having sovereigns and princesses, requesting workers, and accommodating your realm. While the main focus is currently Royalty and Nobility, this royalty mod may evolve to encapsulate revolutions, peasantry, and other various features. If you certainly need to begin your regal excursion, here is how to do it.


Sims 4 Royalty Mod | Monarchy
Royalty Mod

How do you use the royalty mod in Sims 4?


Here’s how to use royalty modification:

  • In the royalty challenge, a ruler or crown royal is always at the top of the family. His/her assertion will be the heaviest of all. The ruler can name his/her spouse a Royal Partner, give certain rights to assure them, nominate a beneficiary, heir, etc.
  • Be Adored or Despised: Your players’ behavior dictates their image in public, they can be a Beloved Royal or a Despised Tyrant to their kin. People will also act accordingly around you. However, being a beloved royal is always better!
  • Sims 4 monarchy mod: Enable the full edit mod in your game, which you can achieve using cas.fulleditmode cheat. You can make the Monarch cc on your own using CAS or Create A Sim option in the sims game.
  • Whenever you have made your Monarch in CAS, you can give them the ‘Ruler’ characteristic under the ‘lifestyles’ option.
  • Heir system: Royal cc allows the rulers to title their children as “Crown Royals” in the heir system. Be that as it may, in a hypothetical scenario in which your Monarch never gets hitched and has children? Did they bring home an adorable road imp? Not to stress, you can make any sim a crown royal and subsequently have the option to get to the progression line! These children would receive education from private school, I assume.  

Title System(Alterable titles)

This is what the title system entails:

  • The Sims 4 Royalty Mod has a brilliant title system that allows you to pick your Sims custom titles. For instance, your ruler can be a King, Emperor, Tsar, or a Sultan and their mate Queen, Tsarina, Princess.
  • The titles assigned to the sims are never permanent and can be changed anytime by the king. He is the person who can change the title of another Sim, for instance, promoting a laborer to a Noble.
  • On receiving the Monarch title, the Sim will get a tooltip text over their heads, showing their given title. Of course, these are sexually unbiased and obscure.
  • You can use the ‘Book of Bestowing Titles’ item (search [LN] Book of Bestowing Titles in the list); you can change these. This could also include changing the lingo of that title.

Vie for the Throne!

If there’s one thing this Pandemic has made us all realize, it’s that death is always sitting in our doorway, looking for the right moment to slip in from the backdoor. Frequently in-game, you may lose your majesty without any official prince or heir’s declaration. Don’t stress yourself as this sims 4 monarchy mod as provisions for that too. In such an event, any Crown Royal, Royal Partner, or Illegitimate Royal can vie for the throne!

It’ll be a funny scene to observe who can gather enough support (reputation) and win the crown! Will it be your adorable royal partner or crown royals? To help with this, those vying for the throne will need new interactions to achieve the following goals

  • To ask for citizens support
  • Promise to be a great Monarch
  • Even convince other royals to step down out of the race!

Tax System in TS4

Taxes have always intrigued me, especially in the case of royals. The Sims 4 mod creators must feel the same as they have addressed the tax system in this mod quite well. Here are a few pointers that one must know about while using ts4 mods:

  • Your Monarch has the power to raise or lower the taxes. High taxes could push you closer to being a despised tyrant, whereas fewer taxes could better your reputation.
  • Taxes are paid to your Royal Family once a week.
  • Royal Advisors could collect the taxes.

Aristocracy in TS4

Bestow your preferred sims with the title of Nobility and make them a part of your royal family in this sims 4 royalty mod. These blue-bloods can ascend the imperial class’s stepping stool through their diligent effort and dedication and assemble a standing for themselves and ruler.

Thus, a noble title distribution ceremony would be a fine idea. Also, if you have the realm of magic EP, you might wanna go through these ROM cheats.

Ladies in-waiting

Every royal family has ladies-in waiting who serve the royal family and take care of a handful of tasks including helping dressing up the females of the royal family, serve teas to the members, set up dinner tables, etc. Any noble sim in your game can assign this title to any lady.

Get ready for some regal events!

What’s a royal kingdom without those princely gigantic events? So, to bring your sims a taste of it, this mod brings three royal events namely the royal audience (for other non-royal people to come with their concerns to the royal court), the royal banquet ( a large soirée organised for the common folk), and the coronation.

Sims 4 Servant mod

Become surrounded with servants that are up all day to please their lord.

Be it a cook who does magic with the food or some housekeepers who autonomously keep the place clean; you can have them all. Now hire NPCs as servants in sims 4 with the inclusion of this mod. Even more, the servants will stay with your family, saving the space on house lots. You could also call this mod sims 4 servant mod because of this feature alone.

Suppose you love giving orders and would like to have all the game control in your own hands. Then sims 3 master controller by Nraas is here to make that happen for you. Now pollinate the pregnancy or invite over other inactive sims no one will object.

Trusted Ministers and Adviser

A ruler holds certain powers, and this gives him/her the privilege to patronize others. The king in sims 3 and 4 royalty mod can assign some unique jobs to his peers and others around him. These are often called the Trusted Advisors in the game. Points to take note of while picking a trusted advisor-:

  • They are responsible for the development of the kingdom. So these trusted advisors must have the essential qualities to serve the people.
  • A lot depends on them. It will help if you put it in your priority to make this happen at the quickest

Get a Job

Doing nothing could very quickly push you into the tunnel of dreariness. To avoid this, you can assign your monarchs some jobs too.

Yeah, it is right now; your rulers can disappear into nowhere for 3-4 short hours and can return with their pockets filled with money. And all this they do without compromising their imperial status and obeying just their simple monarch duties.

This money will help to maintain your kings’ high status and also add money to royal treasure. The sims can open Sunday Bazaars where they can allow traders and vendors to sell their goods.

How do I install Sims 4 Royalty mod?

First, let’s know the installation process of this incredible module:

  • Download the mod here.
  • After downloading, be sure to put [LN] Royal Mod 1.1. package and [LN] Royalty Mod 1.1. script in your MODS folder, which is here. Documents>Electronic Arts>The Sims 4>Mods folder
  • First, create a “Monarch” with the CAS and Render them ruler characteristics under the lifestyles tab.
  • Assign other titles to other sims through your Monarch.
  • Do remember to assign yourself a trusted advisor to have access to premium features like raising taxing etc in this royal family mod.

So, what else are you waiting for? Download the sims 4 royalty mod now, and experience all those royalties of being a whole kingdom ruler.


How do I get my Monarch to give up the throne?

You can get your Monarch to abdicate through social associations with the Trusted Advisor.

How does my royal family make money?

The royal family gets a weekly stipend of tax income and solicit donations from nobles and regular citizens. Your Monarch can now also earn money through a rabbit hole career by getting a job.

Are mods allowed in Sims 4?

Yes, mods are allowed in Sims 4 since they are highly valuable to the gameplay. So even though mods aren’t supported by the EA, they are created by modders and they are the ones accountable for it.

Are Sims 4 mods legal?

Sims 4 mods are legal, since the overall structure that permits modules/packages and resource.cfg was developed by EA. As a result, mods by NRaas, etc. are legal even though EA doesn’t support them. So to answer your question “Are Sims mods illegal,” no they are not.

Do Sims 4 Mods ruin your game?

No, Sims 4 mods don’t ruin your game. They are only responsible for altering the game and if you install them from an authentic site; for instance, Mod the Sims, then you won’t face any issue.

Can you be royalty in Sims 4?

Yes, you can become royalty in Sims 4. The entire package provides you a monarchy to run wherein you can exact titles, establish tax rules, build your fame and reputation and provide heirs.

Is there royalty in the Sims?

There is royalty in the Sims as you have the option to choose titles for your persona. You can choose from the following options, King, Tsar, Emperor or a Sultan. They’d either have Queens, Tsarinas or Princesses beside them as 4their

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